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‘Fauci’ earnings mystery: No info on box office take for gushing documentary about COVID czar

Dr. Anthony Fauci, here depicted in a mural in New York City, is 'a proud son of Brooklyn' who is helping the country get through the COVID-19 pandemic, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said. PHOTO: NPR/Spencer Platt/Getty

Two weeks after theatrical release of friendly portrait of Anthony Fauci, major film sites have no data on receipts, and distributors National Geographic and Magnolia Pictures are mum.

By Christian Toto | 25 September 2021

JUST THE NEWS — Documentaries often earn a fraction of what their fictional counterparts generate, at least those without the names “Moore” or “D’Souza” attached.

“Fauci,” a film detailing the scientific life of the nation’s preeminent infectious disease expert, appeared to be an exception.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has his detractors, particularly on the political right, but he’s still the biggest name in medical science thanks to his leadership on the COVID-19 pandemic and near-constant media presence.

The timing of the film’s Sept. 10 limited release, in cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, D.C. and New Orleans, seemed fortuitous given the aggressive Delta variant.

Except we’re still waiting on the box office tally.

No major film site — think,, or Boxoffice Pro — has the film’s earnings to date. reached out to representatives at both National Geographic and Magnolia Pictures, the studios copresenting the film, for any figures from its two-plus weeks in limited release. Neither studio responded. […]

2 Comments on ‘Fauci’ earnings mystery: No info on box office take for gushing documentary about COVID czar

  1. I will rate it, even though I have not and will not see it so my review will be as disingenuous as (((National Geographic)))) 💩💩💩💩

  2. ‘ . . . Including Bono of U2 fame.’

    I thought it was the other ‘Bono’ not of U2 fame, who appeared with the other ‘Sting,’ not of The Police fame.

    That’s one I could never figure out, entirely. Something with Bono, Sean Penn, and one of the main dudes from Sonic Youth. They are in every damned documentary known to man. I cannot count how many documentaries I have seen, about any number of subjects, with those three on them. And half the time Sean Penn and Bono will talk about hanging out in their spare time, in the documentaries. I know from other reading, that both are really into moving their money around, offshore, of course they are both hugely into the NGO/Special Interest scene, constantly popping off at the mouth. Bono was one of the major breakthrough grandstanders with that shit, pre-Twitter and Facebook, when they’d have these big corny spreads of him hanging out with Hillary Clinton in ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. Something with those two, specifically.

    Bono and Sean Penn seem to both be involved in politics a lot more than your average celebrity, too. Some might think ‘Eh, aren’t they all?’ But the Bono thing goes back decades, before it was really a thing all celebrities put on display all day. He got his start singing about the Troubles, too, which turns him into a big Zionist, backstabbing hypocrite. But with Penn- he was alleged to have turned in Pablo Escobar, or played a role in it, something with that interview he did. Something strange went on there. He’s a real pile of shit. Just recently there were photos of him, Jack Dorsey, and this Israeli Billionaire walking around in Speedos on this remote Island somewhere, obviously ‘having a private business conversation.’ Probably making a documentary on Sabbatean-Frankism, and need Bono, Sean Penn, with the dude from Sonic Youth to come on and reminisce about their chit-chats again for promo.

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