Has the Daily Stormer Controlled-Opposition Operation Been Revealed?

Some who have observed the Daily Stormer (DS) have long sensed an agit-prop controlled-opposition operation. Winter Watch has called its content “juvenile”.

Stories of old and late offer clues that one of Stormer’s key figures, tech guru Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, is actually himself Jewish.

One such story comes from Newsweek. It interviewed Weev’s estranged mother, who confirmed his Jewish roots on both sides of his mixed-race family.  It seems the lugenpresse is getting some just desserts and gloating rights from this whole exercise. Weev himself has admitted what his mother reveals. Worse, fifteen year ago he ran trolling campaigns against 9/11 truthers who were pointing to Zionist involvement.

As Paul Harvey used to say, “And now for the rest of the story.”

Now comes some Whois.com data floating around Twitter that points to a Daily Stormer domain name registered under Andrew Auernheimer at 71 Broadway, Apt. 4J, New York City.

The White Pages show this address is connected to one Alex Pilosov — or at least he’s the owner of the property. Pilosov is Jewish and it’s alleged that he’s also Chabad-Lubavitch. He’s the head of Pilosoft and is one of world’s leading experts on hacking.

However, if you look closely, the domain name here is Dailystormer.lol — not Dailystormer.com (old domain) or Dailystormer.red (new domain). Try going to Dailystormer.lol and you’ll find no such page exists. Is this Dailystormer.lol account a hoax?

Update: We learn that indeed dailystormer.lol was briefly online as described in this article.

Citing the need to protect free speech, 20–year–old Nick Lim and his Seattle–based tech startup BitMitigate helped the neo–Nazi website The Daily Stormer return to the internet on Friday after being blocked by several internet service providers throughout the week.

But free speech is only one argument Lim, who is Asian American, offered for his efforts to facilitate the site’s new incarnation at dailystormer.lol.

Also floating around on Twitter is this cryptic bread crumb — an image of a tweet supposedly created by Roger Stone after Daily Stormer’s original site was taken down. Real or fake? Who knows.

Then, there’s some malarkey about Auernheimer residing in the Ukraine. An American could stay 90 days as a tourist; but beyond that, he would have to go through immigration police and apply for extensions. This involves showing means of support, income and answering questions like “what is your purpose being here,” etc. That is no easy task considering there are criminal charges against him in the U.S. So this tall tale doesn’t combine either.

Winter Watch Takeway: You decide, but the NYC address part of this story requires caution, as it may be yet another psyops and hoax. If this pans out though, think about what it implies. They would have the names, e mails and IP addresses of every shitlord that has dabbled at DS. And they have that regardless.

Word to the Wise

The HuffingtonPost.com in December supposedly managed to get hold of Daily Stormer’s editorial style guide. Weev had a hand in this document. Did DS just put it out there for all to see? Really? Surely astute readers at Winter Watch know not to fall into the traps laid out in this awful anti-social thought process and document. Sometimes we wonder though.

The guide reads like a road map to ensnare people. It is a certain path on how not to influence the normie. It gives ammo to the lugenpresse and the neo-Marxists. We believe this playbook is a psychodrama hoax.

DS has introduced a concept called white sharia. This is a scheme to apply the equivalent of Muslim law on western women to “whip them into shape”. They pretend this is satire, but there is nothing particularly funny about it. In fact anymore we find nothing witty or humorous about any of this Alt Right Judas Goat racket.

In case you haven’t noticed, Winter Watch doesn’t use Stormer’s glaringly racist language and terminology. They actually list it. It’s true vitriol. It is actual racism, as opposed to the epithet variety. And any reference to genocide is an absolute no-no. If you do this, we will assume you’re not only stupid, but evil. We have regularly deleted such comments and banned users. We have tried to educate others.

Don’t bring it here. We know some of you use it in moderation out of habit, frustration or disgust, and have weak moments. We understand, but it doesn’t work. It backfires. It’s possible that’s why the Stormer operatives are coaxing you to use it. Winter Watch does use the term “dindu” on occasion, but only because it describes a behavior. (“Dindu” is an abbreviation for the “didn’t do nuthin'” crowd of bad actors). Our motto is to stick to the behaviors – of which there are plenty.

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  1. Thanks for this knowledge. I used to go to DS daily for a bit but never really commented. Thanks too you and renegade I know that’s all race war control op white trash low level/class bs. It puts me at ease ever since knowing this, thx much guys truly

  2. The author of this article is retarded. Dailystormer.lol is gone because the Daily Stormer has been kiked from over a dozen domain names since Charlotesville, unlike The New Nationalist, which the Jews apparently don’t view as a threat. The Roger Stone tweet is obviously photoshopped. Weev’s mom has claimed she’s Jewish because she is a nigger-adopting race-traitor who wanted to absolve herself of her son’s “crimes” before the (((mainstream media))). I honestly don’t care IF weev is Jewish; he has done more for white nationalism than any of you people.

    • “If you are opposing WHITE SHARIA because you disagree with women being reduced to the status of property to be beaten and fucked at the whims of her husband, you are a faggot and a cuckold and have no place in any right-wing site.” (((Weev))) of Daily Stormer

  3. Significant topic here by Thomas Müller, and if Daily Stormer really is kosher nostra – intel agency psy-op, with its apparently Jewish co-führer Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer, a big question is why. The ‘rat trap’ reason – identifying key individuals from amongst Daily Stormer’s 4 million monthly readers (at its peak) is part of it … and also providing a pretext for general shut-down of alt-right etc opinions … but there must be more here. There’s a lot of quality effort in the DS project.

    It seems the real conclusion to draw, is that the intel agencies & kosher cabal, if indeed running the Stormer, are themselves fostering a resurgence of far-right 1930s ‘fascist’ ideas … preparing to eventually sell a Western world on a totalitarian package dressed up as ‘pro-indigenous-worker’, and doing aggressive ethnic cleansing by ‘strong’ leaders … who might even be nominally opposed to Jewish influence, maybe even bringing down some Jews (Weinsteingate?) to make the show look good, maybe even expelling some to Israel too.

    Jewish mafias themselves may be accepting that older forms of Jewish dominance are becoming passé … Note the Jewish alliance with essentially literal neo-Nazis in Ukraine. That ‘strange combination’ might also be behind DS, the kosher folks rolling out a new way of doing things in pro-oligarch service.

    One can note how Daily Stormer is quite powerful in a few aspects. One is that the quite racist visual memes, mash photos & humour – tho raw, rude, ‘inexcusable’ – is often fall-out-of-your-chair funny, the amusement enhanced by being ‘forbidden’. It gets the eyeballs, almost as if ‘professionally created’.

    Also a huge draw in the millions of viewers won by weev’s frontman Andrew Anglin, is that some of the truth bombs are quite profound, and give his significantly young audience a sense of support and solidarity they are not finding elsewhere. There’s a clever emotional pull behind the shite-posting … again, as if created by propaganda professionals.

    For example, Anglin’s concrete sexual advice to young males which they quickly found practical & effective, tho very ‘politically incorrect’ … e.g., if you act a bit rough & like you don’t give a shite, women often find you much more appealing, 10x more than if you are a ‘pro-feminist cuck male shitelib’. This is reality, now being methodically unveiled on a number of sites with the same theme (Chateau Heartiste, Return of Kings etc), as well as on DS … stuff so ‘true’, that guys are getting dramatic instant results from acting on it. The websites that drastically uplift your sex life are not easily forgotten.

    • Following the links in the article, was reading about Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer and his getting out of prison and sudden ‘legal victory’ on the hacking charges … It sounded artificial, Auernheimer just magically finding ‘great clever’ lawyers with some ‘good arguments’ and voilà … It sounded much more like the Hollywood movie version of US courts than the real thing, where ‘clever legal arguments’ have no impact on judges twisting things against the victim

      Indeed it could be that they spring the Jewish Auernheimer out of prison on a deal he would use his computer skills for US gov and intel … ‘You’ll be the webmaster of the biggest Nazi site in the world’ LOL

  4. All the more interesting in that his first few months at Total Fascism, he recommended working with non-whites and the Jew was the only true enemy. Within months he was using slur words and attacking Islam and blacks and by the summer opened Stormer
    Read his comments here, an introduction into the elites of the WN movement in 2012 – 6 mponths before having said whites should be bred out

    • I like to say the white race has earned it’s slavory from not learning from their mistakes. It’s not as if Jews ever iimpersonated racist whites before

    • a sample comment he wrote in 2013
      Andre says:
      December 20, 2012 at 8:26 am
      Thanks, Buzzy.

      Yes, basically the entire religion of Islam is geared toward fighting the Jew. A lot of the anti-Muslim groups (almost entirely Jewish) will quote various Hadith (commentary which isn’t considered cannon by the mainstream, each individual Muslim sect respects different Hadith which have been written by different post-Mohammedian scholars) that possibly say something like “go take over the world and kill anyone who disagrees with you,” but the actual core doctrine of Islam – the Quaran, which is the only text that is universally accepted by all Muslims – says that you should respect both pagan and Christian people, simply saying that you should charge them an extra tax when they live in Muslim lands, as they are not a part of the majority collective, which sounds pretty reasonable to me. The book teaches both strength and compassion, exalts women as the givers of life, and condemns all the same things I want condemned: sexual perversion, Jews, materialism, exploitation of the working classes, etc.

      I see no problem with Islam, unless the Jews are using it as a tool to infest and destabilize our societies.

  5. Hey Russ, when you refer to “genocide” do you refer to Whites talking about White genocide or whites talking about killing all Jews. Just seeking clarification.
    The attack on the fat girl after the staged car attack seems likely orchestrated to some extent. Notice they will not acknowledge the most advantageous white position about a car attack, that it was staged by the Deep State
    When Weev is attacked for being Jewish he denies and says they all should be gassed? Isn’t this clear Jewish tactic of going extreme NAZI when you are exposed to impress the dominant low IQ majority in that movement?
    My opinion about white genocide is that it is happening but the way to stop it is by exposing Jewish power including false flags etc, how they rule via misdirection and lies and how much of the movement is pwned against it
    Asking non-whites who could be allies instead of hostiles to feel sorry for whites whom they also believe are responsible for colonialism is a bad argument only to be mentioned much in meetings of aware whites. Obsessing on white victimhood is a poor strategy
    I’m impressed with your work but for your total support of a few websites I am concerned about. The fact is we all should be majorly concerned about infiltration. Infiltration is why resistances end up helping the enemy and not those they supposedly serve

  6. From this data on Andrew Weev Auernheimer who runs the Daily Stormer, being Jewish, a former pro-Israel propagandist, and linked to another major Jewish IT figure said to be connected to Chabad –

    3 possibilities here:

    (1) Weev Auernheimer, as he says, is so opposed to Jewish power (like Gilad Atzmon) he has eagerly agreed to lead a Nazi website making continual ‘gas the kikes’ jokes

    (2) Auernheimer and the Stormer are indeed a USA intel agency ‘controlled opposition’ operation useful for:
    — A pretext for general alt-right internet censorship and shut-downs, as has indeed been done
    — Generally discrediting the alt-right, given that major media are now regularly citing the Stormer as favouring or opposing something, as a way to ‘poison the well’ of that support (Roy Moore etc)
    — A rat trap’ to identify all those who contact or post comments etc on the Stormer
    — Generally degrading the alt-right, and euro-white-cultural heritage movements, by highlighting a very extreme racist form of them

    (3) The intel agencies & Jewish interests, are themselves backing a resurgence of 1930s rightist nationalism as a clever play to support Israel (as the Daily Stormer in fact does in part re Palestinians) … an echo perhaps of the 1930s ‘Transfer Agreement’ between Hitler’s Nazis and ‘Labour Zionism’, Hitler helping 10% of Germany’s Jews to move to British Palestine with their assets, to prepare to found Israel

  7. Jsigur (commenting above) is a jew and an operative. Just on the chance you don’t know and are letting in him comment from ignorance. Once you truly see all the Jewish plays it becomes second nature to detect/see what they both do and say. In answer to this article yes Anglin is jewish.

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