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Russia’s ‘Invasion’ of Ukraine: How Much is ‘Wag the Dog,’ How Much is Real? (Updated)

Ukrainian soldiers displaying the U.S.-supplied Javelin anti-tank missile system during a parade in Kyiv in 2018. PHOTO: New York Times/Genya Savilov/Agence France-Presse/Getty

Among the more curious developments since the Ukraine crisis uptick overnight is that you can’t watch the Vladimir Putin speech announcing a “special military operation.” Search Google for this speech and all you get is usual-suspect Lugenpresse narratives and no direct link to the actual speech.

This will be a running and ongoing post and will monitor the evidence as it becomes available. Look for several more updates later today.

Russian news source Sputnik seems to have the actual key details of the speech. No mention of an invasion. No indication tanks are rolling into Ukraine itself. Moscow confirms Ukrainian airbases and facilities were hit throughout the country. The objectives seem to be limited as follows:

“Ukrainian military infrastructure, air defence facilities, military airfields, and air forces are being neutralised by high-precision weapons”, the Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement. The MoD stressed there are no threats to the civilian population. President Putin authorized the military to conduct a special operation to protect Donbass. “We have no plans to occupy Ukrainian territory”, Putin stated.

Additionally Putin stated that the West was about “pseudo values contrary to human nature, and is an empire of lies.”

Update at dusk Feb. 24: The invasion narrative seems phony. The evidence suggests Russia pounded Ukraine’s facilities in the exact manner described by Putin in his hard to locate speech last night. Will this change?

It is true that Donbass is subject to interpretation, and extended operations will be essential to key on. Kharkiv is also significant. It has a 50/50 split Russian-Ukrainian population and is a major industrial center.

Livestream Webcams





Early reports and footage center around Ukrainian airports in different parts of the country. Explosions of some sort go off in the distance. At this stage, there is no actual on-the-ground verifiable footage at the airports themselves.

“Blasts” heard in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Mariupol.

Here’s an example of possible wag-the-dog footage of the airport bombing in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Curiously, the truck’s lettering in the opening seconds isn’t even in Cyrillic lettering. Yoodle aye hee hoo.

Marco Rubio puts forth the US narrative on how allegedly aggressive the Russia operation is. Is this even remotely truthful?

Over the last hour a story is out concerning Russian helicopters attacking Hostomel airport near Kiev. The copters would likely have had to come from Belarus to be in range. These accounts look sock puppety. Antonov Airport, also known as Hostomel Airport is an international cargo airport and testing facility in Ukraine operating by Antonov Airlines.

Russia confirms that a battle was fought for Hostomel.

International reserves of Russia are the highest ever, and the country is running a surplus.  US Dollars are down to only 16% of reserves. Brent crude is up to $105 on these developments and Russia benefits. Russia and China have already moved away from the Swift system. Who really gets hurt by sanctions and more inflation at this point – the US paper tiger? Europe is already scrambling to exempt products.

Bloomberg: Ukraine debt given an 80% chance of default. Ukraine’s 2033 Dollar Bond Tumbles, Yield Surges to 88% from 22.6%.

Feb. 25 Update; 8:00 AM European time-

Twitter is filled with dubious images.

So far Russian or pro-Russian sources acknowledge that military facilities near major Ukrainian cities of Mariupol, Berdyansk, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Odessa, Zhytomyr, Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernihiv have been destroyed. The UAF facilities near the Ukrainian capital were also knocked out.

Russian tanks are in place in Kherson which is outside of the Donbass and Crimea. Real or wag the dog? The Z in the tanks are combat markings to avoid friendly fire. Russian sources state, “The Russian army is advancing in the South of Ukraine. Russian military columns were spotted near the towns of Genichesk, Novaya Kahovka and throughout the Kherson region.

Alleged rout of Russians at Kherson using grainy CGI

Other images make sense in terms of the context of strategic and surgical strikes such as this radar station at Mariupol, in southern most Donbass.

Why would people get out on the highways and leave Kiev? Where are they going. I am hearing the border at Slovakia some distance away is severely backed up. Seems more logical to stay put than be a moving target.

This scene in Kharkiv (outside of Donbass) is one I highly question as legit. If true it supports the extended invasion narrative.

Kharkiv again- grainy CGI? burned out Russian tanks in a perfect row

Looks like a truck just dumped this off an a street in Kharkiv for a photo op?

Russians in Kiev- real or CGI wag the dog? And why would the driver pull off the paved street, jump the curb, and roll over muddy soil in this situation?

Hokey looking scene using Kiev subway as shelter- stampede the locals and instill hysteria?

Update coming up on dusk in eastern Europe, Feb. 25:

The full invasion regime change narrative goes like this. If so, this should unfold quickly like over the weekend. This should also allow us to separate wag the dog from real.

As many as 2,000 Russian Special Forces are planning to seize either Sikorsky or Boryspil airport in Kiev to prepare for the arrival of 10,000 paratroopers, IL-76 aircraft, light armored vehicles and airborne troops.

Sabotage groups already in Ukraine will seek to take out power grids and substations to disconnect much of Kiev from electricity and communications, causing panic among the population. The next phase will be to capture and control the main authorities including the General Staff, the Cabinet, the Verkhovna Rada, and retain them until the arrival of Russia’s main forces. Pro-Russian politicians will be able to assume responsibility and sign documents.


Update Feb 26 at dusk; this map claims to show areas of operation as acknowledged by both combatants. It shows Donbass active as expected. The area north of Kiev and connections extending to Belarus is expected. Battle for Mariupol is underway.

I was speculating about Kherson and what the strategic importance is to Russia. According to Sergey Aksyonov, the Crimean prime minister appointed by Russia, the Northern Crimean channel (Kherson) supplied up to 85% of all potable water to the peninsula until 2014, but in response to the annexation of Crimea, Kyiv cut off the water supply to the peninsula. Kherson has a large Russian ethnic population as well.

Kharkiv is key and very delicate- it could be that Russia is securing ethnic Russian districts back to the border. Taking Kharkiv or Kiev by force and engaging in urban warfare would in my book be a serious overreach and a violation of Putin’s speech outline on Thursday morning.

Update Sunday morning, Feb 27

Weather is clear and the Russians are active with what looks like light mechanized infantry probes right into Kharkiv entering from the north and coming to the east of the famous Dino Park.

The footage coming out shows the mech infantry moving cautiously and without tanks and heavier artillery. This is obviously a recon in force to gauge resistance, which appears light so far.

Ukrainians engaging in Kharkiv, mostly with lighter arms

Feb 27 afternoon Wag the Dog update- Hollywood version was better

It’s about over a parties agree to negotiate.

15 Comments on Russia’s ‘Invasion’ of Ukraine: How Much is ‘Wag the Dog,’ How Much is Real? (Updated)

    • Are you totally lacking in perception? I mention a Google search to show how they deliberately hid Putin speech. 90% of all searches. There are some pajama people who wander in here BTW. Not everybody is on top of this issue.

    • “pseudo values contrary to human nature, and was an empire of lies.”

      I think Putin might be on to something but we’ll see…

  1. The war is a fraud- I doubt that there are as many as a dozen people in Ukraine willing to risk their lives for the rotten Zionist government of that misbegotten place. Could there be sabotage teams wrecking Ukrainian infrastructure? Ziopsychos murdering civilians at random? Possibly- but no actual armed conflict.

  2. “France takes Algeria from Turkey, and almost every year England annexes another Indian principality: none of this disturbs the balance of power; but when Russia occupies Moldavia and Wallachia, albeit only temporarily, that disturbs the balance of power.

    France occupies Rome and stays there several years during peacetime: that is nothing; but Russia only thinks of occupying Constantinople, and the peace of Europe is threatened. The English declare war on the Chinese, who have, it seems, offended them: no one has the right to intervene; but Russia is obliged to ask Europe for permission if it quarrels with its neighbor.

    England threatens Greece to support the false claims (Don Pacifico affair) of a miserable Jew and burns its fleet: that is a lawful action; but Russia demands a treaty to protect millions of Christians, and that is deemed to strengthen its position in the East at the expense of the balance of power. We can expect nothing from the West but blind hatred and malice … (comment in the margin by Nicholas I: ‘This is the whole point’). — Mikhail Pogodin’s memorandum to Nicholas I, 1853”

    Russ, you posted this in a previous article on your site and, to me, it fits the current situation in Ukraine perfectly. It seems even in the 1800s the only countries allowed to invade other countries were the ones being run by Jews/central banks, same as today. The Czar knew it in 1853 and Putin knows it in 2022. Maybe someone is finally going to do something about it. If not, I’m really not sure where the synagogue of satan is going with this whole global reset thing. It almost seems like the whole thing is blowing up in their faces and now it’s back to the old tricks. But this time people aren’t buying it. I was watching FOX news coverage of the Ukraine invasion and it was so obviously manufactured propaganda it was sad. It looked like they had months to prepare for the narrative but instead they decided to just mail it in. They were interviewing all the usual suspects and they were giving their pre-prepared lines right on que. It was pathetic and shocking to think that anyone still watches that garbage.

  3. Have to say, the coverage of this is a great example of not just a discordian propaganda campaign on all sides which have common conflicts of interest, but one on a global scale, where you have accounts from all the countries, apparently, rehashing the terrible BS nonsense from every country, so you get bad US media, bad Russian Media, bad global media, bad MSM, bad ‘independent.’ They’ve failed to address just simple things about this.

    Take a look at this fact, and this feed has many observations that are worth discussion, left out of both sides of the debacle. You have all of this ‘Running to defend a Jewish President from the Nazi Putin,’ then Putin claiming he’s ‘Denazifying the Ukraine.’ Those two statements don’t add up, logically.

    Even less so, here.

    A lot of ‘Nazi’ baiting, talk of ‘evil Nationalism, but not of this Ultrazionism which both Putin and US allies seem to have factional alliances with to certain ends, although Putin seems to be neck-deep in with them. And they have a long history of connections to the KGB/GRU, international drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, etc. Simeon Mogilevich and Oleg Derepaska, of the Red Mafiya, are in with them, as well as the Kushner Family, in with the NY-NJ Kosher Nostra. Yet 99.9 percent of the media, nothing? That means they are all lying through their teeth, just from that simple fact, by crime of omission.

    Now you’ve got two ‘resurgences’ going on, geopolitically, resulting from this. One is some temporary, possibly longer-term, fervor of ‘German Nationalism,’ which benefits whom, usually? And the other is what I just mentioned, this Ultrazionist operation which is linked to Israel, Russia, US, that the media will not mention, for whatever number of reasons.

    1.) ‘Isolationism’ and ‘German Nationalism’- pivot to ‘Eurasia’ (the obsession of Lurianic Kabbalah)

    2.) And with anyone pretending ‘their media,’ whichever it is, is being honest, defending either the US DOD, or Russia, etc- have them explain the casual alliance, Easternization here- which is and has been a long-term plot, openly documented, and treasonous at this point- given its results (in the past they would always say ‘it didn’t mean how people were interpreting it.’ Turns out it did.)

    Ironically, the Western and Eastern Blocs are employing a similar PR strategy here, one that, in spite of all the Putin-defending, originated in Russia, and is now being employed in the US (described in Adam Curtis Hypernormalization doc, and rooted in Red Mafiya member Boris Berezovsky’s plans for a Potemkin style Russian Government)

    So to bring it full circle. You had another article about ‘Order out of Chaos’ in the Ukraine. This one is ‘Wag the Dog.’ Here is Chabad and Freemasonry, international organized crime. Apparently the newspapers and publications, mainstream and independent, have a problem reporting on it

  4. I don’t doubt for a minute that there are multiple narrative and agenda overlays associated with events in Ukraine; but are people seriously arguing that real, kinetic and relatively large scale military operations are NOT happening on the ground in Ukraine? One of WW’s long time markers of staged events is the absence of citizen cell phone videos; seems to me there is plenty of that here (some if it appropriately “grainy”). Remarkable dash cam video this morning of a driver veering around mortar explosions in a roadway is just a single example. I further would asset, again, not denying the multiple agendas, that Russia is pursuing traditional, real-politic aims: to wit, the creation of a rump, much reduced-in-area, Ukrainian state which will never again whisper the words “join NATO”. I’ll try to catch some of the podcast.

    • Any serious fighting is confined to Donbuss and the areas north of Kiev. See dusk update Feb. 26 in post.

      I was speculating about Kherson and what the strategic importance is to Russia. According to Sergey Aksyonov, the Crimean prime minister appointed by Russia, the Northern Crimean channel (Kherson) supplied up to 85% of all potable water to the peninsula until 2014, but in response to the annexation of Crimea, Kyiv cut off the water supply to the peninsula. Kherson has a large Russian ethnic population as well.

      Kharkiv may be limited to securing ethnic Russian ground nearer the border. Show me evidence elsewhere particularly that is acknowledged by Russian sources.

      The highway scenes filmed from vehicles look nonsensical.

      • Thanks – we seem to agree about the relative reality of the real-politic goals being pursued. By the way: one of my sources suggests that that the alternate spellings “Kiev” vs “Kyiv” are part of the real-politic contest – are you hedging your bets?

  5. The media is claiming that Russia has seized control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This plant was shut down 20 years ago. It has no military or economic value whatsoever. It is clearly a psy-war tactic to increase fear and alarm by reviving memories of the 1986 nuclear accident that occurred there and associate it with the present day Russian government.

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