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Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Discuss Frank James and Dive into a Myriad of Deep Rabbit Holes

Russ Winter rejoins Robert Phoenix to dissect the latest skullduggery surrounding the Brooklyn subway shooter “Frank James.” During the second hour, they dove into a number of lesser-known but highly relevant rabbit holes, including pre-9/11 political purges that set the stage for full Crime Syndicate capture.

Winter Watch posts on topics covered in the podcast:

8 Comments on Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter Discuss Frank James and Dive into a Myriad of Deep Rabbit Holes

  1. Easy.

    Not sure the real who, or what, which will unfold and is always hard to pick apart during these ‘propaganda of the deed’ situations, but it reeks of ‘responsibility laundering,’ where corrupt private security, informants, probably get some order from higher- which no one ‘can know about’- no one can ‘know they are taking an order,’ it’s all laundering of responsibility and leadership, which is what has to be met with strong detterents. They launder the false-flaggery, sabotage to the corrupt private sector, who then passes it into the more-patsy informant, criminal sector, with information from ‘parallel construction’ if needed, then whoever, this guy or some cutout is selected to do the operation, and whoever else to take the fall. Sounds complicated, but its really not. It’s just another form of ‘laundering,’ except through channels of communication, and from ‘legitimate,’ intelligence circles, gradually into ‘illegitimate’ criminal operations, while maximizing confusion to obscure the chain of causation (who/what is responsible). Doug Valentines works ‘Strength of the Wolf’ and ‘Strength of the Pack’ show how these techniques began to take place, with infiltration of intelligence into the DEA, FBI, down into State and local policing. So the CIA could use their informants, ‘launder’ info ‘unofficially’ to an FBI agent, then FBI use that info to brief their informant(s), get more info, then ‘build cases’ on people, ‘parallel construction’ on a mass of people, bring that to police ‘unofficially,’ then the police just pretend to ‘happen upon’ what they find when they make mass arrests- leaving certain criminals untouched every time, who are Feds.

    It’s just the same kind of sifting process, except instead of ‘building cases,’ they are creating chaos. So take that same model from Valentine’s two books, but add more of the digital/tech architecture we have now, Post 9/11/Covid security laws, and add the content of Tom O’neils book ‘Chaos’- which is probably the best in-depth template for how they run these ‘Chaos’ operations, which is what these things you like to cover are, Russ- these ‘manufactured crises’ with real violent consequences. The Manson/Helter Skelter case, used to literally upend that entire counterculture, is completely exposed through and through in that book. Combine that with Valentines work showing how these agents, and their operators in the private/criminal world launder info to each other- and you’ve got it. Manson himself was a criminal informant working with police and the FBI, and was released many times, in spite of all kinds of violent charges, supplying his cult with amphetamines, abusing a minor, etc. And just like you have here, this kind of framing to make certain profiles look bad, usually a ‘Nationalist’ nowadays- they were doing ‘white nationalists,’ now here’s a ‘black nationalist,’ back during Manson’s time it was to make the whole counterculture- which had kind of run amok- stop in its tracks so that Nixons new drug war could take hold- with drugs being reserved for the white collar, cocaine and disco- and Cointelpro could finish it off. It’s pretty amazing, if you read all three of those in succession, you have the complete ‘Manufactured Crisis’ template. All you have to do is add the new tech, the cyber. Amazing how much people missed then, too. Vincent Bugliosi, who coined that phrasing, from the graffiti at the murders ‘Helter Skelter,’ made it this big cultural buzz word for ‘the end of counterculture’ (the end of protesting, end of anti-war movements etc- while they continued to fly in heroin from Vietnam), and the man is a lunatic, a psychopath. He also wrote extensively on the JFK assassination, both books 1000 pages plus. Yet SOMEHOW, people missed the fact that this guy was a lunatic, violent psychopath, constantly issuing threats- as O’neil describes here

    So that’s what you’ve got. The tri-state area that guy was apparently ‘present’ in, something is up. If he didn’t ‘do it,’ he must be some part of the operation- maybe some deal already set up for him to play the role. But like you/Robert said, he could’ve attacked a ‘whiter’ area if he wanted to- but the intent seems to have been to inflame blacks/’people of color’ (stupid term) in particular. It’s to make the ‘Pro LGBTQIA’ Communists in Black Lives Matter look like ‘Good Guys’ compared to this ‘Evil Ultra-Conservative Black Nationalist’ who attacks people.

    Never mind that the Trotsky-Worshipping Communists in Black Lives Matters upper-ranks have had no problem associating with people who’ve stirred up this kind of sentiment, like your ‘Tariq Nasheeds’ and ‘Ibrahim X Kendi’

    1.) You look at someone like Nasheed, who constantly tweets out people beating the shit out of each other on twitter- always interracial stuff, while bemoaning interracial marriage, AND being PRO Black Lives Matter- and you can see what they’re trying to cover up here, gloss over

    2.) And it happens in Brooklyn. Why Brooklyn? Well, the Mayor of NY, along with many politicians surrounding NY, have stated this idea of using ‘South Africa as a model’ for this experimental, COMMUNIST Kibbutz they are trying to push through there, which is genocidal and treasonous. Thing is, there is no reason for it when the constitution/equal protections are applied rationally, so they have to use this kind of proxy-fascism as a prop to excuse it.

    3.) Think what you may about the current situation with Russia, the fact remains that this model is true, and that the current US politics are becoming more and more like the Sino-Russian system, and less like there old Western selves. Russia has been a kind of fake-Nationalist, Gangster economy since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and now, merging with China, it seems to be Gradually re-emerging as the Trotskyite power it once wanted to be- all while the US is strangely ‘mimicking it’ from the inside. Why is that? Go back and read ‘Stalins Secret Agents’- and you get an idea of why, what happened right before the formation of the OSS, and the compromise involved in the fed that led right to the kind of activity described in this ‘responsibility laundering’ process- all the blackmail, offshore laundering, extortion- all described in the work of Anotoliy Golitsyn and ‘Stalins Secret Agents,’ just for starters.

    A.) Fake Nationalism used as a proxy for Central-Bank Trotskyism? Sound Familiar?

    B.) Trotsky’s ‘Permanent Revolution’- endless proxy war disputes to keep the same class in power, also, where have we seen this, using theater and distraction with proxy-war?

    C.) Looks exactly like this, doesn’t it (while Russia & China merge)- all while they keep talking about ‘Nationalists’- this is the same as what I just posted in (B) and what keeps taking place with these ‘crises,’ isn’t it?

    Where are the arrests, war trials? Maybe we should be asking about these guys, their families, and those tied to everything they were ever linked to. Let’s see- the Comintern/International Communism, connected to fake liberals and corrupted fake-nationalism, and LOOK- there’s Mao! I heard he’s been making a comeback in China these days!

    • And just as a quick follow up rant, I’m going to guess- just guess- that this is going to be some kind of ongoing psyop-attack on Black communities/groups, particularly Conservatives, Christians, with the same model they use on ‘White/European’ groups. Keep using fat turds like this guy, who come out of nowhere, to tar-and-feather black conservatives, black christians, just black people that aren’t LGBTQ plus Communists, and use that with Social Media Behaviorism (along with some ‘inclusivity’ incentives- get to be on that fake diversity poster with token person from every race and a rainbow), to try and get everyone, most Americans forced into this International-Communist ideology, euphemized as ‘Communitarianism.’ Communitarianism is Trotsky-Leninism, straight up, with a few adjustments to make it ‘work’ in the modern digital environment. it is everything Golitsyn said they would do, literally, to allow the Comintern to re-emerge, using dirty dark economies, which are now manifesting in your Blackrock/Vanguard variety.

      So just in case anyone forgot, it has to be mentioned, over and over- that this is what they are continually trying to prop up with this. They are Communists- and that is not my ‘notion,’ they stated they are Communists, aimed to wear away at the family structure as one of their goals. So that isn’t even an argument- they are Communists who have burned down more property in the history of the US than any organization, burned federal buildings, and have been trained, led, and have their money managed by Communists who literally bombed the Pentagon in the 70s- as informants- just to go to prison, then get released early under the Clinton administration, which anyone with two brain cells knows was sexually compromised, through Israel, and that compromise was used to 1.) exact forced technology transfers to China and 2.) release people like Eric Mann and Susan Rosernberg early.

      It is a serious National Security issue WHY those people were ever allowed near politics ever again, after bombing the Pentagon, much less why an openly-stated communist group led by them, who has burned down more property than any in US history, including federal buildings, hasn’t had every bit of their assets frozen, and their funds seized, along with an investigation as to who is behind what appears to be a Communist-sabotage operation involving domestic terrorism. Should’ve never been a question of ‘Should the military be involved’- if there are large groups of well-funded communists, led by people who’ve bombed the Pentagon, burning down half the country, you don’t give them privileges, while telling others they cant even go to Church or their families funerals because of CV. That shows their is serious, serious defector, war-crime, capital-punishment-level trials involving compromise and all sorts of treason that need to be in effect. The whole damned thing is being treated with kid gloves, when the National Security implications to anyone with even a modicum of understanding involving the history of Communism- the over 50 million murdered by it in a century- and of, I dunno, who has bombed the Pentagon in the US, ought to be obvious. How can the NSA, CIA, FBI, all be that compromised, that stupid. Some ‘average joe’ must need to ring them up and say, ‘hey that informant that bombed the pentagon in the 70s, well they have corporations laundering dirty money through them to promote communism- remember communism? Remember the Cold War, nuclear standoffs to fight communism, all the foreign wars? How about ‘Standing with Ukraine’ and their Holomodor? Can’t stand with Ukraine if you support Communism- then you support their people’s genocide. Especially when the Communists who lead them are using the same Talmudic, racist rhetoric that drove the worst of the Bolsheviks (Eric Mann- ‘These Goyim are going to Kill you!)

    • ““

      A huge wall of text that basically says “Russia has been playing us for the fool for decades and the Ukraine invasion is the culmination of this hustle which will eventually lead to the NWO”.

      It’s the opposite of the Q narrative with Gorbachev as the instigator?

      The problem with this is that nobody seems to know what’s happening in Ukraine. The mainstream wants you to believe the Russians made a huge blunder. The conspiracy people are saying Russia is having certain levels of success. So which is it? Or better yet is any of it true? I’ve seen a lot of footage where Russia troops are acting as peace keepers casually walking around Ukraine cities. While at the same time social media websites are repeating ad nauseam that the Russians are getting their tail kicked. Why such a huge disparity in eye witness accounts. What narratives are people in other countries being fed?

  2. Did Golitsyn ever get to meet with the president through J.J. Angleton or any other president since then? He was urgently wanting to…

  3. Great coverage, Russ. Weird synchronicity with the Boggs stuff because I’ve been reading a book called “Freud’s Mafia” by Paul Boggs, who is a descendant of Hale Boggs. He digs a lot into Edward Bernays’ connections and comes up with some very interesting information. Although there’s certain conclusions he reaches I disagree with and some things he says matter-of-factly that I think are false, it’s definitely worth a look for its unique insight into subjects very relevant to the areas you cover. Take care.

  4. “”

    The red guard cannot be compared to antifa or the LGBT/blm movements. The similarities end at them being leftist organizations. The red guard where trying to promote Maoist communism not anarchy and satanism. I think the above article is another swing and miss or even intentional misdirection. It only took a little research to figure that out.

  5. Hello Russ and All readers here.
    I would like to, hhmmm, help everyone with probably the best, historical background description of…”who these (((people))) really are.
    Unfortunately Alan Watts died 1-yr ago at the age of 56. Alan was, imho, probably the most knowledgable Man concerning the ‘inherited power structure’ going back to the pre-Nimrod Age: - and , even before the Zorastrians: - i.e. …post-Zolon’s description of Atlantis.
    Long-story-short, it’s the same ‘group’ that has dominated the planet.
    Hocus-Pocus? Absolutely not. The YDIH Theory is now well-established among the ‘alt-scientific community’ Yes. More on this subject later if, You and Readers here desire more information.
    I’m a realist and not, attracted to hyperbole & diatribes.
    Begin HERE to understand what has been understood before(!) the internet.
    Alan was a master in, Connecting-the-Dots.
    Alan Watt on “Investigative Journal” with Greg Szymanski (Jul. 31, 2007)
    and from July 7, 2007(!) –
    Alan Watt “Modern Mythological Enemies versus The Man in the Mirror” (Apr 10, 2022)

    Evertime I hear Alan’s way-of-reasoning I, am, flabbergasted. Dammit. It’s all been there, out-in-the-Open i.e. “Those with the eyes to see…”.
    Regards from Sweden.
    Prayers for Gonzalo Lira Lopez. AMEN

    > email to the Chilean Embassy in Warsaw

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