Journey Down the Crime Syndicate Rabbit Hole with George Webb

Child trafficking PHOTO: Global Centurion/AP

I am introducing readers to the open-source research of George Webb. This is not brief material and in fact is open ended, but it does provide valuable clues about the Crime Syndicate’s M.O. as practiced by the Clinton Foundation and it’s donors. The ongoing video series is here. There is some complexity and, of course, a lot of working theory, so I can’t just write a 400-word article and do it justice. Hopefully some here (like Brabantian) will dive in and put some eyes on it.

I have always suspected something like this was afoot about the CS, but Webb is coming the closest to how it is done. It seems scattered because there are about 15 to 20 extremely critical topics entwined, including extortions, Gladio B-C (for US)-D, asset seizures (as practiced in Mexico, coming to the U.S.), human trafficking (men as cheap mercenaries, women and kids for sweat shop labor and sex). Other children are orphans adopted by elite American families. This was done during the Lebanese conflict of 1982-1985 as well as Bosnia, and these individuals are turning up today as well placed adults in the “sistema”.

Note: Gladio C is the US diffuse and disrupt program. HRC destroyed all files of hires of these operatives. These are the ops that will be involved in the color revolution against Trump. More on US Gladio C is here.

Others questions include: what happened to trafficking researcher Monica Petersen in Haiti? Was German whistleblower Udo Ulfkotte hit? What happened to Eric Braverman?

“Anti-terrorism” official Andrew McCabe is key to the criminal capture of the FBI and, since Huma’s emails were revealed, has only released 300 out of 650,000 publicly.

Webb theorizes that the staged deceptions are hybrid events where some real targeted people are hit. This is combined and enhanced with theatrics and actors.

The M.O. is to take down and balkanize whole nations via warmongering or disaster, such as was done in Haiti, Serbia, Ukraine, and Libya, and then exploit the misery. Webb believes Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave on Poland and Lithuania’s border may soon become a hot spot based on previous patterns.

There are six psychopathic steps to a Crime Syndicate “color revolution”. As I suggested in my article on J20, this is likely to manifest in the US. Will the Clintons turn up at the inaugural ceremony decked out in purple?

1.  Disruption Methods – OPTOR (used in Serbia), LaRaza (political arm of Sinaloa drug cartel)

2. Topple – Osprey, Gen. Grange (thousands of “missing” Stinger missiles)

3. Capture police though black ops, bribes, pedo entrapment and compromise- use of Dyncorp, NGOs

4. World Bank, USAID (Washington Consensus looting)

5. Oil, Pipelines, Arms, Children (human and sex trafficking).

6. Cell phones, usurious micro-lending, mostly to women, men are hauled off as mercenaries.

The operation at a micro-level is covered here -Day 74, part I. Day 74, part II goes more into the domestic end game, complete control and lock down of the US. “Counter-terrorism” ops are bulked up overseas and then levered into take over of FBI (@7:30). 

A litmus test of the new Trump administration will be if they pursue these criminals. I am not holding my breath. Trump economic adviser Steve Feinberg is in the thick of it via the running of contractor Dyncorp (owned by Cerberus). Even worse, Department of Homeland Security’s retired Gen. John Kelly was working for Dyncorp. This company was involved with Clinton in private police training (aka capture) called JTTF. Webb mentions them frequently in various black ops.

Building from there, I am also looking for Trump overlap (NGOs – called the Superclass Index) and where he is on all this. I suspect he will be all-in on the private contractor element. This Webb video is an overview of the elements.

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  1. My impression of Greg Webb is that he is a top notch researcher. It appears he is a limited hangout as he acts like Mossad and Israhell is not in the picture. This may be for survival reasons or it may be his worldview. In fairness we don’t walk in his shoes and it is not me doing this high risk sleuthing. So I will take what he offers, and apply my own filters and process to it.

    • Typo note: I think it’s more ‘George Webb’ rather than ‘Greg’. Indeed interesting stuff, including re the spooky Udo Ulfkotte death at the young age of 56. And thank you for the mention above.

      The sophisticated balance you suggest re some of the limited hang-outs is quite spot-on, I think. However compromised, we yet can learn a lot. Maybe the cabal at times regrets how big Alex Jones became & how many he woke up. Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff (Jewish) once openly said he would be killed if he didn’t publish 30% disinfo & rubbish.

      A weakness & hesitancy of mine is YouTube material, which I tend to limit viewing, especially when the poster doesn’t offer text alternatives. You-Tube-only people can be long-winded, & I have wondered if the format itself is limited hang-out-favouring because it tends to bury material outside of text-intensive search results, as does publishing ‘books’ (which people don’t buy or read these days). A few do YouTube for extra dosh, YouTube said to pay about 1 US dollar for 500 views, so a million views = $2000 ‘restrictions apply’.

  2. George Webb is MOSAD. He admits as much in a few of his videos where he praises Israel against the evil Palestinians even to the point of saying he would encourage his kids to join the IDF! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU FOOLS THAT YOU GOBBLE UP THIS AGITPROP DOGSHIT LIKE CANDY? Fuck me that the world of men is so corrupted by easily identified PROPAGANDA.

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