In Secret Recording, Polish PM Slams ‘Greedy’ Jewish, American Hedge Fund Owners

PHOTO: Tomasz Hamrat/Gazeta Polska

2013 conversation in Warsaw restaurant part of series of tapes that boosted popularity of Mateusz Morawiecki’s right-wing Law and Justice party

2 October 2018

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL (JTA) — Poland’s prime minister was heard making allegedly anti-Semitic remarks in secret recordings from 2013, before he rose to power.

The recordings of Mateusz Morawiecki complaining to friends about “greedy” and rich “Americans, Jews, Germans, Englishmen, and Swiss” that run hedge funds were published Tuesday by the news site Onet.

Part of a corruption scandal, the remarks appeared in a 3-hour recording of Morawiecki, who was then a senior banker, discussing politics and finance with his friends at a prestigious Warsaw restaurant. […]

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