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IMO, this vaccine was a biological attack on populations, by our own governments and technocrats and medical establishment and big business/pharma, YES, fascism plain and simple

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The US and our nations are now living in fascist nations and we do not understand, my friend CB reminded me and I must here, this was a biological warfare attack on the human race by the human race

By Dr. Paul Alexander | 27 February 2022

SUBSTACK — I have background expertise in bioterrorism from study at John’s Hopkins, my own study, my links and friendship with Dr. DA Henderson who eradicated small-pox across the years (even up to him agreeing to supervise me for a doctorate in biological agent as weapons) and just plain common sense.

The vaccine is a biological weapon, its mode of action is as a biological weapon, and if one wanted to wage a biological attack on a population or world, they should create a vaccine just like the COVID vaccine, one that drives sub-optimal immunity, non-sterilizing non-neutralizing immunity, and implement roll-out during a raging pandemic, with ongoing viral infectious pressure with mounting sub-optimal immune pressure.

If one wants this pandemic to go on for 100 years, constant variants etc, then keep vaccinating with these vaccines in the same manner, with natural selection selecting out more infectious and potentially more lethal variants; yes, we go after the children and use them as asymptomatic super spreaders and we damage their innate immune systems which remains one of the most potent players on any epidemic/pandemic battlefield. We subvert and damage their innate antibodies with these sub-optimal immature and under-developed vaccinal antibodies that are directed to the initial Wuhan strain and not the recent Delta and more recent Omicron variants. […]

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