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View from an Arizona Border Town: Indian Wars and the Invisible Wall

Reaching across: About 2,000 of the Tohono O'odham Nation's 34,000 members live in Sonora, according to tribal officials. PHOTO: Mark Henle/USA Today Network

Editor’s Note: Kay Stevenson is a guest contributor to Winter Watch who lives four miles from the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona.

     Also to understand where Kay is going with this, the Tavares video is essential. 

By Kay Stevenson

The globalists never had a better friend than Mexico.

The U.S. public imagines the Federal Reserve is federal. And has a reserve. Words and phrases like “petrodollar” and “international reserve currency” are gibberish even to bankers. “What’s a fiat currency?” millionaires wonder. When the economy fouls, people crouch around TVs cursing Mexico. Build that wall! Now!

No doubt people suffer from turf wars over jobs with foreign workers. Public strife amounting to so much quarreling over deck chairs on the Titanic compared with the devastating actions of the central bankers. Mainstream media (MSM) fables present Mexico as the scapegoat. The U.S. public remains blinded to its core national perils.

First, as to borders, the globalist open-borders policies are so self-evidently insane the only reason to delve into the issue would be to addle trolls. That said, more colossal than the proposed 1,250-mile wall is the public ignorance of history and demographics concerning U.S.-Mexican relations marked by border hyperbole.

The first step is an examination of the invisible wall, long since implemented to thwart international understanding and cooperation. That would include realizing that Mexican nationals naturally hold unique status regarding border crossing.

Invisible Wall Building Block No. 1: Race

One word in particular has been conjured up to confuse all discussion of Mexico and the border: that semantic tar baby “Hispanic.” Unlike “white,” “black,” “Asian,” “Native American” and so on, “Hispanic” is a hybrid descriptor conflating language with race. An alleged ethnicity. Spanish-speaking Native America is conflated with its white conquerors.

You read right. The Spanish are a white race. Have a look at some of the Spanish conquerors [insert pix]. Who tended to be fair-haired, with blue “fish eyes” as natives described them. Spanish nobility looked like Englishmen because they intermarried for centuries.

‘The Conquest’ SOURCE:

The MSM collective hallucination portrays “Hispanics” as “people of color.” Go into a bar in Barcelona and announce to Spaniards that they are “colored people. You might come out with fewer teeth. I am thankful the blue-eyed, blonde Spanish-blooded spitfire who set me straight years ago was on the other end of a phone line and not present in person.

Image result for what spaniards look like
Example of a ‘white Hispanic’ person. PHOTO: HuffPo/Sun Sentinel/Getty

Declare Spanish speakers throughout New Mexico and the southwest (present some 500 years before most English speakers) to be “colored people” and you might not survive your error.

The CIA Fact Book lists Mexico as 10 percent Spanish. That means white. The reason so many Mexicans look like Indians is because they are Indians. Native Americans, if you prefer.

“No, but they are Mestizos” someone will argue. Not full-blooded natives. Neither are most Native Americans north of the border.

Of the 567 recognized U.S. Indian tribes, most have a large “Mestizo” constituency. Scions of French, English, German and Spanish forbears. Entirely pure-blooded U.S. Native Americans are the minority. There are blonde Indians all over Lakota, for instance. U.S. tribes require varying degrees of native parentage for tribal enrollment. Thresholds range from 50% to 6.25% for tribal enrollment, states.

Ignorance has been propagated by the Catholic Church – for centuries shaming Mexicans for indigenous ancestry. It stuck. Guidebooks about Mexico warn visitors never to bring up the subject of native blood with Mexican friends, lest it end the friendship.

The nightmare of the pedophocracy is for natives on both sides to rekindle fraternity. Called “natives” on the North side and trespassers on the South. The U.S. public goaded to weep over genocide North of the border and smirk at the survivors on the other. Divide the mind and conquer compassion. Hence, the invisible border of language.

Invisible Wall Building Block No. 2: Language

Another balloon ripe for popping is the fantasy that when the northern border of Mexico was pushed southward from Wyoming to the Rio Grande in 1848, all those Mexicans marched southward. Everybody stayed put.

‘What the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Actually Says’ MAP: Race, Politics, Justice by Pamela Oliver/University of Wisconsin

The entire U.S. southwest was Mexico until very lately by native standards — roughly 40 percent of the continental U.S. A little over half of Mexico was added to the U.S. with the Mexican Cession during the mid-19th century — an act opposed by the president and much of Congress. The border treaties of the time allowed for a very open arrangement, accommodating Mexican extended families and the oceanic tides of commerce flowing between the two countries. Only very recently have those treaties been broken. (Ah, ask the Indians again if the U.S. honors its treaties.) The extended families of Mexico stretch longitudinally across the U.S. Families holding U.S. citizenship since the Mexican Cession still receive relatives coming North for seasonal work, arriving from areas throughout Mexico.

It seems the U.S. public adheres to a caricatured view of their nation. Supposing it all popped into place with the first pilgrim’s buckled shoe stepping off the Mayflower. Hence, U.S. multiple personality disorder. Most easterners are clueless as to the southwest’s enormity and population. The Navajo proudly boast that New England would fit within its boundaries — their reservation being a petite pock mark on the southwest. White people — Spaniards — spoke Spanish in the southwest for about half a millennium before English speakers came around in significant numbers. Arizona was not even a state until 1912. By language, Phoenix and Los Angeles are Spanish cities. Add in nearly all the large cities extending eastward through Texas.

Fast forward to Douglas, Arizona, the marooned stepchild of Mexico. It’s the U.S. overlap of Agua Prieta, Sonora; the site of a multi-million-dollar wall-construction project. A Wal-Mart thrives in Douglas, where the majority of shoppers come across the border from Agua Prieta. The conversion rate of pesos to dollars is posted in the doorway. You’ll meet all kinds of Wal-Mart employees born in Douglas who do not speak English for most purposes (older ones). Signs and announcements are in Spanish. The local banks place Spanish ads in their windows. A perfect portrait of an imperfect international cleft.

English is the anomalous language of the western hemisphere. Primarily Spanish is spoken from the southern U.S. to the South Pole, exceptions being parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Is there an intentional effort to deter language comprehension on either side of the U.S.-Mexican border? Fifty years ago, high schools mandated imperative study of a foreign language. It has mostly been scrapped. Students of either language on respective sides encounter a surfeit of worthless “study guides” more detrimental than helpful. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker: These are not books to be tossed aside lightly. They should be thrown with great force.

Without a language in common, it’s all the easier for malevolent powers to auger either side against one another for political reasons.

Invisible Wall Building Block No. 3: The MSM

Most concerning among terror candidates are the ones most Americans would not know to mention: the cannibal banksters. Someone had the time, funding and impetus to put together ludicrous caravan videos to present to the U.S. public (and stuff like this).

Videos depicting alleged caravans walking 700 miles to assail the U.S. wall at Tijuana. Hordes of urban people in flimsy foot gear. Robust to obese crowds, many appearing unfit to survive a 5-mile hike in the midday heat. Smug grins after their alleged trek northward from Central America, a mobile laundry service possibly having tidied them all up after so many nights sleeping in the barrow pits? Children held to their hips (try walking a mile carrying a 4 year old). A smattering of dark skin and straw hats among the largest group of 500– tops — who posed for a group portrait, all peering upward some stories at the camera as they patiently stood still. Numerous men in the distance tenting their heads with shirts in order to appear Arabic.

All of which plays unquestioned by most of the public, glad to root and guffaw at Mexico like drunken football fans instead of realize that anyone who walks a few hundred miles will be humbled in spirit, sore of feet and definitely have lost lots of weight.

A migrant family, part of a caravan of thousands traveling from Central America en route to the United States, runs toward the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico as Mexican police behind block one route, in Tijuana, Mexico, on Sunday, Nov. 28, 2018. PHOTO: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Such a rabble never would be allowed to cross Mexico without tourist visas. Nor would they have been welcomed at the Army checkpoints along Mexican highways, where travel is much more restricted than the U.S.

A hoax in other words. Is there a bogeyman?

That said, over the past few years, traveling throughout the southwest and northern Mexico, all weigh stations and agricultural inspection points have been closed from the Mexican border up to Durango, Colorado. Not a one in operation. As well as the aduana (customs) stops in extreme northern Mexico. All the better to insure that no one peeks into all those badly-painted-over trucks, former logos barely visible under splotchy white paint. Now ubiquitous on southern highways, our informal estimate is that they constitute at least half of truck traffic on Interstate 10. God knows what — or who — is aboard that peculiar traffic. Trucks no doubt smuggled in the well-fed hordes in Tijuana.

Is this a replication of the confected invasions of Europe? Take it away, Deborah Tavares.

Final note to the U.S. about Mexico: Consider the Mexican Cession. It’s an object lesson to the public that, yes, your nation can literally be sold out from under you.

5 Comments on View from an Arizona Border Town: Indian Wars and the Invisible Wall

  1. I always laughed when I saw the video’s of the “caravan” with people in freshly washed clothes and flip flops, with one or more children hanging on to “madre”. Having marched thousands of miles they were amazingly clean and well fed.

    On a return trip from Juarez, I did however see a rather large group(100-200 people)of extremely dirty/disheveled people who looked mostly Indian on the walk through area of the El Paso bridge. They were carrying dirty blankets and dirty children and were were heavily guarded by Mexican officials. They were herded into the passport checking area. US border patrol agents then took them around to right and into a large room. I never did get to see what happened to them.

    I have also noticed in my travels in mostly southern New Mexico the DOT checkpoints are never open, something I find quite strange.

    “Is this a replication of the confected invasions of Europe?” My answer would be a resounding yes.

    • Yes, there are a lot of smoke and mirrors and the media is not to be trusted. It is important enough, that it is good to have somebody in the region like Kay, who is inquisitive, “winter watching” it.

  2. We are so lucky the rich bankers are planning resilient cities to keep us safe. Thank you, rich banker. Thank you!

  3. Interesting conversation with a very intelligent Mexican friend. Said the wall is a foolish notion, because nobody tramps off into the hills to cross from Mexico. There are myriad ways to gain illegal entry. A simple tourist visa whereby one stays to work six months. A fake visa, borrowed papers, a bribe to a US border guard which evidently works in most cases (especially when Border Patrol does not receive their salary). Claims nearly all Mexicans want to enter through a port of entry. There are tunnels galore. Also: there is no such thing as a Mexican who doesn’t have family in the US. From Montana to Texas, this vast network of extended families boasts of numerous choices of Mexican Americans to visit. Contrary to most of the European scions of recent arrival who have no family at all. Let’s see how many homeless Mexicans can be found in the US.

  4. Finally a writer with some historical education. The southwest in recent European history was a Spanish possession with strict laws against miscegenation. Viceroys, governors and mayors had to be of European descent. This was eliminated during the Mexican period which lasted only 28 years most of it ungovernable . Our people and Spanish culture predates both America and Mexico. And we were only “Mexicans “ for 28 years. The same as Daniel Boone , Davy Crockett and others, Till the revolt of Texas and the beginning of the American period which appears to be ending soon. It is amazing how much misinformation and pure negative propaganda has been fed to Americans. My guess is that our new Semitic overlords are fearful of Europeans discovering their true roots and creating a racial Bloc to defend ourselves from the attack that has been launched against us.

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