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The Shameful Outing of Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer by the LGBTQ Lobby

The United Kingdom's LGBT lobby has hijacked the The National Trust and demanded that the organization's volunteers wear LGBT pride symbols to show their support or be banished from the historic preservation program. PHOTO: The National Trust.

Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer (1906-1969) was an English aristocrat and author who wrote widely on the history of his native Norfolk as well as number of biographies. He was also a homosexual, a fact that was known only among his closest friends and relatives. He was an intensely private man, never open about his sexuality. It can be said that in his comportment Ketton-Cremer was the antithesis of a flamer. He was not involved with gay rights issues during his lifetime. In demeanor, he was described as a shy, modest, gentile man.

Felbrig Hall

Ketton-Cremer was a descendant of the Wyndham family, who owned the Felbrigg Estate in Norfolk, and was regarded as “The Last Squire.” Upon his death in 1969, the bloodline died out, and with no heirs he bequeathed Felbrigg Hall, to the U.K. National Trust.

The National Trust is described by Wikipedia as a conservation organization with headquarters in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and boasts the largest membership of any organisation in the U.K. It aims to preserve, protect and make available (for visits by the general public) places of historic interest, both buildings and landscapes. Historically, it has focused on country houses, and it also looks after historic urban properties, areas of landscape and nature reserves.

Recently, elements within the National Trust have taken it upon themselves to declare 2017 as “exploring LGBTQ history year” through a program called “Pride and Prejudice.” As part of their program, they’ve hijacked the National Trust, telling workers they will be banned from meeting members of the public should they refuse to wear a rainbow lanyard throughout their 50th anniversary celebration of the legalization of homosexuality.

In addition to audacious directives to wear rainbow buttons at Ketton-Cremer’s old estate and elsewhere, this LGBTQ mafia has taken it upon itself to reveal and discuss details about the benefactor’s private sexual life for a marketing campaign to push a political and social agenda. The National Trust has also commissioned a film, “The Unfinished Portrait” narrated by Stephen Fry, that divulges his private life.

There are those who object. E C Coryton Saltash, from Cornwall wrote, “Wyndham, who was my godfather, was an intelligent, charming man who dedicated much of his life to Norfolk. He was discreet about his sexuality, and I can see no reason why the National Trust should not have respected this. It has betrayed his gift and his trust.”

In justifying this betrayal, Professor Richard Sandell of the University of Leicester, whose team was asked by the trust to research Mr. Wyndham Ketton-Cremer’s private life, admitted there were ethical issues of outing someone who had chosen to conceal his sexuality in his lifetime. But he said it was important to “talk openly.”

The professor remarked, “It is important to people today that we talk openly – just as we do about the personal lives of people who were heterosexual.”

No, The New Nationalist begs to differ. It’s not okay to dwell on the personal sexual life of whomever you damn well please — heterosexual or homosexual. How can you, Prof. Sandell, presume this is permissible? Based on what? Did you know Mr. Ketton-Cremer? Whatever happened to the old adage of “what we do in our bedroom is none of your business”?

This behavior of researching and revealing the private sexual life of a discrete, modest individual, who was generous enough to donate his estate to the National Trust is abhorrent. This is lowlife conduct that can only be properly labeled as faggotry. Shame on you, National Trust, for claiming some sort of sick ownership of the lives of your benefactors. Let Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer rest in peace.

10 Comments on The Shameful Outing of Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer by the LGBTQ Lobby

    • These are not sexual equality symbols. They’re symbols of gay pride. Many believe that homosexuality shouldn’t be criminalized, but it shouldn’t be flaunted and promoted either. I don’t see any concession or “u-turn” offered here by the trust. Of course wearing a badge is “optional.” You can’t pin someone down and force them to wear a button. The question is whether or not those volunteers who choose not wear gay pride symbols will continue to be ostracized and are still “invited to leave.” (If they were outright fired or psychically forced to leave, there would be a lawsuit.) And they’re still running the film and program. So no concession there.

          • good to know. False flags is “the Jewish glasses” issue so thanks for covering it . As you know, the supposed alternative media is mostly pretending Jewish reporting can be relied upon. Jewish glasses reference is protocol 12-5
            False flags require Jewish glasses to believe as real events. Those who wish to expose Jewish tyranny and lies must assume that till believable proof is offered and can be verefied a chronic liar will most likely lie
            Easy concept and why since alt-right etc are authenticizing the events by accepting the claims and we know they aren’t stupid, they are part of the Jewish problem we have to fight

          • Protocols 12-5
            5. If already now we have contrived to possess ourselves of the minds of the goy communities to such an extent the they all come near looking upon the events of the world through the colored glasses of those spectacles we are setting astride their noses;

          • that is how an anti-semite, Anglin, etc, supports the Jewish agenda. Add David Duke and many others. A movement built around ppl that outed 911 really can’t go back to biz as usual. This seems to be the attempt, using younger ppl to help make it happen

        • It’s a pen name. Sadly, we live in a time in which expressing non-liberal views is akin to committing suicide in one’s profession/career.

  1. This is so sad. And yes, The National Trust is a National Disgrace. Just as the similar organisation English Heritage are.

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