Kushner Under Fire for Receiving $30M From Israeli Firm While Shaping Middle East Policy

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‘Are you comfortable with having Jared Kushner be the beneficiary of huge amounts of Israeli financing at the same time he’s overseeing U.S. foreign policy on Israel?’

By Jake Johnson | 8 January 2017

COMMON DREAMS — President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is once more under intense scrutiny after new reporting revealed that his lucrative financial relationship with Israel has deepened even as his influence over U.S. Middle East policy—from his leading role in Trump’s effort to “derail” a U.N. vote against Israel to his sway over the president’s Jerusalem move — has continued to grow.

“There has indeed been clear collusion proven between pre-inaugurated Trump and a foreign power—with Israel, to sink Obama’s U.N. policy on settlements.” — Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

According to a report published Sunday by the New York Times, Kushner’s real estate firm received a $30 million investment from Menora Mivtachim — one of Israel’s largest financial institutions — just before he accompanied Trump on his first diplomatic trip to Israel last year.

“The deal, which was not made public, pumped significant new equity into 10 Maryland apartment complexes controlled by Mr. Kushner’s firm,” the Times notes. “While Mr. Kushner has sold parts of his business since taking a White House job last year, he still has stakes in most of the family empire — including the apartment buildings in and around Baltimore.” […]

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  1. Michael Wolff’s book ‘Fire and Fury’ claims that President Donald Trump has been telling “multiple people” that … “The Kushners know all the crooks in Israel.”

  2. .

    In the effort to establish a singular global government, the powers that be recognized that opposition to their plan would be evident and unavoidable. These opposition forces must certainly be neutralized and their voices squelched, if the socialists’ plans to conquer the world were to be rendered successful.

    How can one keep leaders from arising out of the teaming masses to speak out against the plan in favor of freedom? The diabolical would-be dictators understood the only way to accomplish this, was to create the perception that someone was already fighting the battle of liberty for them. Someone who both supported the plan, yet spoke out against it. Someone who would gain the trust of the masses, then employ diversionary tactics, leading them into tyranny.

    These are the controlled opposition. They come in many different forms, and organizations, and purport to stand for various causes. Many fill pulpits, others occupy public offices. Most are broadcasters. All are deceivers. All are players of a manipulation process called the Hegelian Dialectic.

    They hammer at issues, are vocal about matters that appeal to Christians and conservatives, and even do some good deeds. But their efforts always fail to mobilize their supporters to take the right action, leading the majority who never see through their scheme to ask, “Who silenced the outcry?”

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