The Mercers, Mysterious Manhattan Billionaires, Are Revealed to be the Owners of Breitbart News

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And the heiress daughter served on Donald Trump’s transition team.

By Kate Storey | 27 February 2017

TOWN & COUNTRY — The owners of Breitbart News, the far-right nationalist website that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon ran until he joined the Trump campaign last summer, were revealed for the first time on Friday. According to Buzzfeed’s Steve Perlberg, who live-tweeted a Standing Committee of the Senate Press Gallery, the site’s CEO Larry Solov appeared as part of a process to secure press credentials for the site.

During the hearing, Solov revealed he owns the site, along with founder Andrew Breitbart’s widow, Susie Breitbart, and the Mercers, a family of Republican megadonors.

The committee has gone into incognito mode. Solov and we 3 reporters are out in the hallway

And we’re back. The owners of Breitbart are Solov, Andrew Breitbart’s widow, and the Mercer family

Robert Mercer, the family’s patriarch, is a hedge fund tycoon who has put tens of millions of dollars towards conservative candidates and causes. He’s never been interviewed about his political interests, telling the Wall Street Journal in 2010, “I’m happy going through my life without saying anything to anybody.”

It’s one of his three daughters, Rebekah, who has become the face of the family. She often serves on boards of conservative organizations the family supports, including the Heritage Foundation. And, most significantly, she helped steer Donald Trump’s 16-person transition executive committee. Before her foray into politics, Rebekah owned a Manhattan bakery with her two sisters. […]

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