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Brooklyn Subway Shooting Doesn’t Add Up

PHOTO: The Paradise/AFP/Getty

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The details surrounding the apprehension of one “Frank James” defies the imagination. James is 62 and looks to be a hobbled 6’0 and super sized 280-pound lard ass. Unless “Mr. James” confesses to this alleged crime, it looks like his defense team will have a heyday with the jury on identification. You see, the BOLO identified the perp as 5’5, 170 pounds.

Indeed, “Mr. James'” sister described her brother as over six feet tall and 300 pounds.

source: New York Times


The alleged perp ‘Frank James’
Major League – Just a Bit Outside

Police zeroed in on this individual, as incredibly he conveniently left his credit card AND phone — aka breadcrumbs — near the scene. “Mr. James” rented a vehicle in his name and then left it behind. Left his REGISTERED gun behind, too.

Frank James legally purchased his firearm in 2011 yet was on the terrorist watch list until 2019.

“Mr. James” was arrested without incident after being on the lamb for a day. He was spotted hanging out in broad daylight at McDonalds. But only after eating at Katz Deli, quite the script.

He called in a tip on himself to Crime Stoppers that led to his capture. Does this story get any more bizarre?

Man about town

What we are asked to believe: The Keystone Cops were handicapped on this one because — wouldn’t you know it — the MTA surveillance cameras weren’t working at the subway station involved. This is more Hanlon’s Razor for the pajama people to grin and bear. The intent here is to provide you with their New Underworld Order for the purpose of permeating distrust for the Old Order.

The 9/11 Tale of the Pentagon’s Disabled Security Cameras

Here is surveillance video of the rotund “Mr. James” suited and booted as he struggles with the turn styles at another subway entrance at 6:15 a.m., a full 2.5 hours before he opened up on passengers at the 36th Street station. “Frank” strikes us as dim witted.

Here the morbidly obese rather handicapped “Mr. James” waddles toward the subway station carrying a bag and suitcase. Why did he need and abandon a rental truck?

“Mr. James” is a suspect given that he posted manifesto like social and racial agitation on social media. This includes such timeless classics as “We wuz kings”. He had an uncensored You Tube channel rife with unhinged threats.

Despite the sketchy details and repeated reports the day before that James was merely “a person of interest,” Mayor Adams was quick to declare, “We got him!”

“Federal prosecutors [charged] James, 62, w/terror-related offenses for firing 33 rounds on a Manhattan-bound N trai”n Tuesday … in a mass shooting.”

Although “Mr. James” primarily spewed his angst against whitey; in actuality, the alleged victims of his attack against da man were mostly lower- and middle-class Asians, Hispanics, blacks and mixed-race folks, as seen here. Casualties at first were placed at 10, then 16, and now at least 29 people. Notice lady in maroon at 47 seconds scattering blood on floor.

21 Comments on Brooklyn Subway Shooting Doesn’t Add Up

  1. The London Subway Bombings 7/7/2005 > ( 2+0+0+5 ) = 7 >777

    The Final Curtain – “CCTV rich” to “CCTV FAIL!”

    From this we learn that “a temporary system” of 76 cameras was installed at King’s Cross, but that it malfunctioned for 20 minutes between the crucial period of approximately 8.30am – 8.50am on the 7 July 2005. This “malfunction” left just one of 76 cameras actually recording CCTV footage. Fortunately for the investigating officers, the one camera which remained in operation happened to be the one which was trained on the tunnel between the King’s Cross Thameslink station and King’s Cross mainline station. This one CCTV camera captured the image shown above.

  2. Civil War Begins

    April 12, 1861

    At 4:30 a.m. on April 12, 1861, Confederate troops fired on Fort Sumter in South Carolina’s Charleston Harbor.

    2022 New York City Subway attack

    On the morning of April 12, 2022, a mass shooting occurred on a northbound N train on the New York City Subway in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

    On the 161 st anniversary of the start of the US Civil War …


  3. April 12, 2022 was 777 days since another BLM shooting :

    Milwaukee brewery shooting

    On February 26, 2020, a mass shooting occurred at the Molson Coors Beverage Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, when at approximately 2:10 pm. [2] The perpetrator, 51-year-old Anthony Ferrill, shot and killed five co-workers before committing suicide.[3][4][5]



    The shooter was identified as 51-year-old Anthony Ferrill.[10] He worked as an electrician for more than 20 years, spending about 17 of those at the Milwaukee campus. In 2015, a noose was placed in Ferrill’s locker. However, the police have not confirmed a motive for the shooting.[11][12][13] He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the scene, according to police.[14]

    Note :

    There were 777 days between February 26, 2020 and April 12, 2022, not counting the start and end dates. This is known as a 777 day interval, as described here :

    The date calculator cannot show INTerval type date calculations, because it always includes the start date as day 1. To illustrate INTerval type date calculations, the start date has to be advanced by 1 day. The date calculator never includes the end date unless the date duration calculator is used and the tick box is selected.



    In the previous comment the Note should have read :

    Note :

    There were 777 days between February 26, 2020 and April 12, 2022, counting both the start and end dates. This is known as an INClusive date calculation, as described here :

    Addendum :

    BLM Anthony Ferrill’s shooting at the Milwaukee Coors brewery on February 26, 2020 was :

    = 911 months, 911 weeks, 911 days

    since the Immigration Act of 1924 passed it’s first legislative hurdle in the House on April 12, 1924

    Immigration Act of 1924

    Legislative history
    Passed the House on April 12, 1924 (323-71)

    Note also that the BLM 2022 New York City Subway shooting on April 12, 2022 celebrated the 98 th anniversary of the Immigration Act of 1924 passing it’s first legislative hurdle in the House on April 12, 1924 …


  5. Notice that the guy in orange is taking a picture of the two Asians.. Really, taking a picture at a time like this. It reeks of a false flag op… This whole incident doesn’t seem real. Did they get these crisis actors from Boston or Orlando?

    • That was my first thought when they got off the train. No real sense of urgency or panic, like they were faking it. And that bright red hoody on the person who laid her stuff on the ground, and others were watching her (I say her, might be a him). But who knows.

  6. Here is a 20 min video analysis:

    I found it rather haphazard and unfocused but, given the quality of the enactment, it still manages to be convincing.

    About a year ago ww posted a video analysis of the Jan 6 DC shooting where the analysts seem to have a solid expertise in both characteristics of bleeding from trauma and gunshot wounds and the theatrical methods of simulating those. Given that perspective, the presentation of blood stains and pools on the subway platform made little sense; isolated pools “unmatched” with any victim, no one is seen to be actually bleeding; a stage manager seen to be apparently pouring a blood like substance from a container onto the platform, and so on. The above video discusses this issue. I do hope I am never a gun shot wound victim; but if so, I will take note of whether I find myself sufficient composed to (to all appearances) calmly browse my cell phone in the immediate aftermath!

    • “I found it rather haphazard and unfocused but, given the quality of the enactment, it still manages to be convincing.”


      On screen labeling seemed to have be done by another party, and the commentator at the FKTV version was quite sloppy(scrolls and replays,especially).

      Slowing down the playback speed, organizing timestamps into his storyline,finding ways to zoom in, & stronger attempts to match observations to video clip images would have been more convincing.

      The claims about a “bloodbag” being staged were hard to confirm, though the behavior of red hoodie “director” and the small asian woman “director” circling the scene were suspect for an actual emergency.


      Did you catch the part where the commentator points out how the camera
      view dives to the platform, alongside the subway car then back to where
      some props/drama seemed to have been ‘adjusted’?

  7. “33” symbolic Masonic shots fired. At symbolic Judeo “36”th Street. Letting those in the know, realize that it’s all controlled folks.

    For every ‘black or white’ nationalist narrative, that is one more distraction from the deep reality of JEWISH SUPREMACIST national infiltration, subversion, and control of the US and the entire West, and most everywhere else by proxy.

    • The number of shots makes no sense:

      A Glock 17 9mm holds 17 rounds. Did he reload?

      2×17= 34

      Did he save a round for himself but decided to flee instead?

      New York is a magazine Ban state meaning you can’t buy or own anything bigger than magazines that hold 10 rounds. So if he only had 10 rounders he would’ve had to reload four times leaving 7 rounds left in the gun when he dropped it. Were any magazines recovered by police?


      They do make 33 round magazines but they aren’t very common and if he ordered one online they would not be able to ship them to a ban state. If a company DID sell a 33 rounder and shipped it to New York they might be looking at a future visit by the ATF.

      Not that 33 rounds is an impossible number but we all know who likes to use numerology when casting spells. It’s like a calling card for these people, or maybe just some added icing on the cake…

  8. As soon as the fact of security cameras were “turned off ” or “not working” or whatever, then I knew this was likely a false flag event. And if the guy was that obese, would he have gotten away like they say he did? And finally, why would a “black supremacist” “murder” pretty much only non-whites? Or do only non-whites ride subways these days? (And if I still lived in NYC, I, a white woman, likely wouldn’t be riding subways…and more likely, I wouldn’t want to be be anywhere near NYC!)

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