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Torchy’s ‘Merica: #WomensMarch Parades Degeneracy, Ignorance

The pink caps with cat ears donned by protesters was in reference to Trump’s vulgar statements about grabbing women’s genitals.

He went low, so they went lower. The weekend’s presidential inauguration and #WomensMarch offered up social media imagery that spoke louder than expletives shouted through megaphones. Makes one wonder: Just what kind of brainwashing is going on here?

Sufragettes 1917: ‘Women deserve the dignity of equal political rights.’ Feminists, 2017: ‘Let’s dress as vaginas and screech in public.’

Image found on Twitter: @rmayersingerThe pink knit caps with pointy ears worn by protesters Saturday is a convoluted story indeed. They’re meant to be a slam on Trump for his pussy-grabbing remark revealed in a secret video just before the election. If you believe the Pussyhat Project website, thousands upon thousands of women worldwide must’ve spontaneously taken up knitting out of anger and spite over Thanksgiving. According to The Los Angeles Times’ version of the story, a little knitting shop in Atwater Village is the wellspring. The day of the event, WaPo reported that “organizers” planned to hand out 5,400 of them during the march. Looks and sounds like Soros skulduggery to me.

Kleptocratic Zionist Takeover

Trump brought a bust of Winston Churchill back into the oval office.  See Neocon Stooge Winston Churchill Bought and Paid for by Jewish Interests. 

In one of this first acts as President, Trump sends architects to work on new American embassy in Jerusalem.

Jewish billionaires had special seating during the inauguration — only Woody Johnson is non-Jewish and Phil Ruffin is an evangelical Zionist.

Last speaker before POTUS inaugurated: (((Schumer))). First speaker after POTUS inaugurated: ((Rabbi Hier))). Jews make up just 2 percent of the U.S. .

Alter Reality

During the course of the weekend, I heard non-stop derogatory refrains about “Nazis” and “fascists,” so I decided to fact check further for comparisons. Thank goodness for the internet, where one can research hidden history unfiltered. If Rip Van Winkle fell asleep in 1938 and woke up over the weekend, I wonder what he would’ve thought.

Look at all the evil Nazis. Look at the fear in their eyes. Not even much security here and a lot of trust.

Where’s the love? Event is Austria being united with Germany. Second video is Trump’s inauguration parade. Trump is certainly no Hitler.

15 Comments on Torchy’s ‘Merica: #WomensMarch Parades Degeneracy, Ignorance

  1. Saying Trump is fascist or bringing fascism to the USA is like the new owner of an abused rental car being blamed for its shoddy state.

  2. The sheeple continue to be drawn to Soros ops like moths to a flame. While Trump’s statements were contemptible, much of the march was overshadowed by shrieking, hostile, Clinton-lovers and people who just love to be seen and heard. Fascinating how these women debase themselves by appearing as their own genitals as if it’s a rallyin cry. In the end, all Rothschild events end up debasing women; this one was no different.

    • Obama perhaps sounded more ‘contemptible’ than Trump using the same vulgar language, maybe because Obama is more gay as is said … Here’s young Barack Obama talking about “Gotta have them ribs, and pussy, too!”

  3. Have a couple of adult female friends who this winter till now have looked quite cute in animal-ear hoodies … they are now sad, however, that these items are now associated with Soros machination ‘pussy hats’ & anti-Trumpism

    To me, aside from other points, the revisionist view of Adolf H., crumbles when one considers Hitler seizing Prague & all Czechia in March 1939, which to me was the real start of World War II. The world had accepted Germany incorporating German-speaking Sudetenlanders & also the Danzig Germans … but when Hitler imperialistically moved to occupy & rule a foreign Slavic people on totally flimsy pretext (‘Stalin will do it if I don’t’), that extortion of the Czechs by Hitler ‘I will rule you or destroy you’, set all the horrors in motion for September 1939.

    The March ’39 taking of Prague, makes it seem as if Hitler’s previous 6 years of economic etc advances, was only fattening up Germans as cannon fodder & pawns

    • Torchy raises the topic of Trump’s religious invocation speakers, 6 in total, including Mossad-connected Rabbi Hier as above, along with a rep of the paedophile-tainted Vatican, NY Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan, & to round things out, a Hispanic, a black & a female, Rev Dr Samuel Rodriguez, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Pastor Paula White, respectively

      But a key one of the 6 clergy blessing Trump, is actually in the line of the US literal ‘Christian Nazis’ of the 1930s-40s, the son of rape-accused right-wing TV preacher & friend of US Presidents Billy Graham. Graham, the Washington DC ‘Prayer Breakfast’ tradition (which also started Trump’s inauguration day), & the related ‘Family’ & the ‘Fellowship’, are all a network continuing & implementing the ‘Christian Nazi’ vision of Billy Graham’s predecessor Abraham Vereide, a US Protestant pastor who became a Hitler-admiring Nazi in the 1930s.

      As Hitler’s Reich fell, Vereide’s vision was to re-cast USA Christian Nazis as Bible Christianity, Billy-Graham-style, closely involving US Congress people & Presidents, & ally with Zionism. Vereide’s hugely successful idea came to pervade Washington under harmless-sounding labels such as ‘Prayer Breakfast’ meetings, media code for this cabal.

    • Czechoslavkia was a very strange odd country in the late 30s. There were 75k Jews with power in Prague then, and the National Socialists considered them very problematic and always plotting. Plus there were a lot of Nazis among the Czechs. So not so sure the pretense was flimsy, but the end result should have been obvious to anybody but a riverboat gambler. Hitler was calculating a regional war not a world war. The Soviet Union was a real threat.

      • Quite true that ‘Czechoslovakia’ was artificial, as post-1991 events proved. Interesting to consider how things might have gone differently, if in early 1939 when Slovakia split off the first time, if Hitler had instead restrained himself & honoured the Czech request to guarantee the small Bohemian-Moravian borders.

        And indeed a great deal of awful conduct by Poland, now obscured by conventional history. In 1935 Poland lost its more thoughtful leader Józef Piłsudski, replaced by imbalanced extremist Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły, who even brutally threatened war on Lithuania in 1938, holding Lithuanian territory whilst everyone else around was pre-occupied.

        Poles still seem to dream of their long-ago-lost Polish-Lithuanian empire, when they even occupied Moscow for 2 years in the early 1600s and tried to install a Polish tsar there. Russians & Lithuanians haven’t forgotten … & now the Poles are lined up to die for Nato, just like Rydz-Śmigły lined them up to die for the British in 1938-39.

      • Fascinating link Russ Winters gives just above, to the 1938 book by George Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers (1890-1966), or George Pitt-Rivers in shorter form, an Oxford-educated Briton who met & supported Hitler, to the degree he was arrested, jailed & interned by Winston Churchill, in a sweep that also arrested two of Churchill’s own cousins.

        Pitt-Rivers’ book was published in London directly after the 30 Sep 1938 Munich agreement with Hitler. The book makes an interesting case that at Versailles in 1918, there was a ‘Czecho-Bolshevik’ fraud creating a Frankenstein state where bullying Bohemians of Prague undeservedly controlled & abused multiple other ethnic minorities, with its 1930s leadership very Stalin-friendly. Though a flawed work excessively anti-Slavic, pro-German etc, it’s a key document of contemporary perspective on what was afoot in 1930s Central Europe, & the now little-heard other side of the story.

        Story of Pitt-Rivers on the site of Cambridge University, which hold his archives:
        Another online version of Pitt-Rivers’ 1938 book on ‘The Czech Conspiracy’ is here, in html form, maybe a bit easier to read:

    • the revisionist view of Adolf H., crumbles when one considers
      When you say ‘crumbles’, it seems to me that you are implying the rest of Revisionism also crumbles. Do you then also reject the ‘No Gas Chamber’ claim?

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