Rapper Zuby Suspended by Twitter For Tweeting ‘Ok Dude’ to a Transgender Activist

IMAGE: via Twitter

Ban celebrated by Antifa supporter called ‘Pronoun Enforcer’.

By Paul Joseph Watson | 27 February 2020

SUMMIT NEWS — Rapper Zuby was suspended by Twitter for tweeting “Ok dude” at a transgender woman who calls herself the ‘Pronoun Enforcer’ and the temporary ban was celebrated by the left-wing activist.

“I’ve been temporarily locked out of Twitter for tweeting ‘OK dude’ in response to someone,” Zuby posted on his Instagram page. “Apparently that violates the ‘hateful conduct’ policy. Wow… I’ve appealed it.”

The person who reported Zuby, an Antifa activist called Emily Gorcenski who goes by the handle ‘Pronoun Enforcer’, then claimed credit for the suspension, tweeting, “Lol misogynist down. Pronouns enforced.”

Gorcenski, a biological male who now identifies as a woman, had apparently claimed that she slept with more women than Zuby. […]

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