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Donald Trump Has a Goldman Sachs Problem: Derivatives

Gary Cohn (far right) has suggested that the Trump Administration will attempt to significantly roll back post-2008 regulatory reform on Wall Street. PHOTO: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens | 31 January 2017

WALL STREET ON PARADE — In the midst of being skewered across media outlets yesterday for his chaotic rollout of an Executive Order that appeared to target Muslims, including those legally living in the U.S. as businessmen, doctors, university faculty and students — who were initially denied reentry after travel abroad — President Donald Trump tried desperately to change the subject. Following a plunge of over 200 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average yesterday, Trump pivoted to something he thought would please his financial backers on Wall Street. He called the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation passed in 2010 by the Obama administration a “disaster” and promised to “do a big number” on it soon. The Dow closed down 122 points — now wary of Trump’s fire-ready-aim leadership on complex matters.

The legitimate fear across Wall Street right now is that Trump’s zero-vetting approach to rule-by-Executive-Order could leave Wall Street in the same chaotic state as the airports experienced from his ham-fisted approach to immigration.

But it’s not just Trump that Wall Street needs to fear: it’s Goldman Sachs as well. Trump has stuffed his administration with so many Goldman Sachs progeny that his administration is now regularly referred to as Government Sachs.

Goldman Sachs has a unique vested interest in repealing chunks of Dodd-Frank while making sure that the Glass-Steagall Act is not reinstated. That’s because when it comes to derivatives, Goldman Sachs is keeping a lot of secrets. […]

3 Comments on Donald Trump Has a Goldman Sachs Problem: Derivatives

  1. Russ Winter — Do you believe the economy could spin out of control of the Jews? Wolf Wall Street from the Fourth Position talkshoe broadcast believes that as long as the Jews control the $ printing press (and the media), regardless of things like the skyrocketing national debt etc., that this economy could stay afloat infinitum.
    Would you agree with this?

      • I agree. But my question was whether or not the economy could spin out of “their” control. In other words…………would you agree with Wolf Wall Street that as long as they continue to control the FED and the media, we could be seeing this ‘death by a thousand cuts’ for decades?

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