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‘Satanic Cult Awareness’ Training Guide

The San Jose chapter of The Satanic Temple used a Baphomet mask to top its tree at Christmas in the Park in San Jose. The temple later reported it as stolen and are in the process of producing a new one. PHOTO: The Mercury News/Sadie Satanas/The Satanic Temple

Found in the archives of the US Department of Justice, this 1988 document lays out the rituals, mind control methods and symbolism of satanic groups in the United States

2 October 2018

THE VIGILANT CITIZEN — The Satanic Cult Awareness guide was [put] together by a team researchers and law enforcement officials around 1988. The data in this document was compiled to help investigators better understand crimes motivated by cults and Satanic rituals. At that time, several high profile cases involving Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) made the news and triggered a phenomenon that media now calls  “Moral Panic” or “Satanic Panic”. The full document was archived by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

This article extracts some of the document’s most relevant information.

[Full pdf]


This training manual is the result of compiling information from several years of occult investigations including volumes of written documentations from several investigators across the nation.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude, and give recognition to the following persons and organizations for the information and documentation they provided. […]

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