Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?

Fatal Fentanyl: A Forensic Analysis

By John-Paul Leonard | 16 June 2020

THE UNZ REVIEW — Truth is the first victim in politics. Factions and passions rule. Random facts are picked as weapons, no one thinks things through.

We need to understand the facts surrounding the death of George Floyd.

Many key facts are being ignored:

  • Floyd’s blood tests showed a concentration of Fentanyl of about three times the fatal dose.
  • Fentanyl is a dangerous opioid 50 times more potent than heroin. It has rapidly become the most common cause of death among drug addicts.
  • The knee hold used by the police is not a choke hold, it does not impede breathing. It is a body restraint and is not known to have ever caused fatal injury.
  • Floyd already began to complain “I can’t breathe” a few minutes before the neck restraint was applied, while resisting the officers when they tried to get him into the squad car. Fentanyl affects the breathing, causing death by respiratory arrest.
  • It was normal procedure to restrain Floyd because he was resisting arrest, probably in conjunction with excited delirium (EXD), an episode of violent agitation brought on by a drug overdose, typically brief and ending in death from cardiopulmonary arrest.
  • The official autopsy did indeed give cardiopulmonary arrest as the cause of death, and stated that injuries he sustained during the arrest were not life-threatening.
  • Videos of the arrest do not show police beating or striking Floyd, only calmly restraining him
  • In one video Floyd is heard shouting and groaning loudly and incoherently while restrained on the ground, which appears to be a sign of the violent, shouting phase of EXD. His ability to resist four officers trying to get him into the squad car is typical of EXD cases. A short spurt of superhuman strength is a classic EXD symptom.

Minneapolis police officers have been charged with Floyd’s murder. Yet all the evidence points to the fact that Floyd had taken a drug overdose so strong that his imminent death could hardly have been prevented. In all likelihood, the police were neither an intentional nor accidental cause of his death. These crucial facts have been completely ignored in the uproar. […]

6 Comments on Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?

  1. Does it really matter at this point? — no doubt it doesn’t and won’t even matter to (((Jacob Frey))), who blubbered like a baby at Floyd’s funeral — per Wikipedia, he and his second wife are expecting a child in Sep — if it’s a boy, I bet when he’s older he’ll be so proud of his dad when he sees video of that.

    Floyd’s blood tests showed a concentration of Fentanyl of about three times the fatal dose.

    How is that possible?

    • Addicts develop tolerance and need an ever larger dose to achieve a “high”. Ever had a alcoholic friend who could knock down 5-6 drinks that would’ve put you under the table?

    • @Karen Berger

      Of course I’m familiar with alcohol tolerance, which is related to enzyme induction in the liver: the more you drink, the better your liver is at producing the enzymes needed to detoxify alcohol — most people, including me, know to drink less if they haven’t consumed much alcohol for a while.

      So maybe the article should be reworded: ‘Floyd’s blood tests showed a Fentanyl concentration of X, which according to some published information represents three times the fatal dose for someone with no history of taking the drug, indicating that Floyd was either a longstanding user or abuser of Fentanyl.’

    • Yes- when these facts are brought up to my other half, the reaction is a snarling affirmation as to what the mob hollers was the manner of death.

  2. Twitter/sotonye

    Reading the transcript for the arrest of George Floyd, the guy was drugged out of his mind, foaming and bleeding at the mouth, saying he couldn’t breathe before anyone touched him, the cops called EMTs after commenting repeatedly that he seemed impaired; charges will be dropped — Floyd seemed to be on the verge of dying before going to the ground, a cop he even mentions that he looks like he’s about to have a heart attack, the meth and fentanyl in his system played a much more convincing role in his death than what we knew before

    More from this same thread:

    Is the transcript of a recording or is this based on statements?


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