Are Woke Companies About to Cut Off Their Noses Despite Themselves?

As we head toward the fall months, there is a concerted effort afoot by the New Underworld Order (aka Crime Syndicate) to segregate, bribe, intimidate and ultimately mandate 90 million unvaccinated holdouts submit to the jab and/or constant testing.

The proof that this is mostly about control is that even the vaxxed must submit to wearing bacteria- and fungus-infected masks. The data is now clear that masks are not effective.


We are now seeing the Biden-Fauci posse resort to mandatory vaccinations for four million federal workers.

Additionally, the big woke corporations, such as Disney and Walmart, are mandating that employees be poked within 60 days.

Disney cruises announced they will sail starting Aug. 9. And here is the policy regarding that:

The CDC has issued a Level 3 Travel Notice recommending that all people who are not fully vaccinated avoid any travel on cruise ships. The complete notice is available at and is subject to change by the CDC without notice. If a threshold of COVID-19 is detected on board the cruise ship during a voyage, the voyage will be ended immediately and the ship will return to the U.S. port of embarkation, and your subsequent travel, including your return home, may be restricted or delayed.

They use Orwellian weasel language, “recommending all people who are not fully vaccinated avoid any travel on cruise ships.”

I think many — and perhaps most — people have learned to read through the neo-Stasi shadow language of “avoid” and “recommending” sufficiently enough to conclude that if you show up for a cruise without proof of a jab, you will be denied service.

And what about the crews on these ships?

The big question du jour will be how many among the unvaxxed crew just quit? And how many of the unvaxxed run out and get jabbed so that they can go on a cruise? Inquiring minds would like to know, and we will watch to see how that plays out.

The problem, Martha, is that it’s now evident that jabs don’t prevent infection. This is where it really gets interesting for the BDSM submissives. Will this be how the magical thinkers learn one of Beavis and Buttheads’ life lessons?

Read “Israel Finds Pfizer Jab Only 39% Effective At Stopping Delta Variant”

So imagine getting a jab to get on an understaffed ship (how much crew retention is necessary to actually sail?) only to learn after a few days that some other jabbed BDSM submissive on board is infected? And what about shore visits, which to me is one of the joys of this form of travel.

My own son who was fully Pfizerstruck two months ago tells me today he was having the classic Covid signs of a cold and loss of taste and just tested positive for Covid-19. If he were on a ship right now with his “vaccine health passport” the whole vessel would be over-reacting to a common cold and in a world of hurt.

The policy is spelled out, Martha. Did you even read the small print?: “The voyage will be ended immediately and the ship will return to the U.S. port of embarkation, and your subsequent travel, including your return home, may be restricted or delayed.”

What’s worse is that once you are back in port, you can’t go home. Given past examples of cruise interruptions, that means you will be quarantined on board ship. Since there is a lag from being infected to being detected, that would be everybody. So unless you are a glutton for BDSM punishment, why would even the jabbed magical-thinking types risk this?

Elsewhere, other woke companies like Wal Mart and other retailers are declaring mandatory jabs for employees. This is occurring going into the year-end holidays, when retailers need all hands on deck. I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of these empty-suit executive sessions.

One must conclude that a certain undetermined percentage of their low-paid work force are hardcore holdouts. This is true across many industries. That is one reason the unions are resisting mandatory jabs. It is being shown in spades with the mass demonstrations against mandatory jabs.

Is this also about breaking the unions to turn the whole population into BDSM submissives and bottoms? And once the defiant quit working, how many turn to crime out of necessity?

Bottomfeeder Goldman Sachs is requiring all employees report their vaccination status. Doesn’t that violate HIPAA law — you know, those health-record information laws that don’t even allow your spouse to know basic information about your treatment and care without your expressed, written permission?

As we pointed out in our recent post “CEOs Pandered to Wall St. by Slashing Human Capital Investment Pre-COVID. Now They Whine That Slaves with Skills Won’t Return to the Plantation, Blame COVID,” firms are already struggling to fill positions. There is a shortage of reliable labor even in more unskilled service and retail sectors. Add mandatory jabs to the mix? Really?

Woke Google (140,000 potential jabbed submissives) and woke Facebook (59,000) will require U.S. employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus before returning to the company’s offices, the tech giants said on Wednesday. Others like Cisco are requiring some employees returning to the office to be jabbed.

Netflix, a company already struggling with producing new material, requires mandatory vaccination for actors who star in studio projects and for those who contact them at venues, Deadline reports, citing sources.

Woke Univ. of Michigan requires all facility, staff and students to show proof of vax for fall term.

The woke Washington Post will require all employees to show that they are vaccinated against the coronavirus, the newspaper’s publisher said on Tuesday.

Woke CNN and MSNBC president Jeff Zucker told staff in a recent memo that full vaccination was required for a return to work.

“Covid-19 vaccines will be required to return to the office in the U.S.,” Zucker wrote.

Ditto at Fox News.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated said New York is obliged to introduce vaccinations or weekly testing to approximately 250,000 employees across the state.

California will require state employees and some health-care workers to show proof of Covid-19 jab or face mandatory weekly testing.

Others that have reopened offices, such as pharma firm Eli Lilly & Co and Citigroup, will require staff to wear masks again regardless of vaccination status. That is bound to piss off some employees enough to hurt morale — if not employee headcounts.

How about big woke firms like Amazon? So far they have demurred on mandatory jabs, and here’s why. Even before the coronavirus scamdemic, Amazon was losing 3% of its hourly employees each week, an incredibly high rate that means the e-commerce giant experiences 150% turnover a year, according to a New York Times report.

•Amazon’s strict monitoring of workers has stoked a culture of fear. Employees who work too slowly, or are idle for too long, risk being fired.

•Workers who had applied for leave during the pandemic were penalized for missing work, triggering mistaken job-abandonment notices and, in some cases, terminations.

•Black workers at an Amazon distribution center in New York City were almost 50% more likely to be fired for productivity, misconduct or absenteeism than their white peers.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Mandatory vaccination requirements are already turning people out on the streets for large demonstrations, especially in Europe.

A highly disruptive shitstorm involving large-scale employee attrition is at hand, and right when when labor is scarce. One can only conclude (and hope) that woke companies will cut off their noses despite themselves. Of course, they will then require whodathunk bailouts and emergency funding,

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  1. (I am not an attorney but I did some research) re: “violate HIPPA” law – my understanding as of early summer 2020, some bureaucrat in DC – said in effect, forget HIPPA (and ADA) – employers are allowed to make “Covid related queries” of staff – e.g. I am required to divulge a vital sign – body temperature – in order to enter my place of employment – responses must be kept confidential (at my workplace staff body temperatures are posted in public).

    I assume the same “ruling” applies to vax status.

    = = =
    stay positive or try! – I think the level of vax resistance is way beyond what the rulers expected; I read somewhere that they were expecting 3-5% vax refusal in the military; instead (again “somewhere”) it is as high as 70% in the Marine Corp.

    also vax rates are probably over-estimated – in error always in the same direction – (as are air temperature data) – a small city newspaper in Reading PA had a report that “fully vaxed” persons in PA was overstated by a factor of about 8% – something like 500,000 overstated -as a result of a variety of mistakes and lies.

    to my best understanding – fully vaxed in the USA is in the low 50%+ range – ethnicity data is incomplete but the rate for African American is probably 35-40%.

    “disparate Impact” ?

  2. BOYCOTT! And let the woke bury the woke.

    As for Amazon…. maybe another reason Bozo won’t force emplyees to get vaxxed is because if he does then those workers already working in garbage conditions will quit en masse and more folks will boycott Amazon. I already think many folks are boycotting it, while the only ones likely not to boycott it are rural Americans who would rather pick up their Amazon packages from their mail boxes or community centers (such as we have out here in our mountain POA) than drive 2 or 3 hours to a city like El Paso or Midland-Odessa with the price of gas what it is and then have to put up with Walmart restrictions… Unfortunately, about half the UPS etc. delivered packages out here are from Amazon. Oh well…..

  3. Hamlet said, “The time is out of joint!” Indeed it is!

    You can feel the walls closing in and the fabric of the world fragmenting as each day follows the next. The last 5 months of 2021 and the beginning months of 2022 are going to set the table for a most harrowing societal collapse that is headed our way and accelerating like a rifle-shot from an unforgiving and unknown god! No country for old men!

  4. I work for a small business in the US, and I have heard that I am the only employee who has not taken the injections. I have to work remotely now. I was required to turn in my building and office keys. I was told that I must wear a face mask if I ever come in the office again, but I don’t plan to ever set foot there again. I spoke up against covid policies in a company-wide teleconference and was told that people complained about me behind my back. Before I turned in my keys, someone snitched on me for going into the office without a mask on. This is all disappointing, of course.

    • Fred,

      Sorry about your situation man! It’s a lonely feeling walking amongst the zombies every single day! I recently made a huge seen at my bank. I was told, “You need to put on a mask,…blah, blah, blah…! Needless to say, I left in a rage and filled to the brim with contempt because of the smallness of the people I was dealing with, the utter insanity of the compliance, and how it was symptomatic of the world at large. There is just no breaking through this kind of brainwashing with reason and logic!

      To me, it is just a matter of time before everyone will be required to get a ‘vaccine’ to not only shop at the grocery store, but just to live wherever one is at, whether that be at an apartment complex or a house. If you have a lease or a mortgage- it’s coming! Health departments and financial institutions (like Blackrock) are the ones applying the pressure to force compliance now and it is just a matter of time (months?) before this becomes our reality!

      Anyhow, good luck to you Fred. I feel your frustration!

      • Thanks, Ed. I am not planning to give in. There is too much wrong with the world, and the same evil cabal is responsible for all of it. This is where I draw the line.

    • I hope the vaxxed obedient ignorant bots expire sooner then later because their total lack of critical thinking logic and common sense will be the noose around real people’s necks. Here’s a video of nitwits but remember it’s libtard CA so ..

  5. Tyson foods is Deplorable. Pictures of bathroom put up on Reddit early in pandemic got marked and blurred as NSFW 18+… it was not for young eyes. Many employees have health conditions that, although they want a true vaccine, are allergic to ingredients currently and or could have bad medication interactions. Tyson is MANdating (violating HIPPA) that we provide them with the full medical reason we cannot be vaccinated and will not accept any other Dr.’s ‘opinions’ other that their communist, on-site biased Dr.s. They are also going to make us PAY to PROOVE via dr’s appts, allergy tests, etc. and Will provide no compensation or pay for days off/dr’s bills/etc. should a bad reaction happen- we are on a ‘Point based system” and for each day off will receive 3 points deducted, already landing us in the line of firing at once! Their life insurance they made us buy will not cover a bad reaction, as it is not FDA approved: disclaimer!

  6. Most large businesses at beholden to their kosher banker overloads, many are entwined in the cabal/government paradigm, many want their gov sheckels..the part that bugs me is the small businesses willing to cut their own throats because of “mandates” “CDC requirements” and zombie script readers on the tv. Did they get greased by our kosher government to obey? I am curious to see what small businesses do when the next Lockstep lockdown occurs..will they bend over AGAIN and bleed out or fight for their rights?

    • For the “mom and pop” it is mostly about the insurance issue and potential for liability. A bigger driver than the banks is the insurance sector, which many local governments require in order to do business an hang a shingle.

      Because coffee is “hot”, but one can litigate over not realizing that coffee is “hot”, we find ourselves on the Titanic as the band plays on.


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