Considerations and Preparations for Refusing an Employer-Mandated Covid-19 Jab

The ramp up for the employer-mandated Covid-19 jab offensive is quickly gathering steam. Woke companies are bent on coercing their employees with the threat of unemployment to get the experimental mRNA injection as the U.S.’ vaccination rate stalls at around 49 percent of the country and another eight percent having received the first dose. We covered this in our Monday post, “Are Woke Companies About to Cut Off Their Noses Despite Themselves?”

Mandates for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) injections promise to become a heyday for employee-led, class-action, unlawful-termination lawsuits. It also promises to have real potential to land a hard damaging blow against “woke” corporations and employers engaging in these egregious practices. At the same time their work forces will be gutted in a tight labor market.

Whether you can get justice in the Crime Syndicate-ridden Star Chamber legal system is undetermined, but there are considerations to be taken before you refuse to comply with illegal actions mandating the experimental and side effect-riddled jab.

Pay close attention to the words used by the employer, such as “encourage versus “require.” There is a legal difference. By wary of other weasel terms they might employ.

Unless this all a big bluff, which is unlikely, many in the labor force will be terminated or quit. If you quit and wish to continue to work, you have the advantage right now as the labor market is tight. Jobs are the most abundant in two decades. It is only wise to find a less tyrannical employer. Of course, timing is of the essence as this could rapidly change due to widespread economic fallout from the mandatory jab campaign and many other flaws and fissures in the kakistocracy-run economy.

Winter Watch anticipates that the economy will be badly disrupted by woke self-inflicted policies. If the mandatory jabs are universally extended to the food and transportation industries, you can anticipate empty shelves and dire hunger. We note that Tyson Foods is pushing mandatory jabs for its low-paid workforce. Many of these workers may head back to Mexico where there are no mandatory measures.

Read “New York becomes first U.S. city to require COVID vaccines to visit restaurants, gyms”

Airlines are cancelling flights because of staffing shortages. American’s pilot’s union told USA Today the airline “can’t keep blaming flight cancellations on the weather” as staffing shortages disrupt hundreds of flights and leave thousands of travelers stranded at airports Tuesday.

Older Baby Boomer-generation workers were steadily retiring even before the scamdemic, and indications are that the trend is accelerating. This, in part, explains the tight labor market as these workers often are not returning. The mandatory vaccines will steepen this further. This will put more pressure on the Social Security system as a consequence.

Note: More recent Covid-impacted projections are strangely hard to find on the internet.

If you are in this category and refuse to comply with a mandatory order and have some means, then retirement is an option. If you also have some clout or a status position in your field, try calling their bluff. A “my way or the highway” approach might be a reasonable gamble. Righteous people with courage need to take some calculated risk and not sleep through this tyranny.

Ultimately, we arrive at preparing for a lawsuit. Consult with an attorney, but we anticipate that quitting your job lowers your odds of winning such a suit. Better to just refuse to comply and wait for a termination notice.

At the time your receive your mandatory jab notification, send the following letter of notice to the employer. Make sure you get some sort of delivery receipt.

  • Are you aware that the vaccine is still in emergency use only. This was granted on only two months of trial results. We have no idea what the long term side-effects are of injecting these pieces of mRNA surrounded by nano-lipid capsules into our bodies. The vaccines contain graphene oxide. If I get injured, I can’t sue Big Pharma and my health insurance won’t cover my expenses since it is experimental.
  • The vaccine does NOT stop you from getting COVID, or passing it on. (On a personal note, my son learned this as he was Pfizer double jabbed in May and tested Covid positive yesterday. His symptoms are similar to a moderate cold.)
  • The vaccine does not meet the definition of a vaccine, its gene therapy i.e. (mRNA). The PCR test is a false positive.
  • The main-steam media (BBC, ITV and RTE) are not telling the public the full story ( Deaths and adverse reactions from the vaccine are not talked about on TV or any main-stream media platforms.

  • Why is there no healthy debate? Instead, people with different views get banned from FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and so on. The main-stream narrative is the only story we are being told.
  • If infected there is a 99.8% survival rate without the vaccination. There are effective, FDA-approved treatments I will take, such hydroxychloroquine, IVERMECTIN, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and aspirin, which have no side-effects nor cause death and have been used for decades. I have a much better chance of survival without the jab, and this is proven many times over by the doctors that are being silenced. Respected doctors are being banned from offering a second opinion, if it’s different from the main-stream narrative. It’s crimes against humanity, and nobody is allowed to even question the narrative. It’s a two tier society.

  • This is notice that should I show symptoms, I will refrain from coming to work just as I would for any less-hyped common cold or influenza. During so-called outbreak periods I will practice handwashing and social distancing where practical in the office (or job site). I hereby give notice that I consider mask wearing to be detrimental to my health and will not comply unless in temporary tight confines.
  • This vaccine is blackmail, medical apartheid, will lead to the Covid-pass apps and means less freedoms for all, such as freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of privacy. The principle of bodily integrity sums up the rights of each human being, including children, to autonomy and self-determination over their own body. It is a human rights violation.
  • No more people died from 2019 to 2021 than any other year. They just recategorized the numbers. Countless death were falsely and unscrupulously labeled as a Covid-related. How is it that we never hear about the flu anymore. That’s a miracle. Has it disappeared?
  • The masks, lockdowns and social distancing doesn’t work. It has only caused loss of businesses, increased suicides, increased drug addiction and family breakups. Depression is on the rise. People are falling out with one another. There are more homeless people and sick people on a wait lists to be seen, all because of this Covid.

There are other clauses in this video that can be incorporated into a notice to an employer.

Incidentally on possibly related fronts:

26 Comments on Considerations and Preparations for Refusing an Employer-Mandated Covid-19 Jab

  1. We used FLCCC Alliance to get our prescriptions of Ivermectin. It was easy and inexpensive. Trying to get them filled was less than easy. Seemed the pharmacy was throwing up roadblocks at every turn. Eventually we had to say f the insurance co and just sell us the damn pills. Oh, they were ready and willing to jab us for free though.

  2. Periodically I will listen to the short podcasts (usually 20-25mins.) of ‘Legalman’ on Twitter. He has been an attorney for some 30+ years and has great insight on how any ‘legal remedies’ that individuals, groups, or institutions are attempting now are futile and doomed for failure. The courts are either completely captured or too focused on compliance and fear to go against the ‘Covid-narrative’ anymore. He does a solid job of conveying our quandary and dilemma in his most recent podcast:

    • Legal remedies, eh? Not with ADMIRALTY COURTS! The US by the way is under ADMIRALTY LAW (denoted by the yellow fringe on the US flag in courtrooms)… only solution here is restoring Common Law courts, the system we had before the Act of 1871. Yes, the courts are completely captured under Admiralty Law.

  3. I’ve been following u for couple years now. Makow turned me on to you guys. Great site. Was following some stories stew Peter’s put forward bit back about multiple pilots dying at JetBlue n other airlines due to “mandatory” jab, possibly. Another angle for all the cancellations.

  4. And speaking of Social Security, my guess is that in a few years (due to jobs not being filled thanks to mandatory jabs and unemployment checks and welfare, as well as more retiring at the minimum age 62 and younger folks dying due to the jabs and thus not putting into the system), that the jab will be required to apply for Social Security and Medicare and will also be required to show proof of jab to collect the Social Security/Medicare one put into! That way, those who refuse to jab will lose what they paid into which (they say) might keep the system afloat for another year or two….

    • At that point US citizenship becomes a huge liability. People and especially those abroad would renounce it and adopt new freer countries. I sort of believe that whole Covid narrative will have collapsed at that point.

  5. I went to CostCo the other day to pick up a Covid test for travel. It cost $114. How can workers who opt to test weekly rather vax possibly afford this?

    LESSON LEARNED: If I had declared in the pre-purchase questionnaire that I was experiencing Covid-like symptoms, insurance would’ve covered the cost of the test.

  6. Nietzsche wrote a lot about ‘perspectivism’ and the ability to see things with ‘different eyes’ if you will. There are many who buy into the ‘Covid-narrative’ completely without any resistance and critical thinking whatsoever. There are those many hombres, like many here at WW where ‘the narrative’ was basically transparent; it never even had a chance to take hold because we knew too much because of the knowledge that we’ve earned; that has taken hold inside. We knew that something was coming! Then, there are those where ‘the narrative’ is a mixed bag of, ‘buying-in,’… but at the same time,…asking questions!,… researching!, and paying attention to how things evolve! We don’t need everyone to ‘wake-up,’ we just need a certain amount and at the right time!

    What we are waiting for and looking to actualize is that so-called, magical,…THIRTEEN PERCENT! 13%! Supposedly, 13% is that boiling-point, that triggering ‘percentage’ and ‘triggering-point,’ that ‘line’ that is crossed in which major systemic change is provoked, a
    threshold reached that send ‘shock-waves’ through the rest of the mass that eventually leads to crisis and whole-sale transformation. The coalescing and emerging of enormous world-historical forces is enkindled and generated.

    Could we actually surpass the barbarity of 1789 France?1917 Russia? 1932-33 Ukraine? 1950’s China? What kind of madness is now technologically possible for this 21st century, featherless-biped?

    "The heavenly powers

    Cannot do all things. It is the mortals
    Who reach sooner into the abyss. So the turn is
    With these. Long is
    The time, but the true comes into
    Its own” – Holderlin (Mnemosyne)

    Are You Lost in the World Like Me?

    • Barrons: United Airlines‘ new policy requiring that its employees be vaccinated should have come out of labor negotiations, the union representing the company’s pilots said Friday.

      “Employer-mandated vaccinations are an issue that must be bargained,” the Air Line Pilots Association said in a statement to Barron’s.

      • Well and as you pointed out on WW through a mirror, this is what the union for the United States Postal Service was also (in essence) stating in response to President, Uncle, I lost my keys, can I smell your hair, my son is an artist, Joe.

  7. This may sound a little bit trite, and I am hesitant to post on the idea; however, it will not be either my best or my worst posting, so here we go…

    The family and I just recently re-watched Mr. Peter Jackson’s interpretation of Mr. J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (all three films). One of our group has been completing the text, and we just thought it would be interesting to compare the book to this version of the cinema representation.

    In re-watching these films, I was struck by the parallels of the story with the situation (noting the current events) that we all now find ourselves in today. An evil spirit wishing to reincarnate itself through an army of non-thinking, as well as over-reactive, ugly force (military force in this case), and manifest the destruction of known civilization to bring in a new age does seem to have relevance to own current predicament (globally).

    If I recall Mr. Tolkien’s own motivations, I do think that both “World Wars” influenced the creation of this story (just as economics was a key motivator to Mr. Baum’s Wizard of Oz). The one takeaway that I was reminded of, while viewing the films, was the aspect of hope in perilous times. Hope within even the smallest of folks (in this case a Hobbit) can be a motivating driver to not only preserve, but also prevail.

    Since, I have been off of WW for a little while now and have not had much time to check the website, I was happily surprised this morning when I came back to see a renewed commentariat expressing many insightful and thoughtful ideas on the threads. Yet, as I read through many of the threads themselves and the posts, the one thing that I thought might be missing is HOPE.

    Certainly, I keep my own faith in my own fashion, and will not become an electronic preacher on this website; this is not my place. However, what I will (very humbly) suggest is to not give up on HOPE that the tide will turn over time. For my own part, I will keep a good thought and prayer for those individuals who are suffering or may suffer in the future. Whether I agree with an individual or not, my own faith motivates me to forgive and pray compassionately for another individual’s well being, even if I find what they are doing detestable, destructive or even inhumane.

    The macho facade, which has often been my default setting, may wish to think I could challenge any individual that I think is truly evil to a street brawl and in the process win for humanity by destroying the perceived threat; however, I am reminded through FAITH and HOPE that this idea is truly impractical as it will never become a manifested reality and even if idea came to fruition, with me prevailing, I would lose myself in the balance. Therefore, I am left with PRAYER, FAITH and HOPE in concepts that are so much bigger than I can ever be.

    That is my “two cents” worth. Not nearly as smart or as clever as I might have wished to portray in my own thread, past posts and / or responses that I have put up here in earlier days. Instead just a humble friend wishing you all well, praying for all of you and asking that GOD bless, as well as keep, everyone here.

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen

    • SC,

      Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ initiated a massive rupture in my life when I was in the 9th grade of the brainwashing public schooling system. We were assigned to do a paper on the book and up until that point in my life, I had never read a book of non-fiction. I remember reading short stories in class and I had my many subscriptions to Football Digest, Sports Illustrated, Sport, etc., but I had never ‘read a book.’

      I was a lazy kid when I was in school; I hated doing homework and remember getting upset when we were assigned anything in school. Such was the case when my mom took me to the mall to buy the book. My life changed that night in a magical way. After just a few pages in I can remember closing the book and staring at it as I looked the book over in my hand. Something mysterious was inside me now! I ended up taking to the book like a woodchipper!

      I was absolutely transfixed about the world Tolkien was taking me through. I look back with such nostalgic fondness at that moment in time and how it was a major event in my life. Haven’t stopped reading since!

      Many debate about just how much of Tolkien’s ‘Ring epic’ is ‘borrowed'(cough, cough) from Wagner’s own ‘Ring opus!’ I’ve done some research into it, but not enough to draw any confident conclusions. I do know Tolkien hated being asked about it all the time and distanced himself from the comparisons, almost with quintessential British aristocratic disdain. Maybe that would make a great article here at WW in a few weeks!

      Did Tolkien Plagiarize the Lord of the Rings?

      • Ed,

        Always good to see you here, and many thanks for the response.

        Basically, I may have misspoken or miss-written; mea culpa. My point was not on Mr. Tolkien, but the concept of having hope in difficult times and even valuing the efforts of the “smallest” amongst us to add a contribution in a world that grows increasingly dark. That was my (very basic and humble) take-away.

        The post was as much about my own limitations, as it was an intended wish that all would keep hope in their lives. Although I could break down what is around me and rationalize the situation at first, while then adding bravado in an attempt to drive a particular point; I am seeking to simply say that in order for me (just me) to rise, as well as meet the occasion (recent events), my own approach need to be different than it was in my past (real simple).

        If I could tell you about a recent event I was at (in the DC area), I would ; however, I could only imagine how irate that I could make WW. It has left me shaken to the core, and not because I am scared of anyone, but simply because I am concerned for us all. It was one of those events that should have been completely innocuous, but turned out to be toxic in so many ways.

        We really have avoided events since well before 2019 (maybe 2012); however, this one seemed harmless, and turned into the oddest of outings. Yet, what I took away from our time was just plain senseless. This was (literally) within a few days ago.

        This morning I thought I would catch-up with WW since I had been off for a while. In the process, I realized both the support and concerns of our friends here. When coupled with my recent outing, I was inspired to just be as positive as I could in placing a post up here.

        Honestly, I believe that any solution will now need to begin in our souls; not more surface fighting. Simple forgiveness, faith in our family / friends / good people, and love is really the only way out of this mess. Mr. Tolkien’s work (his or someone else’s) simply reminded me of such basic concepts, and so I brought them into the post.

        Please be well.

        All my best,

        • Yes, I could understand that. The films that I referenced are a little more penetrable than the texts.

          When speaking about recent events, I could have also used the Hunger Games as an idea (not that I particularly like that who saga). We went to a small party. In DC a small party of any kind will normally include:

          government employees
          government contractors
          finance folks
          spooks or support staff to spooks
          house mothers who “once worked on the Hill for Senator Such and Such”
          someone who just moved here and is anxious, so anxious to get to know ya
          news people or people connected to news
          folks who work in “communication”
          tech folks

          Now mind you this would be the rough composition of the attendees for a preschool child’s birthday, much less anything a little older in theme.

          You find yourself speaking to people who come off very close to the scene (Asian fusion restaurant) of Mark Baum and the guy from Merrill in the film, The Big Short. No remorse is the best way I could describe it, while they just keep spouting out words that progressively makes you more nauseous as you stand there. The unfortunate thing is that they are not even necessarily speaking about finance or financial collapse, no they may be talking about actual “actions” in remote areas of the world that can end in the most adverse / depressing way so that “American interests” are maintained as the empire crumbles and is gutted from the inside.

          So, I choose Tolkien’s work and the movies we had just watched with the intention of being as positive as I could after a depressing few days (the event day and the days that followed). When I got to WW yesterday, I could see that other folks had some levels of stress (BGNZ – speaking about action, Ed in the bank branch, Fred at his job, SHH discussing admiralty law / common law, and Torchy writing about pet medication shortages); however, I also saw positive communications between folks trying to help one another out, or even just listen.

          So I was determined not to try and remain positive and upbeat, even though I have been very glum since our outing. In reality the event was far more like the Hunger Games with the mid-Atlantic region representing “District 1” than the Lord of the Rings. No topic was out-of-bounds, except when someone throws out that they have a security clearance and cannot speak about that one (a soft form of bragging and letting you know that they is impotent or rather important = ).

          Overall, I can tell you that the Empire’s guards and more privileged subjects feel that the whole world and current events are simply going so, so well. Everyone, except a few Luddite outliers, will get the jab. Climate change is going to usher in a greater world, with a more sound global government, the Olympics is inspirational, nothing to fear from China or Russia (just keep poking them with a stick), no debt ceiling to high or currency value too low, the markets just keep going up and up and up (especially housing in the DC region), cannot wait for the IOT, and on and on and on…

          By the way gentleman (Ed and RW, but anyone else or any of the ladies who come by), I have the distinct impression that we are leaving Afghanistan about as much as we have departed from Iraq. Although we will not have quite as large a presence there, we are not packing up all the tents and rolling home. Shell games for all. Oh and also, I will bet each of you one very crisp dollar (like Trading Places) that if you were to combine recent events in South Africa with any of Mr. John Perkin’s books, you will already know what the game plan for that nation is. If they actually think they will be some form of liberated and free black / brown nation, then they do not have a clue as to what is in store for them. “Free” in name only. The only thing that will change is which imperialists will be in charge of that nation, which since we are the newer kid on the block, will be us by the time the dust settles if I am understanding things correctly.

          But try to just binge the Olympics and not have too many deep thoughts about such big concepts as globalism or any other ” – ism” for that matter. The people in the Executive Branch “got this” and all of it is going to be great.

          Well, I tried to stay upbeat and then ended up ranting. Mea culpa. I think I will avoid outings for another decade or possibly the rest of my years. Either way, I still wish everyone well here, and I actually feel a little better for having done some typing.

          All my best,
          Simple Citizen

          P.S. This is a question for God and the universe:

          How come when I go to these silly things, I never get to meet Ms. Karen Kwiatkowski? She is just over in Virginia and at least me and the misses would have someone we could actually speak with in a meaningful way?

          Since, I know the answer would be, “because she is not naive enough to attend such silly events”, I think I will just leave it there and keep to a minimum of a decade, if ever again, before I attend another such an outing.

          • Spotted this on the mood in the land. At least the non-pajama people are alert. The PJ people. that’s another story.

            Keith Bansemer, president of My Patriot Supply in Salt Lake City, said his business has grown exponentially amid widespread fears of a return to COVID-19 lockdowns, empty store shelves, and forced vaccinations that will limit personal freedoms.

            “For those that choose not to be vaccinated, the fear is that it’s going to restrict their access to certain things,” Bansemer told The Epoch Times.

            In a word—food.

            “Since mid-July, we have seen a [six-fold] increase in orders and are shipping several thousand orders daily from our centers in Utah, Missouri, and Ohio,” Bansemer said. “Americans are quietly preparing.”

            • This does not surprise me in the slightest, and I hope all will be okay for everyone, regardless of whether they are awake or asleep. Americans do have a tendency to overreact to many situation (hence shortages in toilet tissue, which I now think was a bit of a rehearsal).

              Still the human thumb (Mr. Bezos) will be happy to sell even the most “untouchable” citizen anything they wish at “cut-throat” rates. And to think that company had a valuation of less than nothing for a dozen or so years. Who would have thunk-it?

              Still, I do think heirloom seeds will become worth more than gold at a future date. If I recall correctly, BGNZ and I had a conversation on this idea way back, and I might have even posted some links to decent suppliers back then.

              Please be well.


              P.S. Oh yeah and BTW, I did some research on that rhodium question I posed to you a while back. Turns out it was like I had suspected. Rhodium used in jewelry is a plating for luster, sort of like the idea behind “rose gold”, so the buyer is not really getting much rhodium per se (trace amounts in the plating). So I nixed that gift idea.

                • Agreed on all accounts. It is a birthday gift for a friend who is senior to me and I figured cuff links could be okay (a little serious, but okay). I will consider platinum, thanks!

                  What I was toying with was cuff links made of older (not used anymore coins). Although I liked an Italian Lira set, I know my friend is not fond of Italy or anything Italian (kind of an anglophile), so I am not sure it will work.

                  Incidentally, we were out at a supermarket in Virginia, and I saw a young man (maybe 24) in a Chicago Bulls Ron Harper (#9) jersey. Thought of you and the the rest of the Winter clan.

                  Now a quick break, and then I have something to read from Julius on today’s thread,

                  Thanks again for the suggestion.


  8. Is this a typo: “This is notice that should I show symptoms, I will submit to your test…”?

    Please don’t anyone ever submit to the swab. 🙏

  9. I just bought a new freezer and have packed it with hundreds of pounds of all kinds of meat. Utah’s clueless, effeminate, stooge of a governor, Spencer Cox is already communicating- with strongly implied threats- what we all know is coming. I anticipate that I will not be able to shop at any of my local grocery store chains by the spring at the latest, or I will have to pay for a test, etc., etc.

    One can only play this game for so long though before it you have to make a choice head-on! Like I mentioned the other day; I see leases and mortgages also requiring the jab at some point in the near future,

    • Wrote a long and detailed response that just vanished on the web somewhere (I kid you not). Glad to hear that you are TCB. As for your gubenor and the pudgy, bald, dictator in MD (read about him yesterday), I think they know exactly what they are (WW please do not run the following video around children – thanks!):

      Ed, also please consider that protein powders, canned tuna, canned chicken, high protein pasta and dehydrated veg. can have good staying power in a situation down. Plus using IF cuts down on the total food needs for a good portion of the day. And oh yeah, you can freeze or use vinegar to preserve raw eggs for a year.


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