The New Underworld Order and COVID-19

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The New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate has multiple objectives for weaponizing an illness and unleashing it on the world.

As we have alluded to in our Parasite Guild posts, the Crime Syndicate runs massive bubble-based financial ramps that serve to transfer enormous wealth to their coffers. Ultimately, these ramps can’t be sustained, and they reach what’s called the Minsky Moment. Indeed, the Crime Syndicate desires such a moment, as they can position for huge profits as the bubble bursts. Many of today’s multi-billionaires — including Mike Bloomberg and Paul Singer — exploded their wealth during the last financial crash through “event-driven” investments, which is just a nicer-sounding term for bear raid “arbitrage.”

Besides the opportunity for Big Shorts, the boyz in the Crime Syndicate can set up bailouts, stimulus and white elephant projects that permit unsupervised looting opportunities. We discussed this in “White Elephant Projects Provide Boundless Looting Opportunities for Corrupt Kleptocrats” and “The Loot of Mexican State Oil Company Pemex, and How it was Done.”

Emergencies and financial/economic crises open the door for full capture of the public purse or patsy institutions that can be robbed.

See “Review of ‘The Big Short’: Essential Viewing”

However, the Crime Syndicate needs a narrative or excuse for the big bear-market bust. Even pajama people sense the problems are excessive credit creation and economic maladjustment. The causa proxima for this can be laid at the doorsteps of the Crime Syndicate and its captured operatives. Therefore, the coronavirus serves as both a trigger and a “look over here!” rationalization or excuse for the bust. That is why you see Dementia Joe blaming economic outcomes on Covid and Putin.

As the illness spreads and grows, look for military lock downs, or defacto martial law. Anything outside of a tight CS narrative will be shut down and censored.

Food will prove difficult to buy. Gas, transport and telecommunication may be restricted. Pension funds will go bust.

The coronavirus has also been designed as a eugenics measure. It’s no small coincidence that the virus kills heavy smokers, old people, sick people with diabetes and liver disease along with a dozen other conditions. We have noticed that no youth under 15 children are afflicted. That is an outlier that demands explanation.

Now we see strong evidence that the Covid vaccines impacts people who are not children and the elderly.

This virus is directly age specific in that it is more deadly the older you are and sicker you are. This will save pension/social security funds billions. COVID-19 is just the ticket for countries like Japan and China that are top heavy with old folks. Aging populations drain resources and funds for globohomo consumeristic societies.

Japan demographics

John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation held a round table featuring a global coronavirus pandemic scenario that killed 64 million back in October 2019. Is it just a cowinkydink?

This is the same crew who previously simulated postal anthrax attacks — just three months before they actually happened.

Another feature of COVID-19 is that 14% of patients who recovered test positive again. Yes, how about that? Most curious. A younger healthy person can’t just endure an infection and then build up his or her own immunity.

This puts enormous pressure for a global mass vaccination program with teeth. That means planet-wide medical martial law. This will be as close to one-world sovereignty as there is.

And I really gagged when this item turned up: A SOLUTION is at hand — namely, an Israeli firm claims it will have a coronavirus vaccine ready in a couple weeks. What a cowinkydink, Sherlock.

Yes, just like the coincidence that COVID-19 originated a few miles from a major Chinese biolab. There is no way I will just attribute this to Hanlon’s Razor- The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is the only lab in China designated for studying dangerous pathogens, which indicates a possible man made element.

And isn’t it a wild cowinkydink that one of the hardest hit countries to date is Iran?

And Sherlock is also asking why COVID-19 infections in Africa are so low. There is a large Chinese presence there, and they kept the airline connections open. Is Africa being spared from the culling as an element of this diabolical scheme?

Complicating the matter and feeding a panic are higher-than-normal baseline levels of other less-lethal influenzas, such as (H1N1) pdm09 in the U.S. All regions remain above their baselines and are only slightly below epidemic level.

In Europe, geographically widespread influenza activity was reported by the majority of member states and areas across the region — (H1N1) pdm09 viruses were detected most often (60%) and, of the influenza B viruses, the vast majority were B/Victoria lineage.

There was a incident the other day involving the Pope sneezing and looking sick. Very psyopy. Look for a big celebrity who’s active on Twitter to “come down” sick to help trigger a panic among the plebs.

You can bet that access to this vaccine will be tightly controlled and with certain conditions involving loss of liberty and freedom. This could well be the moment chipping is introduced on a mass scale.

Once mass vaccinations are in the mix, the selective soft kill culling can really begin.

But before this “solution” arrives, the worst of the virus is dead ahead, with continued large market swoons, just-in-time supply chain fractures, a credit bust, and a super stressed medical system.

20 Comments on The New Underworld Order and COVID-19

  1. Another aspect of the Covid19 outbreak is it will mask illnesses being caused with the roll out of 5G.
    As Jon Rappoport states: “Any significant deployment of 5G in Chinese cities can create human damage. And of course, in order to hide this damage, the cover story of THE VIRUS would be invoked. “Don’t blame our corporate 5G, or try to derail the hundreds of billions of dollars immediately coming our way. It’s the coronavirus. Salute the virus.”(must read by Jon)

    Also, here is video proof there are “hoax” elements to the Wuhan Covid19 virus videos:

    • @JohnnyWalkerRead- Thanks for the vid–yup, definitely looks like some hoaxing going on (saw the same thing back with the so-called Ebola outbreak).

      I’ve started to wonder if viruses really exist and if they are actually a source of sickness as we have been told.

      It seems like they have been lying about the so-called measles virus: Anti-Vaxxer Biologist Stefan Lanka Bets Over $100K Measles Isn’t A Virus; He Wins In German Federal Supreme

      And Dr. Stephan Lanka goes so far as to suggest that some viruses are a hoax: “So for a long time I studied virology, from the end to the beginning, from the beginning to the end, to be absolutely sure that there was no such thing as HIV. And it was easy for me to be sure about this because I realized that the whole group of viruses to which HIV is said to belong, the retroviruses – as well as other viruses which are claimed to be very dangerous – in fact do not exist at all.” (Stefan Lanka interviewed by Mark Gabrish Conlan, Zenger’s Magazine, San Diego -October 1998).”

      It looks like there has been lots of scientific fraud in the area of virology.

      Janine Roberts writes about this (as well as fraud surrounding polio and HIV) in her book Fear of the Invisible: (looks like Cynthia McKinney knows Roberts and that she even testified in the house of whores/Congress)

      A good summary of her book is here:

      “We have been taught to greatly fear viruses, yet scientists have long known that these are fundamental parts of life, made by the millions by all healthy cells…Cells naturally produce viral-like particles without being invaded, both when healthy and sick…It now seems that we may have misconceived the virus; that most of them could well be simply inert messages in envelopes carried from cell to cell…We need to know if a poisoned cell may produce unhealthy messengers or viruses…Research indicates that cellular stress, illness or malnourishment often precedes the production of viruses rather than the reverse…. As we have seen, no virus has ever been isolated directly from a sick patient’s cells. Since ‘scientists have long known that the guaranteed way to make cells produce viruses in the laboratory, including flu and measles virus, is not primarily by getting them infected, but by exposing them to stress and toxins’

      More interesting info here:
      Book- Virus Mania. Avian Flu (H5N1), Cervical Cancer (HPV), SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio- How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits at Our Expense

      The Viral (Infectious Disease and Epidemic) Fear Racket

      I think all the fear porn about viruses is just to promote the germ model (Pasteur’s work, which also turned out to be full of scientific fraud), and keep people fearing scary viruses, so they will continue to take the toxic vaccines and drugs.

  2. As Rappoport reports the real weapon will be the vaccine that will attack the DNA. The pajama people will be crying out to be poisoned to death and it will become mandatory. One can envision the pope of the NWO receiving the vaccine, or rather a placebo, on world wide TV and then having a full “recovery”. He can then witness and preach to the world about the “miracles” of modern science and that the human race needs to love and embrace the vaccine.

    • @Cam- Yes, I’ve been following Jon Rappoport’s work for a long time, and I think he’s right about this. It’s the vaccines and toxic drugs that are the true weapons.

      And I think he’s correct about these viruses being used as cover stories for the real source of sickness, in this case perhaps the toxic air and 5G, and in the past, polio and the polio vaccine covering for mass poisoning with DDT (see Dr. Suzanne Humphries here, and in the case of HIV, in the initial cases of those gay men, the virus served as a cover for damage done to the immune system by extremely unhealthy lifestyle and behavior (hundreds of sex partners, chronic antibiotics for chronic STDs, poor nutrition, partying lifestyle), including the use of a dangerous drug known as “poppers” which were known to suppress the immune system (HIV-AIDS Racket, AIDS Inc.

  3. I read that covid19 attacks a certain type of cell in the lungs, a cell that is five times more plentiful in lungs of Asian people, compared to whites… Not sure if that’s true but the mortality rate of this virus is below that of the flu currently, I believe. Just another greatly exaggerated crime syndicate event. I saw the msm 2 days ago tripping out over a Solano county CA woman who has it and had no known contact with anyone traveling from affected areas. They pointed out that Solano is the same county that the quarantined Americans were brought to after leaving the diamond princess cruise ship in Japan, essentially insinuating that the virus was possibly communicated from the air base where the quarantine was taking place. Neat story.. only one problem… the lady has been in the hospital with the sickness since February 15, before the quarantined people were back in the states. Another coronavirus whodunnit! Of course now they won’t identify the woman or any details about her… i.e.- is she Asian? Solano County is 16% Asian…

  4. Just a question as the pope cancels a third day of meetings. Why aren’t the medical authorities insisting the pope be tested for the virus. They claim they can diagnose it and if he is toxic then the fact that he is in touch with many scores of people makes him a potential very lethal weapon. Just asking.

  5. Great article, great comments.
    Rappoport is essential, so is vaccine critical material.
    Polio coincided with the use of arsenic and lead paints, and arsenic and DDT spraying.
    And was never seen before in history.
    Is the polio virus causing polio?
    Was it actually present in all cases of polio?
    I am one of the lucky ones, who got an SV40 virus infection from a polio vaccine.
    The whole official paradigm stinks to high hell.

    its quite possible there is no corona virus at all, or it is caused by other things.

    It just popped up in danish media: the possibility of lock down/quarantine, and……
    police supported forced vaccinations!

    Its so assuring to know Israel will have a vaccine ready in a few weeks.
    It must be the safest and most well tested vaccine to hit the planet yet.

    Is it true that israel is NOT rolling out 5G?

    • UrbanFool – I was hoping somebody would have answered your closing question. I have been trying to get a definitive answer for this myself since hearing last year they were NOT rolling it out.

  6. Very Interesting. Did the Israelis develop the Corona virus? This interview was conducted on Feb 10th before Israel made the announcement that they had a vaccine.

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

  7. Why The Only Thing Influenza May Kill is Germ Theory (Corona Virus-Related)

    Groundbreaking research indicates that nearly everything we once believed about the purportedly deadly properties of flu virus may be based on institutionalized superstition and myth.

    Germ theory is an immensely powerful force on this planet, affecting everyday interactions from a handshake, all the way up the ladder to national vaccination agendas and global eradication campaigns. But what if fundamental research on what exactly these ‘pathogens’ are, how they infect us, has not yet even been performed? What if much of what is assumed and believed about the danger of microbes, particularly viruses, has completely been undermined in light of radical new discoveries in microbiology?

    Some of our readers already know that in my previous writings I discuss why the “germs as our enemies” concept has been decimated by the relatively recent discovery of the microbiome. For background, feel free to read “How The Microbiome Destroyed the Ego, Vaccine Policy, and Patriarchy.”

    In today’s article, I will take a less philosophical approach, and focus on influenza as a more concrete example of the Copernican-level paradigm shift in biomedicine and life sciences we are all presently fully immersed within, even if many in the establishment have yet to fully acknowledge it. …

  8. Yeah, this alleged ‘crisis’ can be use as the excuse for many schemes, for the world elite Eugenicists which are collaborating with the synagogue of Satan is gradually prepare the right conditions to unleash global chaos, becausr only them they will be able to present to the world their ‘messiah’ and with it establish a “Pax Judaica”. Of course a few gentile elitists have sold their souls, like the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Richard Branson and a few more. Many are mentioning an economic global collapse, yes indeed, but they need to understand that jewidh communists never sought to eliminate capitalism since they invented capitalism, they are the kings of capitalism – what communism seeks to do then, is to eradicate Gentile Capitalism, and this pandemic is already forcing many medium-small business and industry to close, sending thousands into unemployment ehere many will depend on state benefits!!!
    You need also to research how 5G, AI and the “ID2020” interact with each other because these three form the root framework of the ‘mark of the beast’! It’s not a coincidence that this chip has been developed by Bill Gates Microsoft corporation; it’s promotion can be watched on YouTube, so type it!!! It was officially unveiled last year and is already chipping many people in third world countries. More, the vaccines that Bill Gates do mention do come together with this chip, so many people are getting vaccinated without knowing they are being chipped too!!! Very cunning!!!

  9. The aangirfan blog has an interesting blog up this morning on the virus. Most notable link in the blog is one referring to the very high number of times the # 33 appears in headlines regarding the virus. link: Does the number 33 prove that the virus is a media/globalist psyop.

  10. Most likely there is no new virus, it is all a fear and vacvination driven NWO hoax, so no wonder the “vaccine” is ready so quickly (that assumimg that vaccines actually work, which is doubtful – more likely they are there to keep us sick and unreproductive).

  11. Why are we closing schools when kids aren’t getting corona? It doesn’t accomplish anything…other than parents missing work to take care of their kids.

    Businesses should stay open to if they want to risk it. Shop, eat out, party at your own risk.

    Close down the biolabs that weaponize viruses. That’s where we need enforcement. Instead we have to fund them. Thanks Congress (for ruining the economy)

    —here’s relevant comment made on this link:


    “A guest on Laura Ingram last night reported on a trial test of a 70 year old anti-viral pill, that costs 5 cents, given to soldiers in tropic climates during WWII for malaria and other diseases. I believe it was conducted by the South Koreans. Of 30 patients with corona virus 15 were given the pills and the rest placebos. In one week there was no trace of the virus in the treated group. Obviously the others still had varying degrees of the virus. What are the odds the crony capitalists in the research and pharma industries will do everthing in thier power to shut that info down. This has turned into a false flag event that has half the world “social distancing” or succumbing to paranoid schizophrenia.
    When the hot weather hits and it vanishes and everthing returns to normal, there’s going to be a lot of people looking very stupid.”

    Dennis Prager: Why the remedy may be worse than the disease

    We have no idea how many people carry the COVID-19 coronavirus. Therefore, the rates of either critical illness or death are completely unknown.

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