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Dutch Underworld Prison Reveals Troubling Activity

An astonishing bust in the Netherlands gives us a window into a terrifying underbelly of criminal activity. Police in Wouws Plantage discovered multiple shipping containers that were in the process of being modified into prisons and torture chambers. A report stated that the police had been watching the men for some time and were waiting until their work was nearly complete before moving in for arrest. A total of six men were detained.

This black-site location is strategically placed near the Belgain border between Brussels (NATO and E.U. headquarters) and The Hague. Belgium has been notorious for extraordinary criminal activities.

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Dutch police had to use explosives to access the building where the containers were hidden. It’s like something from the 2005 horror flick “The Hostel.” There were a total of seven improvised containers. Six appeared to be designed for confinement and one for torture. “The rooms were finished with noise isolating panels.

The torture room, or red room, is replete with torture devices and a dental chair outfitted with restraints. That flooring has protective disposable coverings to prevent liquid from seeping through the floor. It’s equipped with a camera. There are also handcuffs attached to the ceilings and floors of the holding cells, which could be monitored remotely on a video feed.

One news report claimed that police speculated these containers were probably going to be used capture and torture rival gang members. That explanation doesn’t strike us as credible.

As a reminder, a dentist chair was found in Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion.

What’s the camera for? Red Rooms do exist on the clearnet. Is this one? If not, some people go to a lot of trouble and employ resources for play acting.

Red rooms can be essentially classified as video portals. But also, they are hidden pages in which the viewer can watch live (streaming) a torture of a person and participate in such torture by contributing with ideas or requests. Depending on the money paid, the deviant can participate to a greater or lesser extent. Payment is made by using cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) to guarantee anonymity. Here’s more on the practicality of this.

Police said they had been tipped off to the secret chambers by messages on the encrypted app EncroChat that contained photos of a dentist’s chair with belts attached to the arm and foot supports.

Also, this has shades of pedogate’s “Jimmycomet” and pal’s kill room.

Also found by police was police clothing. This seems designed for committing kidnappings. Dressing up like a cop is a ploy of serial killers, such as Ted Bundy, and for fake raids.

Of particular note was the confiscation of 52 pounds of the drug MDMA, also known as ecstasy (aka XTC, Adam). MDMA is an illegal designer drug but can used by nefarious operatives and cult programmers. Empathogens, like Ecstasy, enhance trust between the recipient and the programmer.

Judging by the quantity of MDMA and the number of holding cells, this was a big operation.

No bodybags, graves, bodies were located, leading one to presume remains were dumped in nearby bodies of water. There were no refrigerators or coolers for organ extraction.

We have speculated that victims of the so-called Smiley Face Killers were lured and controlled by drugs, such as Devil’s Breath. Perhaps these empathogens are also employed in these crimes.

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  1. #wayfairtrafficing for a couple of hours last night until Twitter shut it down. Apparently this was a site that Ghislaine Maxwell shopped at frequently which is what got this whole thing rolling. This is definitely a Pizzagate 2.0 and there are some definitive issues with the products of Wayfair and how they are being sold. A pillow with a missing child’s name on it for $10K?

    The CEO of Wayfair is one Narij Shah who does own a foundation called the Shah Family Foundation; plus, he was appointed to the Federal Reserve of Boston in 2017. Decide for yourself:

  2. Seems really fake to me. More operation Chaos trying to stir up fear. Even the dutch video seemed really fake.

    • Seems really fake to me.

      Yes — either the raid was just plain staged or it was a re-enactment (but I didn’t see anything in the video saying it was a re-enactment — ?) — I was reminded of the Roger Stone arrest, another staged affair.

      Watch the second video.

      The guy in the white suit is either Caucasian/European or could pass for it — the suit reminded me (for some reason my brain is wired for being reminded of stuff) of those ISIS execution videos, where the prisoners were usually wearing garb/a colored jumpsuit very similar to what prisoners of the US military in Abu Ghraib wore — I guess the US military and ISIS both ordered their official prisoner outfits from the same catalog.

      Personally I thought every single one of those ISIS execution videos, promoted so earnestly by the media, was fake.

      And then they suddenly just stopped — maybe the Supreme Court of ISIS ruled capital punishment illegal — or they decided it was just too much bad publicity.

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