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House Votes To Make Your Daughters Eligible for the Military Draft

IMAGE: Red State/caricature by Donkey Hotey/ Commons

With minimal debate, Selective Service was doubled in a ‘must-pass’ $778 billion defense bill.

By Matt Welch | 24 September 2021

REASON — Thursday night, because Washington is no longer serious about rudimentary governance, the House of Representatives took what will likely be the decisive legislative step of expanding mandatory age-18 Selective Service registration to include women.

The House voted 316–113 on the “must-pass” annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which at $778 billion this year gave President Joe Biden $24 billion more than he asked for. The up-or-down passage came after consideration of a series of amendments, from requiring congressional approval for troop deployment in Syria (which failed, 141–286), to allowing cannabis-related companies in legal-marijuana states to obtain banking services (which passed by voice vote).

Amazingly if not quite surprisingly, the effective doubling of the federal government’s claim on the lives of American 18-year-olds was never submitted to a standalone vote on the House floor, because Democratic leadership refused to allow it. The Senate’s version of the NDAA, which is expected to be voted on next month, already includes mandatory draft registration for women. So unless that changes in the amendment process, potential lady-conscription will be sitting on the desk of a willing Biden this fall. […]

5 Comments on House Votes To Make Your Daughters Eligible for the Military Draft

  1. Eighteen year old Girls now eligible for the draft. Oh the banality of evil incompetence. Insanity is mainstream in politics, in fact for some time now. Too bad my German Mother-in-Law isn’t around to be asked about this. She had been drafted in the last seven months of WW2 to be posted to a Luftwaffe General’s clerical staff near the Russian front. The horrors she saw even as a non-combatant was hair raising. Before she passed in her nineties five years ago, I asked her about Women in combat roles. She at first burst out laughing and very sternly explained that even Hitler and his general staff were not crazy enough to send Women into battle despite German troops outnumbered at least 10 to 1. I have a hunch though the chicken hawk politicians are convinced there will not be a shooting war despite all the sabre rattling. That affords them the opportunity to further the Left’s love of social engineering.

  2. Welcome to Israel!

    Oh yeah, and welcome to the Phoenix Program!

    Forgot, does anyone else want to argue that Amerika is not a fascist state, the originator of fascism, and its biggest adherent?

    Now if you have any daughters, then I would recommend that they study the life and times of one Mr. Richard Bruce Cheney; this is a patriotic Amerikan who knows a thing or two about Selective Service.


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