British Nationialism Infiltrated and Coopted by Jewish Money


The U.K.’s nationalist party, with its more muted Zionist-neocon leanings, has undergone a complete collapse. It vividly illustrates the Kosherization of European nationalism. The British National Party (BNP) peaked in 2009, when it received 6.3% of the votes (943,598 votes) in the European parliamentary election. In the 2010 general election, it received 1.9% of the votes (563,743 votes). In the 2015 general election, it received just 1,667 votes.

Former BNP leader Nick Griffin in 2013 spoke (six years too late) of the takedown of the party. The speech can be viewed in the video below. It’s interesting that the bribes to co-opt the BNP came from U.S. Jews, although unfortunately Griffin doesn’t name names, at least that TNN could find. The tactics used were Jewish promotion of anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist groups and, in particular, the English Defense League (EDL), for which the principle spokesman is Tommy Robinson. Robinson, like faux alt-right nationalists in America, gets plenty of media exposure. Here Robinson describes himself as a Zionist.

Griffin said:

“The most important [group] by a mile was the EDL (English Defence League)/British Freedom Party … there was a serious, hugely-funded, systematic effort by a section of the ruling elite, the Zionist neocon elite, to dominate, to simply take over nationalism, to make it their tool and encourage the white working class to fight their wars, so when the collapse comes, people will be looking the wrong direction, instead of the real culprits.

“I was approached – we were offered money from the United States. And all they wanted were two things. They wanted us to concentrate on criticizing Islam, only to focus on that. And only one other thing: drop our criticism of the international banking system.

“And I refused. And we refused. That was in about 2007 … all hell broke loose … the self-same people, so-called ‘Tory’ think tanks, Policy Exchange, Centre for Policy Studies, the self-same people organised and ran Nothing British to devastate BNP election results, with lies in the Sun [cheap Murdoch ‘newspaper’] and so on …”

This re-revisionist site offers some more particulars on the evisceration of BNP.

The BNP is generally agreed to be in disarray, having lost most of its activists, and having financial and other problems. A BBC TV programme made up essentially of malcontents managed to make almost everyone look insignificant – unsurprisingly, as no serious person would appear on the BBC without careful precautions.

Here is a 2015 BBC interview in which extreme neurolinguistic programming (NLP) is applied against the BNP spokesman. The key takeaway is that the BNP is dead and buried and is closed out of the political process. Spokesman Simon Darby does well during the hit job, but the viewer is given quite a dose of subliminal programming.

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      • Global CIA programmed virus the catalyst for market crash? Microsuck was the willing host to “poz my neg ass” (don’t google that phrase at work, from a forum long time ago).

      • off topic: The new season of Disney/ABC/Filth’s Bachelorette starts next Monday. Rachel Lindsay’s dad is Dallas federal judge Sam A. Lindsay. It seemed strange that someone so high profiled would have a daughter on the show. Thinking back to the Dallas sniper false flag incident, I wonder if it was a quid pro quo for the judge? Turn a blind eye and let business continue and some strings pulled so his daughter can place third in last season of the bachelor + be the next bachelorette?

    • Yes, Corbyn is a lifelong Red Jew Marxist and the whole “Corbyn is anti-Semitic” thing is just another Jew scam to further confuse the British public. Don’t believe a single word uttered by these crypto-Jew liars. They are incapable of telling the Truth, for the Truth is alien to this globalist nation-wrecking filth.

  1. Co-opted just like the Tea Party. In its early days it was aiming at removing incumbent GOP losers. GOP/Big Money didn’t like that and made it about Dems being removed to keep the dialectic rolling.

  2. Simon Darby is one of our most able spokesmen and keeps to the main points: fighting bad arguments. It is down to us to outwit our political opponents rather than get sidetracked on to issues which are not really relevant and are, indeed, somewhat unhelpful. It is no good having a culture of blaming others. We need to unite, keep to the main points, keep on target and keep going.

  3. It is glaringly obvious from his continual interruptions starting from the very beginning that BBC Establishment lackey Andrew Neill has no intention of allowing the BNP’s Simon Darby to get his points across to the viewers in this typical BBC anti-White sham of a program. It is old news that Nick Grifin himself placed the Zionist crypto-Jew known as imnokuffar In charge of the BNP website.

    Soon the BNP website was flooded with brazen Jews including many from the US, openly declaring that they had every right to be there and demanding that the BNP must get rid of the ‘Nazis in the party’ – ‘Nazis’ being Zionist code for experienced Jew-aware White patriots who had spent years successfully building up the BNP membership to 10,000/12,000 at its peak.

    So, this successful BNP nationalist party was a threat to the Jew-ridden UK political Establishment and was destroyed, with disillusioned genuine patriots including myself eventually leaving the BNP in droves after seeing their years of hard work building up the party, destroyed by the eternal Jew enemy with all pleas to Nick Griffin being ignored as NG was always ‘too busy in Brussels’.

    I believe the Jew Establishment had some kind of hold over NG and were
    to apply leverage to Griffin who was a genuine patriot before the Jew filth acquired a hold over him which was most likely due to some kind of indiscretion that he committed.

    There will never be a genuine UK nationalist party until crypto-Jew filth such as the Tommy Robinson pro-Israel types are removed from the scene. The fraud Robinson, now unbelievably back on the nationalist scene, actually crossed over to the other side and took a lucrative job with the govt-funded Quilliam Trust, going around schools in England preaching to our young schoolchildren all the benefits of multiculturalism. Robinson’s pro-multiculturalism stand should come as no surprise, for when this fraud was ‘leader’ of the EDL he wholeheartedly supported Israel and multiculturalism – but no Muslim immigration – this is the agenda of Israel – Robinson even starred in his own 15-min pro-multiculturalism video.

    UK patriots must get rid of this army of crypto-Jew nation-wreckers if they hope to save their nation and their people.

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