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Biden Would Budget Billions for Climate, ‘Environmental Justice,’ Global Gender Equity


By Nathan Worcester | 28 March 2022

THE EPOCH TIMES — President Joe Biden’s proposed Fiscal Year 2023 budget would involve billions in climate-related spending, including $11 billion for international climate finance, as well as multibillion-dollar investments said to “advance equity and equality globally.”

Submitted Monday morning, more than a month after it was legally due on the first Monday of February, the budget would total $5.8 trillion.

With energy prices up from 2021 and an economically disruptive war raging in Eastern Europe, the president did not highlight climate or environmental concerns in a brief, pre-prepared statement on the 2023 budget. He did, however, claim that his budget would “continue our equitable growth.”

Yet according to a fact sheet from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), as well as a 156-page summary from that same agency, a significant proportion of prospective spending would be in the name of climate and what the fact sheet describes as “environmental justice.”

The Ecological Society of America, a large organization of ecological scientists, avers that “environmental justice is understood in many ways” on its webpage defining the term. […]

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