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By Mike Walsh | 14 January 2017

RENEGADE TRIBUNE — In addition to the 1922 illegal annexation of West Prussia, Silesia and Poznan, and Danzig blockade, Poland, until the outbreak of war, was guilty of repeated anti-German pogroms, provocations, pillage and border violations. Germany’s response to Poland’s attacks on their frontiers on September 1939 was known as the Defensive War in Germany.

The conciliatoriness of Adolf Hitler was the opposite of the territorially ambitious leader he is described as. Hitler’s keenest supporters were bemused when in 1934 their Chancellor ceded territory to which Poland had no legal right. A bitter compromise, Adolf Hitler did so in a vain attempt at appeasement. He regarded peace between Germany and Poland as being more important than territory-based conflict. Such facts are airbrushed out of the palace media’s propaganda.

There is similar victors’ vagueness as to the contemporary military strength of the German and Polish protagonists. If the topic is touched upon at all the suggestion is that Poland’s armed forces were far weaker than were the Reich’s. The outbreak of WWII is painted up as a Goliath against David struggle; Poland of course being the hapless David.

Such is the shameless victors’ propaganda. The term revisionist has been applied to those who question the allies’ account of World War Two. In fact, the term revisionist is far more appropriate to palace media whose toxic pen-pushers turn truth on its head. […]

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