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TNN Subjected to Freedom of Speech Kvetching

Back in late April, Google announced its attempt to combat the circulation of “fake news” and “inciteful” content on its search engine with new tools that allow “users” to report misleading or offensive content, and it made a pledge to improve the results generated by its algorithm. It was just a matter of time before this scam impacted The New Nationalist (TNN).

Additionally, as this article from Ynet News appears to advocate, Israeli Hasbara ops are utilizing a new high-tech ap with which they can kvetch on whatever suits their fancy.

The new app—which appears to be the newest game changing weapon in the fight for Israel’s image in the world—is already a smashing success. Within only two weeks, it was downloaded by over 6,000 people in 27 countries around the world.

“In the months before the app’s launch, we ran it in a pilot among a group of some 800 students, most of them Americans,” Ben-Yosef says. “Even then, during the pilot, we realized the power behind the group tasks that could be done using the app. We’re working with the IDF and the Shin Bet, who are giving us information on such inciting content, and even they couldn’t keep us with how fast we were getting things removed.”

Further reinforcing the censorship campaign, a new “delete hate speech or pay up” law passed in Germany this week that fines large social media for failing to remove threats or insults on line. It covers a wide swath and is an extremis sticky wicket. The law requires companies to decide on content that has been flagged as offensive but that may not be clearly defamatory or inciting violence.  

TNN’s traffic was  growing steadily all year, with a record average of 1,500 visitors per day during the month of April. But in June, traffic slipped noticeably to about 950 a day. We are estimating that sometime in the third week of June, TNN made it to the “censored” group.

In the last 90 days, close to 20,000 views came in via search engines, almost entirely sourced from Google. That’s roughly 1,500 per week, which represents about 16% of TNN’s traffic. In the last two weeks, however, search-engine-sourced visitor levels have been halved to about 726 a week. Meanwhile, we have more content than ever.

Facebook for TNN has always been less active. In the last 90 days, it produced 270 views a week. This has dropped to 81 views. At Twitter, traffic has dropped by a similar amount. There the issue seems to be the aggressive banning of certain accounts who often link to our articles.

Even on the Web-server side, there has been ongoing issues. We have seen the following message on websites that share our work. And we have noticed that on a few like-minded websites, we can’t post in comments as the server connection is broken.

Another dirty trick is Reddit banning. We believe some of it involves shadow banning, meaning that the person isn’t aware of or notified that they’re being banned. About the only subreddit that we are allowed to post is at r/conspiracy. Here, little echo chambers are permitted and participants mostly chat about distractions and misdirections. We surmise it gives the mind-hive thought police the means to sweep names into their apps so as to identify influence centers to muffle, shut down and conduct social media purges.

One of the more mind-blowing experiences TNN had at Reddit was when it removed our article on Chabad Lubovitcher Jared Kusher’s failed negotiations with the Palestinians. We posted this at r/Palestine. The article was up an hour before we were banned from participation. In that hour, the article was well recieved, with 89% up votes and 100 views. Smelling a rat, I looked into the “moderators” and concluded that they were the usual suspects: hive-mind posers. So here we have a subreddit clearly used by real Palestinians, but the content is (per usual) gatekept by Hasbara shills.

It is probably just a matter of time before TNN’s content and traffic is blocked or shadow banned even more. We sort of doubt our website will be actually taken down (at least in the short term), as the enemy can glean our rhetoric and thinking as useful intelligence. Blocking and banning eventually becomes demoralizing for writers. Frankly, for those who read and support our work, it is incumbent on you to share on social media with links while you can. We can only produce content and have no ability to overcome the censorship.

A strategy to overcome censorship and fight back is to return in kind. In other words, instead of engaging in juvenile trolling and stupid online harassment — as encouraged by sites like Daily Stormer — activists should adopt Hasbara tactics to report “insults and offensive comments” made by social and pervert justice warriors, anti-whites, Jewish supremacists, etc. Seriously- Why should the hive-mind people have a monopoly and sole franchise on kvetching about “offensive” speech? We could organize, for example, to bring down the Youtube child-grooming videos.

There is opportunity in adversity.

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  1. this is why its important to have email feeds that ppl can sign up to so they get new posts directly into their email. I know u have one and am subscribed, but a lot dont and the word should get around cos sites could be censored and nobody know about it if theyre not on an email list that tells them.
    Also, wordpress respects the 1st amdnt, hence hwy a lot of truther sites are located there bc they refuse to take down things just cos the jews/israel dont like it.
    Ppl also need to write/email their local politicans to protest any legislation or movements on free speech/expansion of censorship. literally harass them until the pressure is so great theyre forced to revoke it or provide a remedy. Politicians should never have an easy ride/time.

  2. This censorship push is attacking any site that jews don’t like. For years, if you typed ‘Goon Squad’ into Google, Greg Bacon’s excellent web site would pop up. In the last two weeks, it now shows up on the THIRD PAGE of Google results.

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