Milo Yiannopoulos, the Bitch is Back: Caveat Emptor


Just when many thought (and hoped) he might be finished after blowing himself up with his debacle statements about “grooming” young boys, Milo Yiannopoulos is attempting another comeback with his latest incarnation, “The Bitch is Back: Cinco de Milo.” For this comeback, Milo alleges he has $12 million from “investors” backing a new media agitprop vehicle. What a waste, what a scam.

The former Breibart editor still garners enough media exposure to have the opportunity to speak on college campuses. And when he makes his appearances, a fake Hegalian dialetic protest manifests itself. These involve ample stagecraft. It suggests “certain forces” are backing his messaging.

Paid actress for a huckster’s show. There is something about Milo and blood.

Milo the snake is a smooth talker and can be effectively combative, has a good shtick of statistics and cites from “peer-reviewed” sources and studies. Is he interesting and entertaining to listen to? Not to our eyes, but (((somehow))) he still gets a platform. Just enter his name into Youtube and you will see scores of mind-numbing speeches, appearances and interviews. Like most controlled opposition carnival barkers, he lures in the unsuspecting by huckstering against political correctness, cultural Marxism and extreme feminism. However, this is mostly phony-looking theater.

And then it all breaks down. It is all stick and no carrots against women in general. Since this spews forth from an unfettered homosexual with Tourette’s, you never hear him reinforce positive female attributes. It is always broad-stroke criticism. He also reinforces young-male negativity against women, which is then echoed by other so-called “alt-right” spokesmen. This, in turns, scares off women. In fact, I find it revealing that this budding superstar for the alt-right is half-Jewish and homosexual. Milo was a role player with the Trump train and heavily pitched the failing faux Kosher candidate. Surely the movement has better spokesmen than this? Surely it has better messages than this? No doubt it does, but those individuals will never get the exposure and promotion that Milo does.


And for me, where Milo shows his true colors is his role in reinforcing the Zio’s hardcore Muslim demonization hoax campaigns. The New Nationalist (TNN) sees migratory weaponized war and Muslim demonization as two separate phenomena that originated from the same two-headed hydra. TNN opposes both.

Milo’s latest schtick involves a nasty display of unfurling an Israeli flag and hyping Jews as “a bulwart” that is “fighting back” against the Muslim hoards. The reality is quite the opposite as Jewish groups lobby for unrestrained migration and open borders, as well as playing a key role in destabilizing Muslim nations and homelands. Milo conveniently glosses over that with lies.

TNN Verdict: Milo Yiannopoulos is a slick, classic, Hegelian-dialectic, divide-and-conquer Trojan horse, as well as a degenerate charlatan. Oppose!

6 Comments on Milo Yiannopoulos, the Bitch is Back: Caveat Emptor

  1. i dont care about mooslim “demonization”

    they are supremacist, misogynist, racist and any other evil you can think of.

    • Yes, but relatively impotent in our countries. An unassimilable foreign element that in no way threatens the power of the Western (((elites))). Actually it increase their power by enabling the passing of (((Patriot Act)))s to be used against the autochthonous Europeans. The latter’s rage is skillfully channeled into support for Middle Eastern military interventions on the road to Greater Israel.

  2. He is from Breitbart, enough said. That website lost a lot of credibility when Andrew died* and oddly enough adopted an Israel section to their website, all Israel, all the time. He leads the GOP nicely, never swaying from the narrative. Don’t ever insult him at Breitbart though, you will be hounded till death.

  3. Sadly, without sounding too much like a jew spreading hopelessness, i actually feel ( im not saying i think, but feel ) that there is no one really honest, not driving an agenda. Even DS is, no matter who they are fighting, everyone is dirty.

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