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There is Open Talk of Shock Doctrine

January 29, 2017 Russ Winter 1

In my writings about the Parasite Guild, I focus on phases. In the end game, guildist kleptocrats first short and crash markets. Then they bring in neoliberal shock doctrine and chaos. Psychopathic kleptocrats have a fundamental belief in forewarning or […]

Antifa: An Obituary

January 27, 2017 Winter Watch 0

“What’s equality? Muck in the yard, Historic nations grow, from above to below.” W.B. Yeats, Three Songs By Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. | 23 January 2017 OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER — If you listened carefully enough to the din of […]

Erik Prince’s Mercenaries Are Bombing Libya

January 20, 2017 Winter Watch 0

For-profit combat pilots fly Emirati Air Tractors By Arnaud Deladlande | 14 January 2017 WAR IS BORING — On Jan. 11, 2017, Intelligence Online — a professional journal covering the world’s intelligence services — revealed that the pilots of Air […]

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