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Shocking New Sundance Documentary Makes the Staggering Claim That an Ex-Mercenary Group Secretly Spread HIV in South Africa to ‘Eradicate Black People’ and Was Once Backed by the CIA to Kill the UN Secretary General

  • Directed by Mads Brügger, ‘Cold Case Hammarskjold’ looks into the suspicious circumstances of the 1961 plane crash that killed the UN Secretary General
  • The film talks to Alexander Jones, an ex-member of a militia that claimed to be behind the crash, who says the group spread HIV to black South Africans
  • Expert considers the claims to be dubious and potentially harmful with AIDS conspiracy theories already eroding public trust in medical professionals
  • The documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday

By Michael Nam | 27 January 2019

DAILY MAIL — A documentary team investigating a South African militia’s possible role in assassinating the second UN Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjold, makes incredible claims that AIDS was used as a weapon of genocide.

The film ‘Cold Case Hammarskjold,’ directed by and starring Mads Brügger, debuted Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival, alleging a shady militia organization called the South African Institute for Maritime Research (SAIMR) spread HIV in an effort to ‘to eradicate black people,’ according to the New York Times.

A former militia member named Alexander Jones, claims that his organization used phony vaccinations in the early 1990s to spread the virus that causes AIDS.

‘We were at war,’ said Jones. ‘Black people in South Africa were the enemy.’ […]

1 Comment on Shocking New Sundance Documentary Makes the Staggering Claim That an Ex-Mercenary Group Secretly Spread HIV in South Africa to ‘Eradicate Black People’ and Was Once Backed by the CIA to Kill the UN Secretary General

  1. I don’t believe HIV ever existed–I think it was a total hoax, which allowed them to kill off millions of Africans with AZT Dr. Nancy Turner Banks has done an excellent job explaining all of this (her book AIDs, Opium, Diamonds and Empire). She says that this all started with the gays who were living an extremely HIGH RISK life style (as in countless sexual partners a year). They were drinking and drugging, constantly taking antibiotics because of the STDs. They were also doing what’s known as “poppers” (she explains why–something to do with the anal sphincter), which were extremely dangerous drugs. This group of people blew out their own immune systems because of their extremely dangerous lifestyle. But rather than blame the lifestyle, which would not make Big Pharma any money, they made up the idea that it was caused by a super scary new virus. And, in Africa, they changed the diagnostic criteria, so they could basically say anyone who was getting sick (perhaps simply due to unclean water and lack of proper nutrition) had HIV and then they could (and did) kill them by the millions with AZT. Dr. Nancy Banks talked about how a person could test positive for HIV in Africa, but then go to Australia and get tested and they would be negative. She also talked about how some people in South Africa were sick with lung conditions in Barrick Mines, so they added lung conditions to the diagnostic criteria for HIV, so those people could no longer sue Barrick because now officialdom is saying their lung problems are due to HIV. I personally think this same type of scam is going on with Ebola (as in another hoax to make big pharma) and I have plenty of links in support of that notion.

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    by Jon Rappoport (Author)

    The HIV Hoax: 2000 Virologists cannot be wrong by Captain Obvious (2014-12-09)

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