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Et Tu, Brute? Trump Was the Stalking Horse for ‘Lodestar’ Pence All Along

Pence takes a call from his masters PHOTO: Steve Helber/AP

We knew it all along. We laid it out succinctly in our March 16, 2017, post “Nothing Redeeming About Trojan Horse Mike Pence.” Now comes the revealing chess moves. Who, if anybody, uses the word “lodestar” with any frequency, if ever? Only one guy: Vice President Michael “Lodestar” Pence.

In what has to be a super-contrived psychology operation as part of a coup d’état, an unnamed snitch and New York Times (aka Slimes) op-ed writer used the word in his piece, praising neocon warmonger McCain. You can’t make this stuff up. For those still confused about who Pence is, he has claimed that Dick Cheney is his role model.

“We may no longer have Senator McCain. But we will always have his example — a lodestar for restoring honor to public life and our national dialogue. Mr. Trump may fear such honorable men, but we should revere them.”

Yes, it could be House of Cards dirty tricks sabotage, but we think not. Here is the lodestar man himself, using the term again and again. And we are asked to believe this?

Hat tip- Brabantian

Winter Watch holds that Donald Trump was elected as a stalking horse for Mike Pence. Pence is the perfect globalist bankster minion and evangelical Zionist neocon. And he already has most of his cabinet in place, which will be useful when the 25th Amendment is invoked by his cabinet to remove Trump from office. Whether Trump is in on it or is the patsy is subject to debate, but we suspect the former. But it doesn’t really matter. The die is cast.

The role playing couldn’t be more obvious, as almost daily Trump engages in erratic, mentally unstable World Wide Wrestling Federation behaviors. If he isn’t rattling Mexico’s cage, it’s Sweden’s or Canada’s. Tomorrow some other national leader will be insulted, or he will dislocate somebody’s shoulder with his alpha WWE handshake. Trump was the wrecking ball, the set-up man.

Meanwhile, Lodestar Pence plays the perfect straight man and acts the steady statesman. Pay close attention, because his image is being buoyed by the same elements and usual suspects who make sure Trump’s stature is brought down. All by cognitive design. One day, Pence goes to Munich to hobnob with globalists. The next, he’s in a desecrated Jewish cemetery speaking out against antisemitism. And we have this contrived scene in which Bono offers Pence “his friendship” because of his great humanitarian work on “AIDS in Africa.” Yes, it’s hats off and hands off to the great untouchable statesman Michael Pence. Meet your next president. He will be BAD news, an errand boy of the worst sort.

A country with $22 trillion in debt and a phony and fraudulent AAA rating is a sitting duck for a downgrade in this climate and situation. It is begging for a crisis. Look for that to happen. Then watch Trump say something that triggers a further negative financial reaction right when the cognoscenti is waiting for the standard bailout meme. To top it off, Trump is threatening a government shutdown. This act is no longer sustainable. Pence is coming off the bench. Pence is the ideal, weak and easily controlled functionary and puppet.

This scheming and the political/economic crisis will finally take out the stock market bubble, a situation that has lulled far too many people asleep. It will only take a few weeks of full-blown color revolution to finish the job.

And where is Mike Pence in all this? Looking very calm, collected and presidential, while Trump the clown ramps up his wild-man act to the nth degree. Soon enough, even The Donald’s most fervent supporters will be howling for a problem-reaction-solution to this misery.

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  1. We had left our local ABC affiliate on for the weather and started dinner. The national ABC came on right after and started last night with this ridiculous story. (((David Muir))) immediately began reading from the script about this fake white knight hiding in the trump administration garbage became comical quick. Like some plot written out of hollyweird or a paper back tom clancy knock off you see near the checkout line at the grocery store. Give me a fucking break. My wife tuned out. I sat and listened to this fantasy novella being read to America. So trite, in fact trite is an understatement. Right after this doozy they followed up with the hilarious and comical revelation of the russian spy identity in the Skripol case. Dear God save us. I’m sure some little old ladies or millennial clutched their handbags as the perps images were plastered on the screen. More fake crap thrust on us.

    • My son thinks Trump put it out there. We voted for TRUMP AGAINST HITLARY. I would NOT put it past him although the TIMES says they know who it is…..time will tell…,even “DEEP THROAT” was finally exposed…maybe??

      • Could be a false flag attempt before mid terms to generate support and fervor. We never know till it is too late.

        • In that line of thought, just saw this by a commenter on Château Heartiste … lots still believe it could be true:

          [US Special Prosecutor John W.] Huber is working out of the NSA Information HQ in Utah with a team of 470 US attorneys and have now filed over 51,000 sealed indictments. This is not toothless and drives the fear the left has of Trump. Their inside polls are not favorable either. We have had huge numbers of key CEOs and politicians resigning or retiring. Some 9300 human trafficking arrests have been made in the last two years. This is more than Obama made in 8 years. That means having to also keep friendlies guessing.

          Guantanamo has been getting a lot renovation and expansion of capacity and so has Diego Garcia. People who have turned state’s evidence need to be kept on ice and unexposed. This isn’t happening in a vacuum and part of victory is keeping the enemy guessing. We are now in a situation where the commies are begging for Sessions to stay because they think he is weak and hapless. When the hammer falls the cases must be open and shut and Sessions and Trump must appear to be absolutely impartial or we risk civil war.

          • Like the human body getting a fever to drive out the virus. The subtle things that don’t get reported on are about our only source of the truth as we don’t see the reaction or the reagent but only the product and have to guess from that.

          • The lack of upvotes exposes the lack of people even reading or knowing about Huber. I must admit I hadn’t thought of him in a long time but remember feeling optimistic when first reading of that Operation. I pray this 9-11 coming Tuesday of next week doesn’t find multiple False Flags everywhere especially Chicago where Boeing moved its headquarters and my son flies for American from that ORD HUb.

            PLEASE pray that TRUMP lets out ALLLLL 9-11 TRUTH

  2. “Lodestar” was also the name of a trucking company that moved freight along the interstates in the midwest. Considering that Pence’s family once owned a chain of 200 gas stations, is not surprising that this unusual word would be part of his lexicon.

  3. Maybe the USA is not the only country with Trojan stalking horses … Have been wondering re the disaster in the UK, with Jeremy Corbyn cucking so cravenly to Zionist-Israeli bullying … maybe the real truth is that Jeremy Corbyn was always a Trojan Horse working for the lobby, Corbyn under orders to fold under Israeli & Zionist pressure at this crucial moment in UK political history, after being conveniently the ‘leftist’ & ‘friend of Palestinians’ etc over the years … Consider Corbyn’s history, from the UK’s Aangirfan on her site:

    Jeremy Corbyn was a childhood neighbour of the Rothschilds in Wiltshire; with Jeremy’s father David Corbyn working for Victor Rothschild on secret UK gov scientific projects during World War 2 – Victor Rothschild’s power in Britain was so huge that he was able to sack a BBC Director General who displeased him

    And then there’s Corbyn’s paedo links, Jeremy Corbyn tied to child violation scandals & child-crime convicted individuals including Corbyn’s Constituency Agent; Corbyn tragically ignoring multiple earnest complaints from child abuse victims & whistleblowers over years, whilst “child abuse rings were operating within all 12 of the borough’s children’s homes” in his district

    The Trojan Horse ‘fake opposition’, or fake ‘advocate for the people’, is such a classic game of the Powers That Be

    • The AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS Used forever to support the FAKE Isaelis,

      makes me sick to my heart. Hagee et al shmoozing the LIES whenever
      They can to a very asleep and mislead Christian Congregation worldwide led by DOminionists these days.

      Wayne Madsen refers to them as “THE CHRISTIAN MAFIA.” Agreed!

    • What’s your opinion if Trump declassifies everything from the Russian probe? It’d be a whole new dynamic situation going on

    • Russ, interesting comments out of Ukrainian parliament.

      The Opposition Bloc faction in Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna
      Rada, has demanded public condemnation of speaker Andrei Parubiy’s
      remarks calling Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler “the torchbearer of
      and insists on his voluntary resignation, the party’s leader
      Yuri Boiko said speaking in parliament on Thursday.

      “We insist on the public condemnation of the statement by the
      Verkhovna Rada speaker and asked all diplomatic missions, all
      governments not only to take note of it but also to publicly condemn the
      Ukrainian speaker’s remarks,” he said.

      Don’t expect it to make it to the ears of American listeners or John McCain supporters.

  4. Anyone who thought pence was for america is a fool. He was a senator, all senators are globalist sellouts, no matter which side of the Bolshevik table you sit

    • Curiously, from the Christian Zionist press: “Meet Mike Pence’s Orthodox, Jewish, Israeli Cousins” (Hat tip to UK truther lady Aangirfan):

      The Pences of Indiana, including US Vice-President Mike Pence, are said to have Jewish cousins, some in Israel … Mike Pence a cousin of Jewish Jesse Socher, living on the Golan Heights, whose son is in a photo wearing an Israeli military uniform. Other connections are Tammy Socher, Richard Pence, and Merrill Socher-Axelrod, who told Mike Pence, “You have Orthodox Jewish cousins in Israel. Your cousins are my cousins.”

      Mike Pence’s mom, Nancy, was born as ‘Cawley’ which can be a Jewish name … ‘Pence’ is said to be a “made-up Ellis Island name … It doesn’t really come from England.”

        • If Pence is part Jewish or a crypto there needs to be full transparency about any Zionist conflicts of interest and his agenda. Of course he has already shown his true colors by his actions and statements. Here he flatly states that the US should just do what Israel wants.He has no interest in the US being an honest broker. He attributes this thinking to his dispensationalist “Bible” (Scofield) beliefs.

        • It is obviously not ‘bad’ to have any heritage whatsoever. But international family affiliations are important to know, for any politician or policy-maker, as Russ Winter suggests … given those affiliations affect life-or-death decisions. Given the realities of Israel, the Palestinians, Israeli and Zionist agendas in the middle east, Zionist influence groups in the politics of other countries and especially the USA, this is a significant matter, as leading dissident Jews themselves – brave figures such as Gilad Atzmon, Henry Makow, Ron Unz (all of whom have been favourably mentioned on TNN) – will also tell you.

          Suppose Mike Pence’s family was Russian, with relatives serving in the Russian armed forces … no one should mention that? Would that be ‘racist’? LOL

  5. I think you are absolutely correct. People think the clown Trump is bad, wait until the Zionist, globalist scum bag Pence gets his hands on the reins.

  6. perhaps the writer of this (a new york times larper, john lennon?) used the word to put the blaim on pence….., anyone think of that?


    its about creating dissent


    (not that pence is ttruwtworty or a trumpian guy in regards to policy!)

    • Anyone who caresses the kosher sausage so gently and suckles it to the bitter end can kiss my entire hairy white ass, and yes Pence is the king of such disgusting and anti-American activities. “Merca First-For Reals”….

  7. Russ, The more I look at this the more I am becoming convinced that Trump is a dupe. This is not to say that he cares for America or is a crusader of great causes. Far from it..He’s an egomaniac to such degree that it is on a borderline with a normal persons perspective of sanity. Few understand this personality type unless experiencing it first hand, and the personality type is among the easiest to manipulate since the leverage points are all about ego.It is no surprise that he has surrounded himself with a few Marine Generals for protection. This would be the only concession he was allowed. To convolute matters further, he sees the playbook and the betrayal, but takes no offense, its just business from where he’s from…On top of that, he’s arrogant enough to think he can manage it. Dont think of him as a puppet that doesnt require orders or direction from above (strings) , but rather, a one dimensional human that responds to a fixed set of stimuli…

    • This. Why would they need the NYTimes to turn the identity over when every IP and network socket in the US is tracked?

  8. Fascinating reading 23 months down the road! – I love “related articles” – I missed much of 2018 and 19. Ah yes, the “sealed indictments” – it all seems so long ago.

    And now? It is probably as difficult to say what happened 5 months ago as it was to predict what might happen 23 months ago. Trump decided to play along with the plandemic – some bit of resistance, some bit of misdirection but then something happened – Gates and Fauci are the powers that be. What happened?

    Trump has clearly decided to be a one term president – in some ways he did “make America great again” – employment numbers alone show that – – and then kicked us in the teeth. Sad.

    Is Pence still wandering around the hospitals un-masked?

    • Trump was chosen to prevent a true patriot populist from rising to power. Trump was also chosen to divide and to assist in the final mental breakdown / demoralization (Yuri Bezmenov) of liberals.
      Trump hiring swamp makes sense when you realize it was done to have many backstabbing excuses for NOT cleaning the swamp or keeping other maga promises.

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