The Buffalo Shooter and His ‘Plagiarized’ Manifesto

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As I mentioned numerous times following the Waukesha and Brooklyn events involving black assailants, there would be a “white supremacist” attack soon enough.

Once again, just as with earlier mad black assailants, this mad white shooter, 18-year-old Payton Gendron, targeted the little people. Namely, 11 black and 2 white folks at a random supermarket in a poor neighborhood. He drove three-and-a-half hours to target an obscure Buffalo, New York, supermarket’s customers.

For some inexplicable reason — and despite “Kill high profile enemies” rantings in his so-called Manifesto — it was once again grandmothers. It’s never high value targets. But there’s always an active social media presence in all of these events replete with “manifestos.”

In the manifesto, “Gendron” railed on the “Great Replacement.” He also said rich people need to pay their fair share. But curiously, the targets of his rampage where mostly older low-income seventh-generation black Americans and included two poor white people. Doesn’t combine. In fact, these manifestos never combine with the event.

He talks about the systematic destruction of white culture yet shoots up a random store? That makes absolutely no sense. Why would someone who hates such a high level problem go out and target such “low level” people?

Naturally, and per usual, the perp claimed to be radicalized online after visiting /pol/ on 4chan beginning in May 2020- rather than anyone he’d met in real life.

“Gendron” is straight out of the Manson Helter Skelter race war playbook. He made it a public shooting because he wants the Second Amendment to be under attack as he believes this is something that “Whites” will defend by starting the race war he believes is necessary.

He states in the manifesto: “New York state has heavy gun laws so it would ease me if I knew that any legally armed citizen was limited to 10 round magazines and cucked firearms.”

Translation: My guns will have higher ammunition capacity and performance than anyone legally armed who tries to stop me.

“Gendron” outgunned and killed a security guard in the store.

About four hours after it happened, there were already stories detailing why he did it. They seemed really knowledgeable about his motives. Despite an incoherent poorly written manifesto with no original thoughts he had it all laid out perfectly for the Lugenpresse to spin their narrative. Don’t you love how these psychopaths make it so easy for the media to get their stories out? It was like they could have prevented it in the first place.

And who benefits? The mainstream hoi poi is all over this smearing free speech and especially targeting spokespeople against censorship, and making it very political. Is that what “Gendron” had in mind? I think they are going to run with this George Floyd style.

And in the process of throwing away his own life, why would the perp bother with his own original and organic manifesto? It is so much easier in this script to plagiarize the 2019 surreal ramblings of the deep-sixed Christchurch, New Zealand, shooter one Brenton Tarrant. However, Tarrant’s primary motivation was pro-Israel and anti-Muslim. Tarrant is a boogeyman who allegedly live-streamed himself murdering 51 Muslims at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019.

More stupid wash, rinse, repeat BS: Although the “Gendron” identified himself in the manifesto he used a fake photograph. The snap he uploaded, which he claimed was him, was actually of comedian Sam Hyde. That image of Hyde – posing outdoors while holding an assault rifle – has been repeatedly spewed out to falsely identify other mass-shooters.

And what’s with the clown shoes?

Creative writing must not be part of the curriculum for high strangeness glowworm training. This is what you do when you need to wash, rinse, repeat manufacture something, but don’t think people will look back at old work.



Naturally, the perp “Gendron” used a nearly identical replica and cringe customization of the weapon “Tarrant” packed. It’s a copy-paste of the New Zealand shooter down to the manifesto and weapon and the streaming video method.

“Anders Breivik” is written on the gun. He was a Zionist in Norway who allegedly killed 77 white people — 72 of them were children. They were unarmed and trapped on an island. They had been engaged in a pro-Palestine rally. Why would “Gendron,” who’s worried about a Jewish-inspired Great Replacement, celebrate Brevik the mass killer of white Norwegian children? The following image shows the little people targets of Anders Breivik.

Relevant comment on Reddit. Live stream of the shooting has been memory holed. It was pulled by Twitch within forty five seconds of when the shots started meaning “Gendron” had no audience as planned.  Par for the course with these events, there’s no CCTV or eyewitness footage online in open-source searches.

Update: Analysis of this event is here.

Start at 6:00 to skip over all the distraction and focus on the next fifty seconds. At 6:08 frame 23 he shots a white woman. At the exact same moment a black man at the back trunk of a parked vehicle inexplicably just falls to ground. He was not in the line of fire and “Gendron” had not yet taken aim at him. “Gendron” swings the weapon around and fires at this prone black man at 6:12.

A blurry other worldly image from the alleged live stream is here. These people were inexplicably already on the floor playing possum BEFORE “Gendron” even approached and shot them. This can be seen at 6:22.  At 6:42 a man appears on screen out of no where and drops to the floor. The whole sequence has a video game look to it and streaming quality is poor. The frames showing the alleged victims break up in transmission obscuring the scene. Numerous point blank shots, no blood.

Winter Watch Takeaway: This whole thing has that glow worm vibe to it.

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  1. The hoax within a hoax …

    Sam Hyde and Other Hoaxes: False Information Trails Texas Shooting

    Image :

    An image of Sam Hyde from a YouTube video. Anonymous social media accounts have falsely associated him with a number of recent mass killings.Credit…Million DollarExtreme, via YouTube

    By Jonah Engel Bromwich

    Nov. 6, 2017

    A United States congressman fell for a long-running hoax on Sunday, mistakenly telling CNN that the gunman who had killed 26 Texas churchgoers, including a pregnant woman and several children, was a man named Sam Hyde.


  2. Keep in mind Kathy Hochul is up for election this November and Buffalo is her hometown. The entire event seems to be a script from the DOJ/DNC.

  3. At this point, I don’t even glance at the “news” reports of events like this; I just wait for the WW “takeway”! – and there were “not even ambulances and medivacs” – ?! – nobody in civilian clothes “assisting the injured” ?! – no shoes on pavement? – … such a feeble attempt at verisimilitude!

    Thanks for getting right on this.

    • ‘Didn’t even know this ‘took place’ but it explains why the American flag appears at half mast once again.

  4. The shooter in New Zealand was named Brenton Tarrant. First reports called him Benton Tarrant. Can’t help but notice the similarities between this odd moniker and that of the ultra violent Hollywood film director Quentin Tarantino. So they gave the director a back handed credit?

  5. White House press cesspool today in their questions to the new press secretary repeatedly implied that it was Tucker Carlson’s fault. You can’t make this shit up.

  6. Grady Lewis, a 50-year-old who is a frequent shopper
    at Tops, said he struck up a conversation with the teen
    that lasted nearly 90 minutes on the day before the massacre.

    He then told the Journal that the two discussed a range of
    issues, including critical race theory.

    Witness Thomas Harwell turned 33 on Sunday was buying a cake.


    • Random, late, but another odd discrepancy. Reports say “shooter” drove three hours then got out and started shooting but…he was there the day before panhandling, getting kicked out, and having a long talk with a local? So…he drove the three hours the day before, then ‘home’ then back again?

      Even the diagram (which doesn’t line up with the vid) says he drove three hours and started shooting.

      This might be minor but it seems like yet another inconsistency, of which there are too many.

    • NYC is under 35% white these days, and non-whites account for nearly all violent crime there (link), especially when you no longer count any Puerto Ricans as white — so I don’t think the mayor of a city with America 1.0 demographics would have the same concern about a similar change in gun laws.

      Violent crime in America is primarily a demographic problem.

  7. Towards the end of the video the shooter says “Sorry” and turns and runs away from another potential victim after supposedly shooting all of those people at the beginning?! Makes no sense! I agree with this comment: “The gun was simply producing air-concussion and sound effects- zero live rounds!”

    • Makes no sense!

      I’ve seen it claimed the person he allegedly spared (as you describe it) was white (or looked white).

  8. Twitter/Chuck Schumer@TuckerCarlson invited me on his show tonight to debate the letter I sent to @FoxNews. I’m declining. Tucker Carlson needs to stop promoting the racist, dangerous ‘Replacement Theory’.

    (Schumer is apparently trying to get Carlson fired.)

    An archetypical Jew — exemplary really — a perfect illustration of why so many people who observe/study the behavior of Jews closely come to despise them — ad hominem über alles.

    So he declines a chance to go on Carlson’s show and explain why ‘Replacement Theory’ (i.e. that Whites are being displaced as the majority population in the US) is false, why it’s ‘racist’ and ‘dangerous’ to point out (the indisputable fact of) white demographic decline, and why it’s wrong, politically and morally, for Whites to oppose this — rather obviously, the Establishment doesn’t seem at all interested in stopping the dispossession of Whites, so he could also have explained why that should not be seen as prima facie evidence of a conspiracy.

  9. 14 May 2022 – Israel’s birthday & a good day to bury this bad news from Friday 13th …

    Maurice Pinay

    @MauricePinay 16 May

    Crocodile tears from the unregistered Israeli agent group ADL which sure needed a distraction from the footage of Israeli Jews attacking the coffin of an American Catholic journalist shot in the head by an Israeli Jew



    @ADL · 16 May

    Raw footage of the white supremacist shooting in #Buffalo and extremist memes based on it are spreading wildly on the messaging app @telegram, including public channels with tens of thousands of members.

    Maurice Pinay

    @MauricePinay – 16 May

    Jews attack the coffin of the American Catholic journalist a Jew shot in the head

    Hind Hassan

    @HindHassanNews – 13 May

    One of the most unbelievable things I’ve ever seen! Even in death Shireen Abu Akleh is attacked by Israeli forces. Police attack pallbearers carrying the coffin of a journalist who was shot in the face by Israeli soldiers. Why? Because the coffin is draped in the Palestinian flag

    < video >

  10. My comment didn’t post. Did ‘Gendron’ drive three hours day of ‘shooting’ or was he there day before? Isn’t this a conflict?

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