The Strange Death of UK Cypto Expert Gareth Williams

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Gareth Williams (1978-2010) was a code/cypto expert within British intelligence. He had the highest-access security clearance. Williams turned up dead in his bathtub on Aug. 16, 2010. But he wasn’t merely dead. He was locked inside a red North Face bag, which was padlocked from the outside. William’s body was naked when it was found.

Pathologist Ian Calder stated that Williams would have been overcome by hypercapnia, elevated carbon dioxide levels, after only two or three minutes in the bag.

There were no signs of a struggle and no injuries to the body. There were no signs of a break in at his flat in Pimlico.

CCTV footage said to show Gareth Williams in Hans Crescent SW1 on Aug. 15, 2010.

Even though it was the middle of summer, the heating in the flat had been left on at the highest setting, hastening the decomposition of Williams body and making it impossible for the pathologist to ascertain the cause of death.

Employing experts in confined spaces, hundreds of attempts to replicate the feat were made without success. One of the experts told the inquest, “I believe he was placed in the bag by a third person.”

A yoga expert failed to lock himself inside an identical bag without any outside assistance.

Detectives who worked on the case in its early days were convinced the crime scene had been forensically “dry cleaned,” which is security-service jargon for the removal of incriminating evidence such as fingerprints and DNA.

However, the inquiry team did find fragments of DNA belonging to two unidentified people. The DNA was located on the padlock and handle of the bag. To this day, the two people have never identified. A green towel at the flat also carried an unknown person’s DNA. That person was also never traced.

The coroner was critical of the U.K.’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) for failing to report Williams missing for seven days.

The coroner was highly critical of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command (SO15), which failed to tell the senior investigating officer before the inquest began of the existence of nine memory sticks and other property in Williams’ SIS office. SO15 failed to take formal statements when interviewing SIS officers.

No fingerprints were found on the zipper or the padlock, which Williams would have had to vigorously manipulate in order to lock himself in the bag, and he was not wearing gloves.

Williams’ phone was laying on a table when his body was discovered, but police found it had been restored to its factory settings just hours before the estimated time of this death.

To any thinking person, it should be suspicious that Williams became a loose end that needed to be tied up. Some, believe he decoded a plan for a major false-flag attack on the U.S. An alternative news information regarding Williams was released that shows he had angered MI6 bosses when he illegally hacked into U.S. data on Bill Clinton.

Gareth’s most recent assignment had been a “hackers” conference in Las Vegas, known to have been attended by criminal hackers, from which he returned on Aug. 11, 2010.

Journalist Duncan Campbell reported that the inquest evidence indicated Williams was one of a team of intelligence officers sent to penetrate U.S. and U.K. hacking networks. He had attended the 2010 Black Hat Briefings and DEF CON conferences.

Two senior British police sources have said some of Williams’ work was focused on Russia, and one confirmed reports that he had been helping the NSA trace international money-laundering routes that are used by organized crime groups, including Moscow-based mafia cells.

The U.S. State Department asked that no details of Williams’ work should emerge at the inquest. The Foreign Secretary in the U.K. government, William Hague, signed a public-interest immunity certificate authorizing the withholding from the inquest of details of Williams’s work and U.S. joint operations.

London’s metropolitan police concluded the death was “probably an accident.” Their conclusion overturned an official inquest finding that the death was “unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated.”

Crucial evidence was withheld and Williams’ colleagues were not allowed to be interviewed. In May 2012, an official coroner’s inquest fiercely criticized both MI6 and their police liaison SO15 for obstructing the police inquiry and withholding evidence.

A smear campaign from unknown sources started to appear in the newspapers and with scant evidence made claims about Williams’ homosexual private life and his apparent predilection for bondage and transvestitism. Police also said they had found tickets for a number of drag shows. £20,000 in women’s clothing and a long red wig were found in his flat. All the clothing was in a size 6 or 8, which were too small for him to wear and the shoes they found in his apartment were not in his size,

But the leaks to the press appeared to be a cynical attempt by someone to steer the story away from murder and toward some kind of sex-game-gone-wrong scenario. Coroner Fiona Wilcox ruled out a sexual motive to the murder and stated Gareth Williams was not a transvestite.

His confidante and childhood sweetheart, Sian Lloyd-Jones, said he had been given a new identity by MI6 and rejected the various claims against Gareth. She and Williams’ family also denied he was homosexual, as none of the family had heard any mention of this. He had too much interest in women, according to Sain, and he wanted a girlfriend, a wife, and a family. They certainly denied he had any interest in confined spaces or women’s clothes fetishes.

crime scene

The smear said Williams was into bondage and “somehow” locked himself into the red bag. This theory was later tested as false, as shown in the photos above by a yoga expert. He simply could not replicate it.

Former intelligence advisor Crispin Black, who attended the inquest, suggested the “sex game gone wrong” scenario is a favorite method of concealing murder for intelligence agencies.

“Disposing of an enemy and making it look like a perverted fantasy gone wrong is in the training manuals of every spy agency from MI6 to Mossad,” Black wrote in Scotland’s Daily Record.

A previous landlady of Williams also told the inquest how she had once discovered him tied to his bed wearing only his boxer shorts. This odd story states that Williams had awoken her and her husband one night, screaming for help. Apparently, he had managed to tie himself to his bed and required assistance releasing himself.

The backstory used for Williams is very similar to Michael Hastings’ assassination, which is the topic of my YouTube video. Hastings was immediately smeared for drug use and mental illness. Par for the course and despite Williams being an MI 6 agent, case details were badly lacking. Over time, the official story and media narratives evolved into a “nothing to see here, move along, folks” episode. It is quite appropriately judged in this brief video review of the case.

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  1. Somewhat off topic, but this whole “bondage-size 6 to 8 clothing” found in apartment thing (possibly implicating a white hat type infiltrating the criminal elites as a pedophile as well as transvestite and homosexual) reminds me of the trashing of Pete Townsend of the Who, who was “caught” using some pedo network site, (as he claimed) to investigate certain pedos (and was then implicated as a pedo several years back), when he himself exposed his own likely victimhood to pedophilia as a youth, which is why when he (with I assume Daltry) wrote the song in Rock Opera Tommy called “Fiddling About” regarding the movie character “Wicked Uncle Ernie” (because Townsend himself was a victim of “fiddling about” by maybe his own uncle?)

  2. Maybe they killed this guy to steal his crypto, maybe he had millions or more in crypto ..thats what I am getting from this story. There was another guy who had a lot of crypto that went to India or some country , he supposedly ate something bad contracted parasites and died…in his case he was holding all this crypto for others and NO one knew how to retrieve it but him and supposedly he was dead so buy buy crypto good way to steal it also

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