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LA Sheriff Attributes Crime Surge to DA Gascón, Supports Recall

SAN FRANCISCO ROOTS: In 2009, George Gascon (center) was sworn in as San Francisco's new police chief (now Los Angeles district attorney). He was introduced by then-San Francisco Mayor (now California governor facing recall) Gavin Newsom, right, while applauded by then-San Francisco district attorney (now U.S. Vice President) Kamala Harris (left). Gascon's election to Los Angeles D.A. was funded by George Soros. PHOTO: WPXI/AP/Eric Risberg

By Chris Karr | 6 June 2021

THE EPOCH TIMES — The city of Los Angeles recorded a sharp 36 percent increase in homicides in 2020 — but the L.A. County sheriff said this year is looking even grimmer, and he’s blaming the widespread uptick in crime on District Attorney George Gascón.

“In 2021, that 36 percent has now become 92 percent, which is a huge statistical jump,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva told The Epoch Times. “We’re seeing increases in all the categories — assault with a deadly weapon, arson, rape … these things are continuing upward unabated.”

The widespread uptick in crime is the direct result of Gascón’s election as district attorney of L.A. County and his failure to prosecute offenses, according to Villanueva. Since Gascón took office, 2,690 cases — about 30 percent — “that normally would have gone through were rejected,” he said.

While Gascón has defended his reform policies, criminals in prison are toasting the DA to celebrate their early release, according to officials — and the sheriff said the DA’s policies are making it more difficult for him to do his job. […]

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