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Can Big Tech Social Media Keep the Truth from Coming Out?

Hat tip to Brabantian for the meme.

Little wonder that Big Tech social media suddenly banned Alex Jones, who was pointing out the coup d’état that The New Nationalist (TNN) identified — including that John Bolton, The New York Times (aka Slimes) and Mike Pence are behind it.

This coup was well discussed on with Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Where I differ is with the personal involvement of Donald Trump. He may be a dupe or a stalking horse actor; but, either way, he’s being played like a fiddle and has surrounded himself with snakes.

If Trump is just a dupe, who can he even bring in as staff to cover his back at this stage?

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon didn’t name names like Pieczenik does, but Bannon also called it a coup. 

“There is a cabal of Republican establishment figures who believe Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. This is a crisis,” Bannon said in Rome over the weekend. He added, ” I have said there is no deep state. It is an in-your-face state.”

Revealingly, I am noticing a reaction, for instance, on this Facebook page about our Trump takedown theory, which is labeled as crazy, and that the op-ed piece didn’t originate out of the aforementioned high ranking people surrounding Trump. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. What naivety.

The Familiar Refrain We Are Asked to Believe

If the Trump administration had clout then it should have the intel to figure out the op-ed writer or that a coup is underway? But apparently it doesn’t- and is flaying around. Just who is intelligence protecting? Pence, Bolton and the Slimes? And perhaps Trump, the lifetime actor playing this takedown role?

Ironically, I suggest that Alex Jones might be worth listening to now for clues — and for the first time in years. Although he is still running distractions, he has definitely identified the tyrannical takeover by Big Tech, or the FAANGs. However, this is mostly characterized as censorship of the Trump base and conservatives. It’s much broader than that. At least Jones is not placating to the neocon narrative, something rare in media now.

Here’s a list of 100 million followers deleted by Facebook. Notice how many of these are not just political, they are alternative health pages. Could this mean that “big pharma” is also putting pressure on Facebook to silence alternative medicine? Big Tech seems to be following some combination of Kosher and corporatist marching orders. Nor are they just “right wing,” as claimed. Many are left-leaning progressives.

As a footnote, when I went to Pieczenik’s site to get caught up on his work, I was blocked and met with yet another endless Internet control trick. My IP address has apparently been put on a list of forum spammers and by the usual suspects is my guess. In typical run-you-in-circles fashion when I went to this con’s site to remove the IP address, I was told it was not on their list- so was unable to proceed.

The Lack of a Concept of Honor

This must be a new Orwellian scam out of the toolbox to slur somebody when you don’t like what they have to say. It’s what they used to banned us from r/Conspiracy, where we had 14,000 karma points. Identifying a commenter as a spammer is an option on TNN’s WordPress-Disqus software, but we’ve never used it on anyone we’ve banned. I’m old school that way. It just seems sleazy and low brow to call a commenter or troll, who I prefer not to give an audience to, a spammer for merely speaking.

Note that this abuse has nothing to do with commenting on the site but merely viewing the site. Who knows how many others among Dr. Steve’s following are subjected to this and other traffic-diminishing tactics. The Crime Syndicate is making it more and more difficult and challenging for the average individual to find the truth online.

A user forum comments on this crock:

Of greater concern is that Big Tech social media is covering for warmongering or a false-flag ahead. See “YouTube Shuts Down All Syrian State Channels As Idlib Assault Begins.

There is also the question of blow back to Facebook and its role in the monster financial bubble. FB has a $471 billion market cap and is no longer a one-way trade. TNN has been predicting that the FAANG bubble will burst. See “Will the Facebook “Ethical Dilemna” Trigger a Market Crash.”

Recent polling from Pew Research shows that the population is backing off Facebook in considerable numbers. This survey was taken before the more recent spates of heavy-handed censorship.

6 Comments on Can Big Tech Social Media Keep the Truth from Coming Out?

  1. Can remember reading about the ‘he / she is a spammer’ false claim trick, more than a decade ago

    Even back then in the 00s, it was a classic problem for people who send out dissident newsletters or have dissident websites … when they tried to send out e-mails to contact people or to investigate something, they found they were on the ‘spam list’ and their messages were routed to the junk box or not delivered at all

    Goons who run cabal sites like Wikipedia, would even send people boasting messages about how ‘We are marking you as a spammer to try and destroy your attempts to communicate with the world’

    • One thing about younger people, is they get how this stuff works and how to get around it, e.g., the crowd on 4chan … I am increasingly of the view that internet combat and truthing is rather a young person’s game now because of the complex tech nature of it

      One impressive young guy achievement, as Anatoly Karlin on Unz recently noted, is the push-back (by the arguably fake opposition as TNN has suggested), Daily Stormer co-run by clever Jewish hacker Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer

      General Weev conducted a historic year-long battle against maybe a couple of dozen full-bore domain-name seizures and shut-downs, keeping site access alive in between via Aaron-Swartz-developed web-to-Tor links … and the Stormer has now rocketed back to having around 3 million visitors a month, versus 4 million before the Charlottesville purge began … the Stormer’s schoolboy racist humour is a big draw of course, but even if the Stormer is controlled op, how they kept the site going is an IT wonder story … Here’s a chart of alt-website performance from Karlin’s article, the Stormer is the black line on top of both phases, both pre-Charlottesville and currently – click on image to enlarge:

      • I think the elites are finding out that inventing team sports has allowed them to do anything they want as long as they keep the games on. Of course team sports is a great teaching devise to simply know who your team is and root for them while caring little about the other side and in fact happily believing the propaganda that defines them as the enemy
        First they ban anti-Semitic statements and then they criminalize it. Very close to being like Bolshevik Russia except the slogans that keep the public sedated are free speech, hate speech and democracy
        THe public is incapable of understanding that banning free speech makes it impossible to be a democracy but oh well, better luck next time

        • …if there’s a next time.

          This is a watershed moment. They have gotten away with coups in the past, JFK being the most obvious. If they get away with this one, it will just prove that the American people have rolled over like a lily-livered flea-bitten dog with no energy left to even flick at the flies swarming around the soon-to-be carcass.

          It’s now or never. Somehow I don’t think there will be many takers for ‘now’ though. The insouciant Americanos will say ‘maniana, maniana’. But tomorrow will never come for many, probably most.

          They may not even have to forcibly disarm the American Jew-debt slaves.

          Americans are becoming so well-trained they will soon be trusted to just leave their guns outside their front doors for DHS to pick up, with a sign “Please take my guns Uncle Sam”

  2. Signals of revolution in the works … at the confirmation hearing of Trump’s USA Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, his former law clerk sat behind him; and Zina Bash – who is half Latina, half Jewish – at least THRICE gave the Euro-heritage identity gestures, the OK hand signs & the Pepe the Frog hand-on-chin pose – click to enlarge

  3. Here’s the easy way to fight them. Just close all your social media accounts. They will live in a delusional world, thinking they have everyone convinced. The reality will be, they only have their tiny audience of like-minded idiots convinced.

    If you don’t subscribe to YouTube, Google, CNN, Twitter, Facebook and the rest, they can’t have an effect on you.

    Don’t worry about them banning you. Ban them first!

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