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Davos Elites Reveal DARPA Plan to Decode Your Brain

The following Godless, sick performance took place at the hostile elite Davos meeting in January 2016. Participants calmly discussed newly emerging mind-control technology to monitor those down on the plantation, including implanting false memories and probing their victims’ thoughts. “Pre-crime” and “thought crime” ranks high on the agenda. As if the Star Chambers we’ve reported on aren’t bad enough, this is right out of “Minority Report” or “The Manchurian Candidate.”


Incredibly, a poll conducted of the audience showed that 40% were okay with some form of this Brave New World Stasi technique. How rotten must their internal world be to even entertain the thought of subjugating the minds of others. These people have no sense of how they sound to those outside the Crime Syndicate. It’s all macabre sci-fi turned real for stunted hearts.

These people never knew innocence as children. Jovial spite replete with laughter, the intention to read minds is coming from subconscious paranoia that everyone is thinking the worst about them, which they probably are.

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