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Now Even Breitbart Attacks Turncoat Trump Over Continued Invasion

CHART: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

11 June 2017

THE NEW OBSERVER — US President Donald Trump’s failure to adhere to his election promises on halting the illegal immigration invasion of America is now so blatant that even his former supporters at Breitbart News has been forced to run an exposé on his deception.

A new report in Breitbart, titled “Border Numbers Up 31 Percent in One Month as ‘Catch and Release’ Continues” revealed that the detention of illegal border crossers by Border Patrol agents jumped 31 percent in May from the previous month, and comes as Border Patrol agents report that the Trump administration is simply continued the “catch and release” programs started under Obama.

These programs are “quietly continuing,” Breitbart reported, despite Trump’s election promises to halt them.

According to official figures, Border Patrol agents apprehended 14,535 illegal immigrants along the southwestern U.S. border with Mexico in May. […]

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