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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Family ‘Fears For Her Safety’ after Epstein ‘Pimp’ Jean-Luc Brunel Found Hanged

By Tyler Durden | 19 February 2022

ZERO HEDGE — Update (1944ET): Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat who served a stretch in federal prison and presumably knows a thing or two about how prisons work from the inside, has some questions now that Brunel has been found hanged in another apparent “suicide” tied to the Epstein case.

It’s a mighty big coincidence that something like this could happen.

“Who’s killing these guys in their prison cells? First Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell, and now Jean Luc Brunel, a modeling agent with ties to Epstein, was found dead in his cell. I know about life in prison and this looks like more than a coincidence to me.”

And he’s not the only one asking questions.

And it begs another question: are the cameras monitoring inmates ever even on?

Update (1540ET): Reporters who have been following the Epstein case have started to weigh in on Twitter, noting that Brunel’s death was “a devastating setback for the victims.” […]

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