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The Sources of Jewish Power

December 22, 2016 Winter Watch 3

By Will Ally | 16 December 2016 RENEGADE TRIBUNE — As the economic collapse comes closer and closer we have to start thinking about the future of our movement. The Jew will use the collapse to […]

The Web Censors Emerge in Force

December 19, 2016 Winter Watch 0

16 – 18 December 2016 WAYNE MADSEN REPORT — Facebook, which was partly seeded in funds from the Central Intelligence Agency’s IN-Q-TEL venture capital firm as a method to collect personal information, has announced it is […]

The Ultimate ‘Fake News’ List

December 10, 2016 Winter Watch 0

The mainstream media is the primary source of the most harmful, most inaccurate news ever By Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones | 7 December 2016 INFOWARS — Isn’t it ironic how the mainstream media has […]

Schadenfreude Heaven

November 10, 2016 Russ Winter 7

The man in the image to the left is one (((Nate Silver))), the well-known poll analyst who had Clinton leading the popular vote by 3.6% on Tuesday morning. He and other pollsters were smugly telling Trumpites to […]

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