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Woke dance school drops ballet from auditions as it is ‘white’ and ‘elitist’

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Northern School of Contemporary Dance reviews ballet art form as part of a diversity drive

By Craig Simpson | 16 July 2022

TELEGRAPH — Ballet has been dropped from auditions at a leading dance school as staff say it is rooted in “white European ideas”.

The Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD), which aims to be a “progressive institution”, has reviewed the “elitist” art form as part of a diversity drive that has seen the introduction of new policies relating to gender and race.

Ballet has been ditched as a requirement for school-entry auditions because of its “contentious nature”, with teaching staff explaining that the traditional mode of dance comes with the baggage of “white European ideas”.

The centuries-old art form was seen as being a barrier to inclusion because of the exclusionary financial burden of taking classes, and also because of its idealising of certain European body shapes, and division of roles along gender lines. […]

2 Comments on Woke dance school drops ballet from auditions as it is ‘white’ and ‘elitist’

  1. The standard of high level culture was established by Europeans in science, literature, music, architecture, and yes dance by at least a two hundred years ago. To see these accomplishments falling like dominoes with no counter attack, leads me to believe the saboteurs of this once high culture are knuckle dragging, beetle-browed Marxists. And that white people have become lazy, dumbed down cretins whose end will be without a whimper.

  2. It’s brilliant how any acknowledged characteristic of male or female or race is deemed an aspect of ‘istism’ that drives the God-hating insistence of ‘unconditional equality’ among what used to be an almost blasé realization of difference & distinction among human types with little if any animosity.

    ‘Diversity & inclusiveness’ are code words for ‘noncolored people’s’ non existence’.

    So audition the crotch grabbers & big butt waggers & see how the degradation ‘dance’ brings in the moolah.

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