Latest Las Vegas Nonsense Has All the Tell Tale Signs of Satanists Getting Off

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The latest insult to any thinking person’s sensibilities is a story in Las Vegas papers reporting on a statement from the MGM. Keep in mind that no CCTV footage has been released since the Oct. 1 event despite Vegas being one of the most highly monitored locations in the world. This suppression of evidence alone ought to be an insult to the intelligence of even the lowest pea brain.


According to FBI sources with direct knowledge of the FBI probe of the Oct. 1 deadly shooting, federal agents have not seen any surveillance video showing alleged gunman Stephen Paddock loading up his hotel suite with rifles and ammunition.

 “No one has seen that on the video we were provided by MGM,” a FBI source said. “Vegas (PD) has looked at the same video. Paddock is on surveillance video but the guns are not. He’s not carrying bags or cases with rifles.”

But now there is even more suspension of disbelief, as we learn that MGM’s Mandalay Bay resort staff had more than 10 interactions with Stephen Paddock in the days leading up to his Oct. 1 massacre of 58 people, including twice on the day of the shootingMGM Resorts International said last Friday.

“Mandalay Bay staff, room service and housekeeping had contact with Paddock or entered his suite more than 10 times over the course of his stay, including the three days leading up to October 1,” an MGM Resorts spokesperson said in an email.

This completely contradicts earlier reports. So which is it? Per The New York Times on Oct. 3: “Mr. Paddock checked in on Thursday and kept the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on his door for the next three days, so no maids entered the rooms, according to a hotel worker, who also was not authorized to discuss the matter.”

Mandalay owner Steve Wynn got in his two cents worth: “You’d never stop a man like this (Paddock) from coming in the building. Howevernobody in this company’s history, no public person, has ever walked in the service elevator unless they were accompanied by security. Uh, that wouldn’t happen.”

Following the shooting, reports claimed that Paddock’s arsenal consisted of 47 guns — 23 of which were found in his hotel room — along with more than 50 pounds of exploding targets and 5,000 rounds of ammunition. Add on monitoring equipment, cable and tools.

It is alleged he arrived with 10 bags. Two never named bellmen helped him carry those bags to his room. Then we find out those 10 bags had guns in them and 5,000 rounds of ammunition. MGM claims to have an “if you see something, say something” policy — and you’re telling us nobody saw those guns during a five-day period? No maid, no housekeeping, no room service personnel ever saw any of the guns? Nobody saw him using power drills in the hallway? Nobody saw him setting up security cameras?

Readers may want to review Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible for insight into what this skullduggery is really about. [See “On Anton LaVey’s ‘Secret Life of a Satanist’ and Satanic Bible] In particular, the “Book of Belial” is revealing, as it goes into black magic and psychodrama.

The bottom line is that black magic is little more than pulling the wool over people’s eyes to control, exploit and ultimately demean and laugh at them. It’s the use and study of falsehoods. The ultimate goal is ego gratification and personal power. And no laws apply to the practitioners. Laws are only for the sheeple on the plantation, in their view. The perps love to see what level of crazy stories and nonsense people will buy into.

Personally, I believe this latest “Stephen Paddock suited and booted in da 32nd floor corner suite” you’re-a-funny-guy routine is little more than these criminals getting off. Incidentally, the early word on “58 fatalities” has never changed.” Yes, nobody else died out of 546 wounded. What are the odds?

Sidestep the slur on Italians, but this is the Crime Syndicate shown yucking it up over their latest scam:

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  1. Surely of the 58 deaths one would have a family whose lawyer would be seeking discovery related to the “neglect” charges brought against the hotel. After all, if you even bang on a hotel window let alone break it, the security is notified asap.

    Have you seen the billboards littering Vegas regarding personal injury? Surely one of these rump groups would be chasing down a family member? And these guys deal with a myriad of Casino fails to include slipping on spilled drinks to choking on poker chips…They’d know about the window alert systems…They’re built into all of the high rises to protect against jumpers.

    So sure, it was a hoax…but Satanic??? I’m more inclined to believe that there are what I call control grid power vacuums occurring. That is, an ongoing consolidation of powers among the states where Governors or high ranking officials are cooperating with Federal agencies for their own nefarious ends.

    Maybe these are free-for-alls for Federal dollars?

      • So the Satanism is in the details..I’ll accept that…Since I suspect the whole fish is rotten from head to tail, I’m not surprised if a few “tells” are left behind for shits and giggles..My position is that the producers wish to be a bit more subtle as their ends are satanic .The writers…well..yup agreed

  2. The 3 different areas of ‘truthing’ – 1 of them could save the other 2

    An interesting post by Château Heartiste may contain the key to saving the ‘truth’ movements in the West

    Heartiste’s key insight is that there is one major truth arena that tends to win almost instant wake-up from most males in the West … a much easier lever against the Powers That Be

    To expand a bit upon Heartiste’s article – Heartiste names 2 big truth arenas tho actually there are three, major and quite different areas of blogging etc that attempt to ‘red pill’ against oligarch-run Western propaganda:

    (1) ‘Realism’ about differences amongst humans along ethnic, racial, tribalist, cultural heritage etc lines, IQ differences etc, and talk about ethnic, including Jewish, mafias … this is easily subject to being slammed as ‘racist’ and suppressed

    (2) ‘Manosphere’ realism about the true nature of male – female sexual psychology, female passion for alphas and rougher ‘bad boys’, female contempt for beta cucks, ‘hacking’ female mentalities for sexual success, why women are pro-migrant ‘refugees welcome’, how oligarchy is sponsoring male-and-family-destroying gynarchy that is looting-plus-denying most males … as Heartiste points out, this is THE RED PILL that is immediate with every male, who can see these operations verified in his own dating – sexual life and amongst contacts

    (3) Truthing on the major items of news and political events, exposing false flags and scams, Operation Gladio type gov-run terrorist attacks, 9-11, the fake ‘trips to the moon’ of which 2018 begins the 50th anniversary (Dec 1968 Apollo 8) … this last ‘truth’ arena is often snickered at by bloggers in (1) and (2) as ‘conspiracy’ etc or unimportant, a distraction … plus this area is the most subject to gov and intel psy-ops, e.g., fake 9-11 ‘truthers’ with claims that confuse the hell out of the whole topic

    The reality is that internet ‘truthers’ have an entry point to their battle against oligarch schemes, in any of the 3 areas above, which leads them (slowly sometimes) into the other 2

    But as Heartiste points out, it is the ‘manosphere’ stuff – rather painful for women to admit, but damn obviously true – that is the easiest Red Pill of all … sure a lot of cucks can self-delude about it for a time, but not without a lot of cognitive dissonance stress, this is the easiest Truth for men by the millions to grok

    And it is a matter of sheer practicality for men whether they are single and seeking to bed women and win a good wife, or married and in danger of having his wife use the state to seize his income stream whilst she goes in search of fulfilling her alpha-male fantasies

    Truth in the other areas is often not ‘immediate’ in people’s lives … Even tho the racial – ethnic issues are ‘street reality’, a person’s actual life is often managed into a ‘bubble’ where the rough city areas are avoided etc, so it is ‘distant’ just like ‘who did 9-11’ or the latest Gladio B ‘terrorist massacre’ that is merely a news item … whereas the male-female issues are in your face, unavoidable, there to be seen and felt in your own bed

    With TNN having a gender-mixed triumvirate running the site, it’s a particularly senstive matter here … tho would be interesting to read Torchy’s take on the manosphere red-pilling ‘brutal-but-true’ stuff

    • I will ask Torchy to address- but #2 manosphere is not a good approach: The issue is exaggerated and somewhat contrived. Of course on a personal level men should avoid toxic women, but to build a movement around this is a huge mistake. Secondly half the human race are women- that’s big tent to leave out. The bigger issues of #1 and #3 are more vital. TNN readership demographics is 38% women, and obviously there are excellent women participants in our comments. Also our demographics shows more educated folks- I will take quality over quantity any day.

      We have hit #3 hard. It is a tough road because of the incredible brainwashing- but somebody has to do it.

      • Those who advocate for polarization and infighting among men and women are trying to destroy a movement, not strengthen it. Strength comes from numbers, always.

        • It’s really not about polarising men & women, the manosphere stuff is actually trying to heal the breaches

          Tho it seems to be true that women hate like the dickens to read the manosphere sites, ‘No No No we are not that way!’ … except the stuff is sufficiently true that it ‘works’, relationships and marriages are established & maintained, by men covertly adopting the ‘game’ mentality

          Curiously, for all his over-the-top sometimes degradation of women, the white sharia junk etc, Anglin also has a significantly female readership … also, the pornhub etc statistics show a lot more women look at pornography than thought, and a favourite female theme is domination by men, Fifty Shades of Grey and all that

          There is also a major argument going back to J D Unwin’s 1934 book Sex and Culture, researching historical events back to Babylon, that ‘women’s rights’ cultures always spin out of control and the cultures eventually implode, without exception, happened in Babylon, late Rome, and now in 20th-21st centuries … over-simplifying in a modern context, the majority of women plus the cucked males generally outvote anyone else

          So what happens, is a statist sponsorship of a kind of gynarchy which ultimately wrecks the family, given the female hypergamic impulse which harnesses the state to support females, who themselves undermine marriage bonds so they can always re-start their ‘search for alpha’

          • Wow, that’s really … something. A woman’s preference for manly men is biological. But with shifting gender roles in society, this may change. I don’t envy young people trying to couple today. Certainly my post-feminist Gen-X crowd has had a tough time — as birth rates show. I’m not a young girl, so I have no clue what young girls today want. As for the DS folks, well, it doesn’t surprise me that that pack of trolls has to trick a girl to get a date. Seems to me that some of them seem are confusing “alpha” with “asshole.”

    • Not entirely sure what you mean by “manosphere.” Maybe that should be subject of future post — but the problem with writing about such things is that women aren’t all of one mind any more than men are. I don’t have a large swath of female friends from whom I can gather information and draw conclusions, and I’m not an evolutionary psychologist. I have observed that women who are able to take on more traditional roles tend to have more traditional values — which has political implications, of course. I know there are many women who would love to live a more traditional life, but it’s simply not possible economically. This is a societal problem, not a man versus woman problem. There are also many women who find themselves in non-traditional situations because husband/father has abandoned the family. Are they to blame? Or is it a cultural problem? Generally, I see women having huge expectation heaped on them while they’re merely trying muddle through the challenges of everyday modern life. They view things like sexual normative value structures, etc., etc., as the preoccupations of people with too much time and/or too much money. Daily life has become more about economic rather than biologic imperatives. In terms of migration, et al: I don’t personally know one woman — not one across a wide political/economic spectrum — in favor of open borders. But I think most would say that true refugees should be given temporary asylum and a highly controlled migration system is acceptable. In terms of preferences for macho v. feminized men, that’s a matter of taste. It’s like asking whether all men prefer a certain type of woman. You can make generalizations, but generally it’s an individual thing. Personally, I’ve always preferred intelligent manly gentlemen who are respectful of women, even the crazy ones. I believe one of the biggest issues for women is that they’re culturally debased and manipulated by entertainment media. Men, too, for that matter. Change won’t happen unless we all wake up to this and choose to reject it. Don’t know if I answered your query, but I tried.

      • Hello Torchy, and thank you for the extended thoughtful reply

        It’s indeed quite true that one needs to be careful about generalising, but the pattern is really there. You actually rather confirmed the ‘manosphere’ notions as you mentioned the ‘intelligent, manly gentlemen’ : – ) … Yes that’s it in slight code, the ‘alpha’ behaviour … Which some of us have ‘by accident’ even though being good moral guys : – )

        Things are really, really messed up out there in male-female relations land, and Andrew Anglin amongst others, has been nothing less than brilliant in red-pilling about this reality to his viewer base … with massive ‘quick results’ confirmed by his young men implementing the suggested strategies, understanding e.g., how females tend to ‘shite-test’ males and how that is best handled … very un-PC but real

        Ditto for the manosphere-focused sites, Château Heartiste, Return of Kings, Rational Male … for men of dating age wrestling with concrete reality, these sites are life-saving, practically-effective internet gold, as one can confirm from their comment sections … Pains are being healed, illusions demolished, concrete solutions described & implemented … non-PC but ‘the real deal’ as people change their lives in a matter of days … Interesting is how many of these men are not interesting in just ‘bedding’ but in LTR, marriage & family

        Tho the men are somewhat ‘gaming’ the dating strategy and ‘hacking’ the female emotional process, an irony is that the nature of this game is the women being ‘gamed’ actually can be happy to have men doing more of what women sub-consciously seem to want, it is not ‘hostile conflict’

        In Western Europe where the males are much more ‘cucky metro-sexual’, you would be relatively floored at the goofy female ‘refugees welcome’ mentality … grandly unwilling to listen to even semi-official data that most of the arrivals are economic migrants, and the whole thing is a Soros etc manipulation along the lines of Pentagon advisor Kelly Greenhill’s ‘Weapons of Mass Migration’ book

        • I said men “who are respectful of women.” That is essential. Anglin’s angle, from what I’ve seen, seems to be about treating women like shit as part of some sort of confidence game. Sure, a cocky attitude might draw the interest of some women in the short term. But if a guy can’t back up that attitude with something real, she’ll eventually get wise to the game and bail — especially if the game is about subjugating her rather than a peer-level relationship.

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