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Corrupt FDA Finally Releases Results of MMR Vaccine Trial Study, and It’s Shocking

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The studies the FDA relied upon for its measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine approval was finally revealed in May, 2019. This after FOIA requests forced the FDA’s hand. The fact that this sunlight was delayed so long in itself points to massive corruption and unethical behavior. These studies should have been open sourced years ago and available to anybody.

But we also learned that the FDA approval was only based on small, short-duration studies on 834 children — this for a vaccine that would be administered to hundreds of millions of children around the world. It compared contraindications for MMR compared with rubella only or with other lots of MMR. Not only were the study sizes criminally negligent, but they were never tested against a salient non-vaxxed control group. The study duration was a mere 42 days. 

Source: FDA document

Gastrointestinal illness (G.I.) is a common complaint of autistics. In a study group, 11% of the children suffered from G.I., and another 11% were afflicted with upper respiratory illness (URI).

It gets even worse. In another study group, where a whopping 64 out of 102 children suffered URI, and 43 out of 102 were hit with G.I.

In this next sorry-ass study, responses were reported for taking the full MMR of 102 children. Among them, 44 reported URI, and 43 G.I. Eleven reported a “measles like rash” and 28 reported “anorexia,” which apparently is Newspeak for vomiting.

Here is another token study of 41 children that revealed about half, or 20, ran high fevers over of 101 F after being subjected to the MMR vaccine.

When we ask for a vaccinated versus un-vaccinated study of outcomes, we’re somehow asking for the murder millions of children. In actuality, virulent measles causing death was largely eradicated before measles vaccine was introduced in 1963.

It is essential now to run studies on long term health effects on two groups. People that are 60-64 in 2019 who had the measles, against those who were vaccinated in the first years it was introduced. Who are the most healthy today, and who suffers from chronic illness. A additional common sense study of these two groups against those who received a second toxic dose in 1989-1990 would also reveal a lot. I doubt any Kakistocracy run foundation would fund the revelation of such a dirty secret.

Read: Godfather of Vaccines Freely Admits to Unethical Skulduggery During Legal Deposition

Other pilot studies have shown that people with a natural immunity from measles are 35% less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, which is a nervous system disorder marked by slowness of movement, shaking, stiffness and, in the later stages, loss of balance.

According to Anita Petek-Dimmer, “Chronic tendencies, such as recurring respiratory infections, often heal after measles. Chronic health problems disappear, such as psoriasis or chronic kidney problems. The children’s hospital in Basle (Switzerland) used to get children with chronic kidney infections to contract measles intentionally in order to heal them, up until the 1960s.”

Children susceptible to infections are healthier and stronger after contracting measles, studies have shown, and the need for future medical treatments clearly decreased. For example, children in the Third World countries are less likely to contract malaria and parasites after having measles. The risk of suffering breast cancer decreases to less than one half. Multiple sclerosis rates are also much lower among people who have had measles. Hay fever is more rare in children who have older siblings and had measles than in those who were vaccinated against it.

A large African study showed that children who have had measles are at 50% lower risk for allergies than those vaccinated. Furthermore, it has been shown that experiencing measles protects from diseases of the immune system and skin diseases, as well as degenerative cartilage, bone and tumorous diseases.

Winter Watch Takeaway: You can’t make this up. The Crime Syndicate continues to outdo themselves with this racket. They run inadequate sample trials that turn up noticeable negative reactions. Then the study results are buried and has to be dragged into public sunlight by a FOIA request 41 years later. Then, once the revelations are made, the mainstream stick-it-where-the-moon-don’t-shine media fails to report this to the public, leaving the real reporting to ignored and maligned alt-media sites like Winter Watch, which are in turn labelled “fake news” and are shut down.

13 Comments on Corrupt FDA Finally Releases Results of MMR Vaccine Trial Study, and It’s Shocking

  1. William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998.

    I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

  2. these vaccine creators and pushers are asking to be vaccinated with lead.

    Talk about “firing the first shot”. This is as direct an attack on us as sending in the armed jack boot thug squad yet people do not seem to fully understand this.

    Where’s the parents who would protect their children no matter what ? When our son was born the doctor was pushing vaccines hard for him and my wife.

    Was lucky I wasn’t arrested that day and damn right I would have done what I threatened.

    But it did protect them from the shot and no vaccines period.

    Stand up real men !!! Where the hell are you in this fight ?

  3. When do people see, science is rewritten just like history is rewritten. Funny its the same group of people which did both.
    Rockefeller western medicine went with Pasteurs germ theory, he misinterpreted and stole Bechaumps terrain theory, destroyed his reputation.

    I know i posted them already here but still here 2 good links to read about that topic, solve this and we dont even need vaccine anymore cause its jsut snakeoil based on the wrong theory.

    and the old, free, legal good read “Pasteur vs Bechaump, a lost chapter in the history of biology”

  4. There’s NOTHING that comes out of a needle that ANYBODY needs to be healthy.
    Or ‘immune’. Period. Why oh why, and how exactly did anybody (We) ever believe
    this shit. Jew poison ALL OF IT. We’ve got to take over …

    • This really is a sad perspective in things. There are some really good people in the medical field. Personal attestation ; I was virtually paralyzed by the severity of my allergies living in Florida, I would sneeze hundreds of times a day , endless sinus infections, etc…and then I started allergy injections or Immunotherapy, and I have zero issues with allergies. I can mow the grass without sneezing and I have a dog and a cat at home to which I am allergic to both. It is a rare occurrence if I ever sneeze now. It worked.

      I will NOT be getting the vaccine however, I am not stupid, but I think you see my point.

      • The reason I won’t be seeing ‘your point’ is it mistaken and childlike in it’s trust
        and simplicity. Desensitization shots, as they were known when I took them, as
        did probably millions across the country, are ALSO (another) jew scam. In this
        case, your evidence is truly ‘anecdotal’ in that you say you are better and you
        are quick to assume it was the shots – a perfectly normal and understandable
        assumption by the way. But there are no controls & the mechanism of action
        (do you know it ?) is unproven and likely quite incorrect. Along similar lines as
        viruses (or pathogens) cause disease. That one has also been abandoned
        and dis-proven / never proved multiple times in the past yet here we are in
        current year being sold the same dreadful nonsense by the same greasy set
        of cult characters who -at the top mind you, not the lower level practitioners-
        want nothing more than for you to be stupid and sick and continue to profit
        and rule. The first place I would start is a book, “Your Body’s Many Cries for
        Water” where he shows (proves to me) that ‘allergies’ along with asthma are
        overwhelmingly caused by chronic and acute dehydration. They were both
        remediated at over 90% in his practice where he kept records with 1000s
        of patients. The author is gone now but you can still hear him online give
        talks at conferences, etc. Turns out that histamine is very involved in what
        he calls water or drought regulation, among other things. Crucial to overall
        health and functioning is proper (sufficient) water & salt balances, and the
        way many (esp. Americans) eat and drink falls inadequate. Minerals are
        vitally important as well, and I recommend “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” by
        Dr. Joel Wallach. You can listen to him in interviews online as well but I
        do highly recommend reading when possible 🙂 I grew up in the 60s &
        70s but today things are so much worse for kids I feel sorry for them.
        Many more shots, often stupider parents who allow it, low quality fast
        or convenient food – less cooking by Mom – glyphosate residues that
        harm the gut, transfats, endocrine disruptors like BPA and phthalates,
        and on and on > kinda like this reply. I don’t know exactly what all the
        circumstances are or were regarding your ‘allergies’ and plenty more
        info would be needed, but I also went through so called hayfever. But
        today I have no doubt that my view of things is far more complete and
        far more accurate, and probably – unfortunately – more so than many
        doctors. I’m going to re-iterate of a sort – outside if possibly a Vitamin
        B-12 shot or antidote to snake venom, etc, nobody needs an injection
        TO BE HEALTHY or ‘PROTECTED’- if you can note the difference or
        distinction. Before I go, read “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins,
        and lastly (for now) go to: what really makes you (all one word)
        and read, listen, think, etc etc. It’s (almost) ALL jew POISON and esp.
        for our minds !

        • I too had severe allergies and went through the series of shots after exhausting all the antihistamines and asthma drugs they had then. I got to the last one where the concentrate is like maple syrup. It made a dent in my symptoms but never fully relieved them. I relapsed big time and only got relief–it would qualify as a “cure”– from drastic dietary changes–milk had to go, all refined flours and ultimately I got all the gluten out entirely (Dr. Wallach is right about that its NOT just particular to celiac disease).

          Americans are fat and sick because they are being poisoned by what they eat. I’m amazed the morbidity of the Covid isn’t 10%. But who knows what is coming.

  5. The real issue is getting us further and further removed from nature and what is natural. God has given us what we need. Get back to nature. Don’t take any chemical rendition of that which is freely growing at our feet, and will not cause harm. God’s gift to us as food and medicine. First rule in natural healing, never ever puncture the skin! There is a cure for every ailment growing somewhere nearby! And always remember there is no money in cure, there is no money in herbs growing freely. It’s so simple.

  6. healthy & happy children, until being administered the MMR vaccine. After the “medicine” the intellectual progress of the child would slow, and finally stop.
    Parents & Grand-parents demanded answers to no avail.

    NY Rimes Hebe reporter did a story about how Thermisol is not dangerous mercury. And anyway eskimoes eat blubber with mercury. Their (Vaccine free) kids were fine,

    The medical establishment FINALLY separated MMR from one vaccine into 3 ..but just to show you stupid goy whose boss, Doctors now demand your child get (14) separate vaccine injections. Or they can’t go to day care.

    Doctor’s are control freaks with OCD, that play God all day.
    When they get shown up, the Doctor’s revealed themselves to be Sick Fascist Puppies.

  7. The infamous National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 is also (extremely) relevant in this context — it was really only after its passage that the real push to vaccinate kids against anything and everything began, since it codified liability protection for vaccine makers.

    It is also the reason for the push to get the COVID vaccine(s) approved and recommended for kids — because only vaccines recommended for children receive liability protection under the 1986 law — COVID vaccine makes had liability protection via the EUA, since everyone who took the vaccine had to sign a release form — but once the EUA is withdrawn, the only way for COVID vaccine makers to have liability protection is to get the vaccine recommended for kids.

    It’s all about money, and ‘money is the root of all evil’ — pushing the COVID vaccine onto adults under the EUA was bad enough, but pushing it onto kids is evil.

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