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TORBA: Kushner Wouldn’t Allow Trump on Gab Unless Gab Banned Criticism of Israel

Jared Kushner alongside President Trump on his first overseas trip. PHOTO: Reuters

Torba made the comments on a TruNews interview on Tuesday

By Jack Hadfield | 8 June 2021

NATIONAL FILE — Andrew Torba revealed that Jared Kushner would not allow President Trump onto Gab unless the free speech platform banned criticism of Jewish people and Israel.

Torba, the CEO of Gab, spoke to Lauren Witzke of TruNews on Tuesday, and discussed his attempts to bring President Trump onto his free speech social network after he was “totally nuked from the entire mainstream internet” in January this year. “All I wanted to do was to give him his voice back, because there’s a hundred million people or more that want to hear what he has to say,” Torba told Witzke, but as previously reported, said that Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and his “cronies” were the ones that blocked access to Gab.

Torba said Kushner and his cronies tried to get Torba to “sell out” and “compromise on Gab’s free speech policies,” suggesting that Gab “clean up [their] image,” before President Trump was allowed on. Witzke queried Torba into exactly what people Kushner wanted banned, and Torba revealed that he “specifically had problems with people criticizing Jewish people and Zionism and policies related to Israel”:

“That’s specifically what I was told, in that you have to do something about these people. He called them Jew-haters, I call them Jew-criticizers,” said Torba. “Some of these people believe that anyone who criticizes or even has remotely any sort of criticism towards Jewish people or towards Israel or towards international policy, is all of a sudden an anti-Semite right, which is totally absurd on its face.” […]

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