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Trigger Word of the Day: ‘Fascism’ and a Look at the Legionnaire Doctrine

After watching last weekend’s nonstop cartoon rhetoric, I decided it’s time to address the trigger word “fascism.” Fascism is an overused and pejorative term that defies definition and has no real modern meaning. So the word “fascist” has become nothing more than abstract slander to be used as misdirection to distract as to why the world seems so upside down and so unnatural. Fascism, as used in today’s narrative, bares no semblance to the philosophy of the same name during the 1920s and ’30s. There are no longer functioning fascist parties. The political system today is totalitarian kleptocracy with faux democracy tossed in for window dressing.

The words and writings of leading fascists of the early 20th century are now well hidden and hard to find. Rather, “others” have refined it — and have lied about it. My approach to all issues is to allow the parties to speak for themselves without censorship. Then, those who choose to climb out of their small boxes can decide the pros and cons for themselves.

In that spirit, I am particularly interested in what fascist leaders had to say about democracy (really kleptocracy), because that system is clearly failing today in Europe and the U.S. With Trump now in power, a large group of so-called “populists” (another pejorative) on the left and the right will get a “Beavis and Butthead”-style life lesson in kleptocratic democracy.


One historic figure that intrigues me is the Romanian Legionnaire leader Corneliu Codreanu (1899-1938). His was a revolutionary doctrine centered around Christian spirituality, national affection, sacrifice and personal responsibility in order to eradicate political corruption and purify the nation. Legionaires were anti-wildcat banksterism and globalism. If you believe in these concepts you will be labelled a fascist, so I suggest understanding what the term means.

The Legionary Movement aimed to create a New Man (Omul Nou) to invigorate the entire nation by transforming each individual into a person of quality and merit. The New Man would be more honest and moral, more intelligent, industrious, courageous, willing to sacrifice and free of materialism. The New Man’s view of the world would be centered around love for fellow countrymen.

Codreanu used the word “love” frequently. When do you ever hear that word today in terms of one’s own people and country? All who knew Codreanu personally spoke to his goodness and morality.

The Legionaries gave special attention to screening out criminal elements that can and do infect all political systems and movements, including fascists or nationalists, and most certainly money-dominated faux democracy. War is an open invitation for criminal takeovers of any system.

This approach is called the “third position,” meaning neither right or left wing. I consider myself to be a disciple of third-position politics now but with heavy emphasis on merit.

Codreanu preached that the political elite had to literally swear a vow of poverty. He would have been troubled by opportunists like Hermann Goering. The idea of a revolving door and making millions from “speaking fees” would have been totally taboo. An entity like the corrupt Clinton Foundation would be his mortal enemy. Buying elections is in diametric opposition to the third position. This political movement was totally engaged at the grassroots level, using a nationalist mantra of “blood and soil.” A legionnaire feeds off this energy.  Here are Codreanu’s own words on kleptocratic democracy, qualities of the governing elite and the Third Position.

Since the term is so frequently used by those who have no interpretive framework, next is a video about what fascism is, where it stems from and some of the political fascist concepts.

10 Comments on Trigger Word of the Day: ‘Fascism’ and a Look at the Legionnaire Doctrine

  1. Great article. Just wish this kind of education would get through to people. I spend an hour or so a day on various blogs etc. The Cognitive Dissonance is overwhelming.

  2. The US voting electorate can be defined as prisoners holed up in the brig of a pirate ship arguing about who the next captain should be. Either way, the outgoing and new captain could give two flips about the prisoners and will continue looting with the same crew. The prisoners are basically stuck in a horrible (((Disney Movie))) or on their way to be fleeced at Muppet Treasure Island.

  3. Hmm, too bad the embed links are dead now.

    It was some time during King George the W’s reign of Terror that I myself tried to tie down a definition of fascism due to its overuse in interrupting dialogue on subjects other than politics.

    The one liner Mussolini definition was helpful where he suggests it to essentially mean a merger between corporations and the State.

    I know what you are saying here, and I feel like I am in the same place but perhaps arrived at from a different angle of approach:

    “This approach is called the “third position,” meaning neither right or left wing. I consider myself to be a disciple of third-position politics now but with heavy emphasis on merit.”

    The problem isn’t just with “fascism” but with most other adjectives in political discourse, including “left” and “right,” both of which mean nothing at this point. You can have two people arguing about two completely different things in different races, but who may both be labeled “right wingers.” Neither does “liberal” approach anywhere near stability in the semantic zeitgeist.

    Thanks for the article though. I appreciate its relevance as we we enter doublespeak phase of operations.

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