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Russ Winter Joins Robert Phoenix, Guiseppe Vafanculo and Dave Scorpio to Discuss What’s Real in the Ukraine (Updated)

IMAGE: YouTube/DW News

Russ and his brain trust dissect what’s real and what may be wag-the-dog deceptions concerning military activity in Ukraine. There appears to be a curtain of deceit about the extent of the so-called Russian “invasion” and its intensity. To our eyes, so far — and it may change — Putin is largely carrying out his plan and actions in line with his Thursday morning speech, which is difficult to even locate in the West.

After hyping that overnight, Feb. 25-26 would be all-out urban warfare, storming of Kiev proper, as opposed to outlying airports. What we really saw was more wag-the-dog skulduggery instead. Here are four Kiev live streams at daybreak on the 26th. You can check them regularly. It looks exceeding quiet so far. Here are several live webcams from around Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine, where the Lugenpresse has described more “intense fighting.” The reality instead is like watching paint dry.

UATV English out of Kiev is a prime source of wag-the-dog disinformation. Russian sources may also be controlled and censored. Real on-the-ground information is exceedingly difficult to obtain. After watching this for 48 hours, my wag-the-dog skepticism is geared up.

Overnight, this media source is claimed that Ukraine air defense downed a Russian II-76 carrying a landing force.

Also overnight came indications of internet outages.

The podcast is on YouTube, where it may not last. Here is Robert’s site, and I assume it will be placed there as well, if YT is removed. I finally show up at minute 00:34:00 for about 45 minutes.

I reference my post “Russia’s ‘Invasion’ of Ukraine: How Much is ‘Wag the Dog,’ How Much is Real? (Updated)” and go over a number of the stagecraft or wag-the-dog-looking videos out there. This post is continually updated.

Update Feb. 26 at Dusk

The following map claims to show areas of operation as acknowledged by both combatants. It shows Donbass active, as expected. The area North of Kiev and connections extending to Belarus is expected. Battle at Mariupol is underway.

I was speculating about Kherson and what the strategic importance is to Russia. According to Sergey Aksyonov, the Crimean prime minister appointed by Russia, the northern Crimean channel (Kherson) supplied up to 85% of all potable water to the peninsula until 2014, but in response to the annexation of Crimea, Kyiv cut off the water supply to the peninsula. Kherson has a large Russian ethnic population as well.

Kharkiv is key and very delicate. It could be that Russia is securing ethnic Russian districts back to the border. Taking Kharkiv, Odessa or Kiev by force and engaging in urban warfare would in my book be a serious overreach and a violation of Putin’s speech outline on Thursday morning.

Update Sunday morning, Feb 27

Weather is clear and the Russians are active with what looks like light mechanized infantry recon in force probes right into Kharkiv entering from the north and coming to the east of the famous Dino Park.

The footage coming out shows the mech infantry moving cautiously and without tanks and heavier artillery. This is obviously a recon in force to gauge resistance, which appears light so far.

Ukrainians engaging in Kharkiv, mostly with lighter arms

Russians roll into central Kharkiv without a fight, spared urban warfare so far.

Feb 27 afternoon wag the dog update

17 Comments on Russ Winter Joins Robert Phoenix, Guiseppe Vafanculo and Dave Scorpio to Discuss What’s Real in the Ukraine (Updated)

  1. Thank You Russ & Co.!. Downloaded, and listening now 🙂
    May I suggest the following links for. LIVE up-to-date-coverage without(!) logging-in at twatter:
    and, scroll only a few without inlogging for, imho, relatively ‘reliable sources’:
    PLUS+++, now LIVE directly at the Eastern Front:

  2. im glad youre here to provide analysis Russ, i knew not to trust the media after the trucker convoy lies, this came right after. i think you are right, russia kicking bad globalist influences out of its border regions.

  3. I am asurprised you are unaware of the globalists who put Zelensky there, for the Great Reset/NWO. Ukraine is still part of Russia they have every right to go there, Putin has compained for 8 yrs and nothing. When Commediene Zelensky said the word Nuclear, Putin made a move.

      • i dont think he is doing that, i am listening to people there on the ground, who have followed the situation for yrs, etc. I guess we see when it plays out, i think some is to cover Biden/Hunter mess, notic thats gone. I do believe Putin does not want Globalist NATO there nor anyone else on his border. Stupid Zelensky proby thought he was funny on the Nuclear, don’t poke the bear w that word

  4. The politicians are all puppets, how can you believe Putin, Zelensky,Biden and the rest are not all being ordered to do and say what they are doing it is all a show same as every time.You just bought a ticket thats all…

    When you buy your ticket you pay both the good guys and the bad guys. The success of the presentation depends on the ability of the theatrical company to get the audience wrapped up in the plot. The greater the audience participation the greater the success. Real success is achieved when the audience becomes so emotionally involved in the plot that they begin to think it’s the real thing. The profits from these theatrical extravaganzas go to those who put up the ‘seed’ money and stage the shows. Don’t misunderstand! The Americans, Canadians, English, Germans, Russians, Japanese and other nationalities who fought and died in the various theaters of war’ during this century weren’t play-acting. They were deadly serious about what they were doing. For them war was a life and death struggle. What few of them realized was that everything was carefully programmed to a carefully prepared script.p54

  5. Update 9:03CET-
    ½hour ago. With Map & description:
    Syed Muaz Shah, Esq.
    Update: E. Front #RussiaUkraineConflict

    1) Russian troops enter N #Kharkiv.
    2) All across separatist lines in #Donbass fighting in multiple positions w/ limited change of control.
    3) Russians have broken Ukrainian positions to N to pincer Ukrainian #Lugansk defense positions.”.

    For those that are not familiar with The Ukraine, the map shows only the ‘eastern-half’ of the soon, defunct state.

        • It’s very very difficult to get…hhmmm, info on Twatter today, Many accounts have been blocked and there’s alot of ‘Ukrainian’-repeat tweets.
          RT, even though it’s slanted is being blocked with DDOS-attacks.
          Thanks Russ trying to give your readers the Updates i.e. for the uninitiated, finding sources that can be used during the Fog of War being put in overdrive is always a challenge.
          And, yes. I saw 1 grainy 10-15sec. video earlier today with perhaps max. 50 ‘russian vehicles’ in snowy-weather with many of them burning, filmed from the opposite side of the guard-railed middle highway. LOL. A poorly-done CGI fake in the middle-of-the-night to perhaps scare-off some Russians.

  6. LIVE(!) in 5-minutes. Direct from Donetsk :
    “Hey everyone, I am guest hosting @SLindauer2011
    show today. Guest is Russell Bentley, an American living in #Donbass, who has been giving daily reports.
    11am EST You can listen here:

    If you have questions, go here to post them:

  7. Putin seems to go along with Climate/Covid/vaccines, but this was bold .. 2021 Putin said this at WE forum Speech.

    Obviously, the era linked with attempts to build a centralized and unipolar world order has ended. To be honest, this era did not even begin. A mere attempt was made in this direction, but this, too, is now history. The essence of this monopoly ran counter to our civilization’s cultural and historical diversity.

  8. I read Putin’s address to the Russian people and to be honest my eyes got a little watery. I wish we had a leader that spoke like he did to country loving Americans. What a nice gift I got hearing you talk about Putin’s address; I can’t get my social media pals to read it . My in the flesh pals are even worse, totally going along with this lame story of Russian missionaries trying to assassinate President Zelensky and his family, OMG Why would Putin want him dead?

    Everyone thinks Putin is a monster and mentally ill because the media keeps saying he is.. Russia is a communist country they say and you cannot tell them different… Hannity said he wished someone would put a bullet in Putin’s head.

    I lose my mind how stupid the people around are, I shouldn’t be because I have known for 2 years now since they put those masks on without blinking.,

    You have probably read the emails 2014 George Soros to President Poroshenko but in case you forgot a reminder that Soros was and still is the Puppet Master all things Ukraine including the coup.

    I think it may by US drones doing all the blow ups, really, I do.

    Thanks for great write ups and chat shows.

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