There is Open Talk of Shock Doctrine


In my writings about the Parasite Guild, I focus on phases. In the end game, guildist kleptocrats first short and crash markets. Then they bring in neoliberal shock doctrine and chaos.

Psychopathic kleptocrats have a fundamental belief in forewarning or foreshadowing such events. Since Luciferians operate from a perceived position of superiority, they believe it is proper (in a twisted way) to give those on the plantation some advanced notice before they abuse and exploit us.

Most curiously, the set up for a market crash is being openly discussed right now by the privately held central banks. In the week preceding Trump’s inauguration, the Fed’s Bullard and Rosengren said the central bank could use the balance sheet to help tighten policy. Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said the Federal Reserve can consider shrinking its massive trove of bonds. Then, the Fed’s Williams said the central bank “won’t be disruptive at all” when it starts to let the balance sheet roll off because it will cause rates to go up, which is “desirable.” Mucky muck Chairwoman Janet Yellen is a bit more wishy washy, as usual, signalling that more rate hikes come first. Now she is saying balance sheet rolloff can come with much more in hikes.

Currently, the Fed has a $4.5 trillion balance sheet that it is rolling over (aka reinvesting). Tapering involves rolling off all or part of maturing assets. This is hinted at for September.

Despite all the forewarnings, “the market” (aka algos) sees little if any chance of a rate hike until December. Essentially, “the market” is has zero concern about a roll off. I have called this the Yellen Wolf Syndrome, which means “the markets” have gotten used to bluffs. But I don’t think “the markets” understand parasite guildism and thus are badly offside.

More curious is the fact that the 1% (aka the owners — actual psychopathic plutocrats, as opposed to algos/computers) appear to have gotten an all together different memo than “the market.” So far in 2017, they are dumping shares at a record pace.

Intuitively, this suggests that one wrong word or one more stupid Trump tweet could disrupt “the market” in an algo nano-second. In fact, the setup looks geared to blame the disrupt on a Trump World Wide Wrestling indiscretion while letting the debt slavers and Parasite Guild to get off light.

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  1. First use of the Shock Doctrine was the election of 1932. In order to get FDR elected, Bernard Baruch, the gang at Goldman Sachs and other Wall Streeters cut the knees out from under the US economy in the second half of 1932.
    Once FDR was in office, the reflation, banning of gold and a giant military buildup began.
    The US already had the worlds largest navy, and no enemies to boot, but ‘public relief’ funds were immediately directed to a naval buildup. Other ‘public relief’ funds were funneled to various Communist front organizations. The Soviet Union, then in the process of murdering millions of Ukrainians, was officially recognized.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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