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The Latest: Pelosi Ties Rioters’ Actions to ‘Whiteness’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joins fellow Democrats from the House and Senate, including (L-R) Rep. Lacy Clay (D-MO), Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) and House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC), to announce new legislation to end excessive use of force by police across the country and make it easier to identify, track, and prosecute police misconduct at the U.S. Capitol June 8, 2020, in Washington, DC. The legislation is being introduced following the recent deaths of unarmed African-Americans in police custody, including George Floyd, and the nationwide demonstrations demanding an overhaul of law enforcement. PHOTO: Forbes/Chip Somodevilla/Getty

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is accusing the Trump supporters who rioted in the Capitol this week of choosing what she calls “their whiteness” over democracy.

9 January 2020

US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is accusing the Trump supporters who rioted in the Capitol this week of choosing “their whiteness over democracy.”

The California Democrat used an online video meeting with her hometown San Francisco constituents to criticize the overwhelmingly white mob that attacked Congress on Wednesday as it met to formally finalize Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

“It has been an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country led by this president, for the moment, who have chosen their whiteness over democracy,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi has set the House on course to potentially voting on a new impeachment of Trump as early as this coming week, a move that has overwhelming support from Democrats. She shed no new light Saturday on whether she’s made a final decision on that or other details. […]

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  1. Sorry for the long read, but I cannot tolerate Nancy’s Racism against US American Patriots anymore.

    No Nancy, in supporting POTUS Donald Trump, we’re Lawfully Protesting your Democrat Party Leadership’s continued Modern-Day Socio-Economic Slavery, via your and Schumer’s 6-Ways to Sunday CCP Virus. It’s been decades of pattern; like your consent to mass saturation of illegal immigration (aka Human Trafficking), and your Party is obviously still doing it to keep people so dependent on everything from illegal drugs to public assistance, all in exchange for votes and power. Its astounding that none of you have been arrested. Democrat Party Leadership no-longer represents these once United States (US All), in any manner. Absolute power, via containment and population control is far more important to the Democrat Party than our Republic.

    And, in Dem Leadership’s chronic hatred for Freedom, and for the Trump-created jobs that Dems and Communist-China’s CCP Virus are still killing, they clearly want US All addicted to their clandestine saturation of product.

    That, the 2020 CCP Plandemic conveniently forced addicted users of both dope and free money to run to their Drug Dealer (Democrat Party Leadership/the CCP) with clandestine sponsored support. To the contrary, those of US Diverse American Patriots knocked out of our jobs ran to POTUS Trump and VP Pence for help and for our Freedom. It was POTUS Trump and VP Pence’s true and transparent Leadership who rushed to save US All, regardless of race, with both financial relief and an anti-virus.

    As for Democrat Party Leadership, with Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at the helm, the only race they were and remain interested in is their 2020 CCP Manchurian Presidential Candidate, Kingpin Joe Biden – keeping their addicted followers under Command and Control in exchange for votes; enough votes to keep Democrats in office forever – with intent for the CCP to ultimately Control US All. Its the biggest Extortion Plot in US History, and it was all under Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s Leadership, to name just a few – for now.

    It all makes sense now – Hillary and Bill got their feet wet in the Big-Game of Politics when they rode the 1980s Regan-Bush-North Iran-Contra Operations Coattail for dope-running and used Communist-China’s Nicaragua and Guanacaste Costa Rica Province for those runs with their good friend Pablo Escobar. They did so to keep a mass saturation of product on US Soil, so that those addicted would continue to be even more dependent on them. Now, the Clinton-Obama-Biden Trojan-Horse is using the same pattern in Guanacaste for Communist-China’s long-anticipated New Silk Road & Bridge Initiative, its much needed 1993-Clinton-Drafted NAFTA Plan, and the Bush-boys approved NAFTA Super Highway (New World Order), which would eventually give US All an Infrastructure Enema, unlike anything we’ve ever felt before.

    Manchurian Joe Biden is China’s Welcome Mat to make it all happen – the Trojan-Horse Roll-Out. After China seizes complete control of our Central-American seaways, our US ports of call, and our infrastructure, it appears US Americans will be forced to be dependent on the Communism that American Democrat Party Leadership laid foundation for. Some of US were the big thorn in the side of the horse and they pushed US out if the way by 2015.

    Personally, I think (if there’s any Courtroom of Justice left in these once United States of America) we American Patriots who want to keep our homes, our jobs, and our freedom should, for starters, find a Class Action Lawyer to file a Federal Civil Rights Discrimination Case against Nancy Pelosi (the Democrat Party House Leader) for her racist statement against those of US you call “whiteness”. Then, we could all tell exactly what we know and open that can of worms all Democrat Party Leadership wants to literally bury. And all the while, their 1700s Political Slavery Business Model still won’t be torn down by those who allege to be damaged by it.

    What happened at our Nation’s Capital last week was horrible, and nothing but Prayer and Legal Courtrooms for the lives lost seems fitting. Not to discount the importance that reports are now coming out regarding Antifa’s and BLM’s clandestine lead on that sick and violent Breach of our Nation’s Capital is becoming more evident. There are also numerous videos showing MAGA Protestors making genuine attempts to stop the violence and the Breach, a Breach which now airs the stench of a Democrat Party Leadership/CCP Sponsored set-up.

    So, Joe Biden publicly stated he had something like a “We have assembles a Fraud Team … to assure that every vote will be counted…” This, well after Chuck Schumer Threatened our Duly-Elected POTUS Trump, “…. 6-Ways to Sunday.” What other evidence does a US Department of Justice need to protect US? Oh yeah Nancy, do you think your reckless public statement, along with Pacific Beach’s Juan Vargas “Trump has his hands on the Nuclear Launch Codes.” might have forced our foreign adversaries to place their hands on their launch codes? Absolutely, without question. You and Vargas have placed US All within the Sum of All Fears due to your false and reckless statements on National Television, including KTLA 5 Los Angeles.

    What say you Nancy?

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