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The Christmas Morning Bombing in Nashville: Looking for Telltale Signs (Updated)

A law enforcement member walks past damage from an explosion in downtown Nashville, Tenn. on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, 2020. Buildings shook in the immediate area and beyond after a loud boom was heard early Christmas morning. PHOTO: Detroit News/Mark Humphrey/AP

Editor’s Note: This post will be a work in motion as details emerge.

12/28 Update:  In what has to be the quickest DNA testing in history, authorities have made the match to Anthony Quinn Warner. Additionally the dreaded suicide bomber has been added to the narrative. To our sensibilities the late Warner is a dead or fake men can’t talk phantom and a cut-out character. Most likely a manifesto of sorts will soon emerge that hits on many of the New Underworld Order (NUO) neuro-linguistic programming talking points, such 5G, white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, blah, blah.

If, and a big if, Warner was a real non-NUO order actor, this would explain the motives.

Also straight out of clown world another box truck was surrounded by police on Sunday and a robot sent in. The box truck was alleged to have been driving down the road playing the same recorded warning loop as the Warner RV.

The bomb explosion in Nashville at 6:40 a.m. Christmas morning appears to be quite different from the scripts we have been fed over the last several years. The mainstream media (MSM, aka Lugenpresse) are holding the cards close to their chest so far and avoiding speculative narratives, manifesto hoaxes and the naming of suspects.

Illuminati card game 1995

The scene is reminiscent of a Weather Underground operation in that it has a “sending a message here, don’t make us hurt anyone” aspect to it. Yet, there’s no obvious message that has been made public — or at least not yet. What’s clear is that whoever did the bombing did not seem to want any “collateral damage” and casualties.

This approach is a war for hearts and minds and not sheer terror. Its leadership (if non-New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate) likely knows that massive or indiscriminate casualties would ultimately harm its overall goal. It needed to show power but tempered.

The attack did however dominate by intent the news on the most peaceful and restful day of the year. That’s rather discordian.

Police confirmed that the RV itself appeared to be broadcasting a loud message over speakers warning people nearby to evacuate because there was a bomb. The message, which you can hear below, repeatedly states, “If you can hear this message, evacuate now.”

This, and the nature of the blast, suggests a level of sophistication and some resources. A fly by night lone wolf probably wouldn’t incur the expense and expertise of an RV, a bomb and a recorded sound system.

An alleged enhanced surreal blow up of the perp has been released- quite Hollywood.

Notice the ever present shoes calling card in the header photo.

Shoes in Staged Deceptions and False Flags as Both Calling Cards and Black Magik

Word is that body parts were found. Could this simply be a big splashy suicide? So far no CCTV footage has been released to confirm if anybody left the RV. Why? Maybe there was a message or manifesto, but it hasn’t been released or is being held back drum roll style.

The warning voice is a neuro-linguistic programming dead ringer for an announcement in “The Purge.”

Superficially, it looks like a well-trained and organized group struck and declared war against the power structure and the Lugenpresse is told to lay low and not report anything beyond the bare basics. The FBI says it is investigating multiple suspects.

The RV was parked in the middle of 2nd Avenue in Nashville in front of an AT&T network switch/data center and across from some not-particularly-notable bars and restaurants.

It does, however, seem to specifically target the telecommunications hub/datacenter. In that regard, it destroyed some infrastructure. This supposedly hardened point wasn’t hardened enough, and the backups either did not exist or were also destroyed.

Vital points are supposed to be at least minimally hardened and have backups, but this one demonstration attack knocked out emergency 911 service, phone and Internet for up to a 200-mile radius.

Was it a demonstration of capacity? If three to four of those were to go off, it could produce a regional or U.S.-wide telecom outage.

The big (approx. 8-foot) rectangles with vents by them are access hatches for utility tunnels. Those hatches are steel and have steel hinges attaching them to the sidewalk.

Those steel hatches were blown off the hinges and thrown out of frame! That shouldn’t happen with a car bomb from above. The car bomb either set off or was concurrent with explosions in the utility tunnel and likely inside that building. You can even see scorch blast or fire marks on the building side emitting from the hatches. The sidewalk around the hatches is also scorched. Note the fissures and holes in the sidewalk surrounding the hatches.

This photo is not anywhere in the media. I had to screen grab it from the local TV station’s sky flyover. Second photo is a close up of damage at the hatch blast location.

RV blast across the street did this?

Layered on this is creating a right wing “conspiracy theorist” patsy to further that narrative. AT&T is the new owner of Warner Media, which owns and operates highly partisan and disliked CNN.

This patsy suspect seems to now be in play in the person of one Anthony Quinn Warner, 63. Warner is white from Antioch, Tn.  Conveniently, google images show the same model RV parked at his residence. Curiously, as of 8:00 AM Dec. 27 there are no photos of Warner online although there is a backstory that he was paranoid about 5G spying on Americans.

Update: We now learn that Warner gave his house to a woman in Los Angeles a month before the bombing. If he was gone it is a little unclear why police conducted a search of a house he didn’t own?

There is a narrative that Warner is the proprietor of Custom Alarms Electronics  founded in 2000 and engages in the “electrical installation” industry. This would support the skills necessary for the operation. However, the company name does not turn up results in corporate record searches- a cutout?

There is speculation that Warner died at the explosion site, possibly a suicide. Newsweek reports two senior law enforcement officials stated that federal investigators were locating Warner’s mother for a DNA test. Convenient: dead men can’t talk. And neither can fakes.

Insider Shakedown Theory 

On the morning of April 16, 2013, after a team of gunmen, using rifles, opened fire on the Metcalf Transmission Substation in California, severely damaging 17 transformers, it was discovered that a series of fiber-optic telecommunications cables operated by AT&T were cut by the culprits.

Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at that time, Jon Wellinghoff, stated that military experts informed him that the California assault looked like a “professional job,” noting that no fingerprints were discovered on the empty casings.

In October 2015, it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security had found indications that the California attack may have been committed by “an insider.”

The AT&T insider-job theory holds that the motive is getting more corrupt rent seeking government hand outs for infrastructure hardening under national security needs.

Also! See Mapping Minneapolis Minnesota Riot Damage, Opportunity Zones, and Fed Banks: Freebies and no taxes for plutocrats

Tertiary motive: Make RVs a target of interest and suddenly hundreds of thousands of RV owners get scrutinized, pulled over and harassed. In a few, they’ll undoubtedly find drugs, guns and other such things. No more taking Ma to a demonstration or rally. After a few months, people start selling their RVs, and it becomes just one more thing we had become accustomed to having but now must abandon for the sake of security.

45 Comments on The Christmas Morning Bombing in Nashville: Looking for Telltale Signs (Updated)

  1. I think the Carrot or Stick approach may migrate to Stick and then Carrot….Just wait until a few weeks into 2021 and the pajamalitos realize that a calendar date means nothing and its more of the same…and for another year…

    These type of events seem to give license to people welcoming RV Checks, road blocks, and any such intrusion that prevents access to a “back to normal” life. They also bring into the scope the abhorrence of the radical individual…I suspect a manifesto isn’t far off

    • Yes, we are on the same page this morning; I had Kaczynski’s wiki page open, before I even finished reading the thread, and I concur with you fully.

      As the nation remains in lockdown in many areas and people (even friends of mine) are purchasing RVs for the first time in their lives, this convenient situation comes along.Too many of the other facts of the event just leave me scratching my head, so I have defaulted to the obvious that it will be used as a convenient pretext for harsher search / intimidation measures, and the man in the thread will become Ted K. part 2.

      I do hope we are both wrong since it would mean people could simply travel in peace, but I have a sneaking submission that we are not (no hubris over here, just an instinctual observation).

      Please be well.

      • Something funny and sad hit me as I posted.

        Since it seems VP Pence is going to flee the scene next week, and hand deliver that Conjob-19 aid check to the Israelis, Uncle Joe is looking more like the 4th time was the charm (I give him 6-9 months tops before he is put out to pasture; now as I type, I wonder what President Heels Up is going to do with Mayor Brown? Another topic, for another day.).

        Now as we all know he and Heels Up are going to open the borders for the next great flood to occur. Those individuals coming in will be checked less than in the last 4 years, while if this Ted 2 plan goes through then the legal travelers will get the border treatment. Gotta love Amerika!

        Still hope it does not head this way. For my part, I am thinking South Dakota in the immediate future. Evidently the Gov. got a flame thrower for Christmas. My type of lady!

  2. Notice the upside down yellow shoe in the foreground of the first photo. It’s less obvious than previous calling cards.

  3. In front of the AT&T (Bell/Bel) building – horned tower – aka the Batman Building. 33 (masonic) floors and 333 (kabbalist) address….Copied from “Subliminal Synchro Sphere” blog.

    • AT&T is the new owner of Warner Media, which operates CNN

      AT&T is primary facilitator of warrantless mass surveillance for the secret government since the telegraph was invented. There are locked closets at all major AT&T backbone routing centers with NSA fiber taps installed, sucking up ALL internet + phone traffic through an undetectable passive optical tap. The bombing will not hurt AT&T, it actually helps:

      A false flag attack against AT&T/CNN by an apparent “extremist” and “conspiracy theorist” makes the company appear to be a victim when it is increasingly viewed by the public as a criminal enterprise itself. This false flag op is about control of public opinion and the depiction of truthers as terrorists. Also a veiled threat to Trump and distraction from the vote fraud issue.

      Related: note the proximity of Parkland school to Trump property. Parkland is also name of hospital where JFK died – another subliminal threat. / Vegas massacre attack on Trump supporters – another subliminal threat. / Batman references: Nashville batman building, Sandy Hook, Aurora shooter. All of these were covert ops. This is how the cabal demonstrates responsibility without traceability: the public does not notice these connections until later… after the deep state has communicated threats to politicians: “Obey us or you get more of this.”

  4. I live about 1.5 hours from Nashville. We began receiving notices that 911 landline calls were affected (cell and cable voice were unaffected), meaning it is AT&T damage.

  5. First saw the video of the blast over at Gateway Pundit and the narrative of the “lone white gunman” immediately came to mind. But, it seems like they’re going with the “lone white conspiracy theorist” narrative.

    Yet, they also seem to be paradoxically working overtime to memory-hole this as quickly as possible. Asking, Why, or How brings up entirely too many questions. First question being more a rhetorical – “this was some CIA Operation Gladio exercise right?”

    Then there’s the question of – “did the body parts recovered belong to a formerly living person blown to smithereens, or was there a cadaver used to sell the macabre narrative?”

    But, this was them, it’s always them – just like Terrence Yeakey’s “suicide.”

    • ” they also seem to be paradoxically working overtime to memory-hole this as quickly as possible. ”

      Is that your take? – interesting! but not paradoxical – that’s what they do when their factional strife breaks out into open kinetic violence (Las Vegas 2017 was memory holed, as well).

      Big question is: the guys who sent that missile (or whatever) – ? – are they confident or desperate?

      • It’s paradoxical that they both have to acknowledge the event and give plausible explanations as to why it happened and who did it. But they need it moved out of public consciousness immediately because the questions raised challenge the validity/plausibility of the answers given.

        Whoever is involved with this is probably fairly confident that they have nearly omnipotent control over whatever narrative they choose to release to the oblivious public.

        Where are you coming up with a missile attack? Neither myself or anyone else here suggested anything to that effect.

        • well, yes, I guess that is the paradox; here, you seem to be focusing on the MSM minions; my query was directed at the perpetrators: was theirs an act of desperation or confidence?did they become more or less so in the aftermath of the operation.

          As far as “missile” – other sources have deployed the, call it, “was-it-a-missile” or “was-it-a-DEW” template. Does the scene not call to mind the Murrah office building in Omaha?

          • The MSM minions are the Deep State, these are a crack team of useless talking heads. They are loud abrasive morons who fulfill the extremely important task of capturing the vast majority of sheeples’ attention. They are akin to the secondary RV explosion to distract from whatever explosion hit the AT&T data center – which appears to be a conventional explosive device.

            But, who knows, maybe there is some breakaway group targeting the adversarial Deep State. They’d need some very exotic weaponry to do so.

            May Tataria rise again!

  6. Keep in mind as well that multiple ‘witnesses’ stated that they heard what sounded like gunshots going off before the explosion. If, in fact, it was some kind of ‘lone wolf’ or disgruntled employee attack, he may have had only the intent of damaging the AT&T hub and not hurting anyone which is why early morning Xmas day was chosen as well. The sound of gunshots could’ve also been included in the pre-recorded messaging as a way scaring people away from the site to minimize casualties.

    This specific AT&T building might not have been have been tapped by the NSA; it’s hard to know. As of this comment, they are now officially saying that Warner died in the explosion. The house that they are searching was sold on Nov. 25th to a woman in L.A.

    There is the question as to whether the Nashville AT&T was involved in the auditing of the Dominion voting machines and whether those machines were in transit last week to Nashville AT&T? Dominion is owned by Cerberus Capital Management. William Kennard, who was former owner of Nashville AT&T is on the Board of Cerberus Capital Management. Dominion voting is owned by Cerberus…Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs. Joe Biden’s Brother-in-Law, Steve Owens is co-founder of Staple Street along with William Kennard.

    • My guess- the ‘gunshots’ were a bird scare gun, sometimes known as a propane cannon. This thing was set up underground, where the explosion actually was. Propane cannons use a timer to periodically produce a loud report, much like a gunshot. When the gaseous concentration in the underground tunnels rose to the point where the propane cannon could initiate a blast, the whole thing went BANG. What gas? IDK. Propane or acetylene, most likely. Point is, it wasn’t what they said it was. A terrorist attack, yes, but by the ‘government’, rather than against it.

    • Based on these links that Ed has posted I’m calling it an underground acetylene explosion, rather than above ground HE. It’s easy to make acetylene go bang in a major way, as the air/fuel ratio is not critical and acetylene is highly energetic. Carbide+water+time+spark = WHAAAM!!!

  7. Saw so many on other forums going into the “how” it was done thing…Matters not; WHAT the End Goal is-that is what we are awaiting.
    Far too many Truly Awakened (not “Woke”) people knew immediately this was a False Flag.
    Of course,Uncle Alphabet knew many would instantly spot it-they either didn’t try/care enough,or “drawing out” those who are Awake,which would be yet another Dual Purpose Rite/Ritual?Operation…
    Wonder what this one will be acro-named?
    My first post on here,but devoted follower of your Work,Russ.LOVE the site and the many,many great participants with such great links!

  8. And,by the bye-I have watched the CCTV of the blast several times…never saw an “RV”,or anything in the far right from whence the blast emerged.Perhaps I am not perceptive enough(?).
    Funny thing,too: the guy casually walks his dog right on past-seconds after the massive explosion.The owner,nor the dog(!),seemed very concerned at all…not even “shaken” or nerve-rattled.
    Didn’t even look in that direction,as I recall-(ye gods!)
    The former owners of the facility (please do correct me where necessary anyone) were the CEREBRUS Group,yes?

  9. Watch at the 3:08 mark of the video on the bottom right where a guy is just casually walking his dog along the street from the bottom right oblivious just after the explosion. Here:


    Now match the video above with his version of events. Here:

    Then, we have the FAA declaring the airspace around Nashville as ‘national defense airspace.’ Here:

    And there is the unedited interview with Nashville mayor John Cooper where he is conveying overwhelming duping delight combined with apparent foreknowledge. Here:

    For what its worth, I read a comment on another blog from a guy who said he lived in Nashville for 16 years; he stated that the AT&T building in Nashville is a cellular transmission building and has nothing to do with the Dominion voting machines. He felt the attack was more about collapsing the infrastructure and cell service than anything else.

    • Thank you,Dear Sir,excellent link!…
      Just as,”Bringing our troops home” means leaving a couple hundred actual US military,more or less,in whatever country we happen to be assaulting at any given time (all the time,someone)…yet NO MENTION of thousands of “contractors” (i.e.,MERCENARIES) who “independently” kill and destroy on behalf of Uncle Shmuel…
      That makes it “legal”…and almost completely hidden from the purview of the general public back home…(And,did not Orwell predict in his 1984 that actual “warfare” would be fought far away in distant lands,by mercenary forces of the three contesting empires?-think ISIS,Academi,Wagner Group,et al.)
      So,too,does the gub’ment no longer “legally” spy on Americans: it’s “contracted” out,to CORPORATE mercenaries(!),which makes perfect sense in the Corporatocracy that has emerged in the West,”Liberal Democracy” in action.
      Of course,the tech giants (from big news outlets over the decades,on into net media) are,from their inception-ALL-seeded into fruition by some form of major financial apparatus “linked to” the Intel agencies…Whom are OWNED by The Octopus…
      It’s quite something that over the years we constantly,over and over,hear,”we have the internet now! The power is in our hands,blah,blah…”
      And I’ve told persons,over those many years,that it’s a simple thing for the System to PULL the plug(!)…If all of a sudden everyone’s little screens went dark,it would be pure havoc in very short order.Happened/s in many countries where an iron fist government wants to keep the crowds from getting together in great numbers.
      (there are many ways around that of course,for a very few)
      And it is a very simple snare,as well…a great,global “honeypot”.
      Intelligence is key to everything.
      But,I digress…
      (But also,from what I know,far more importantly than anything to an American: AT&T had horrible customer service,and they would screw you routinely on their ever-increasing bills-just as it is done almost by instinct/religious rite by Global parasites: poison you as slowly as possible,and empty yer pocket in the process…)

      • That certainly looks like something a manic conspiracy theorist would write.

        And nice touch with the Uncle Schmuel, it also checks the Neo-Nazi box too!

  10. I think if you step back, squint your eyes and view through the lens of human enslavement it all makes much more sense.

    Short version:

    Long Version:

    I was in Nashville last year at this time. The downtown area looks like a half and half of legacy commercial assets and gentrification . Maybe the Titans make it to the Superbowl, it did wonders for Denver. I bring this up because CAF make a very interesting correlation starting at the 28:40 mark regarding Central Bank Offices and Riots.

    Safety of the Grid against the Ted K’s is in order.

    • BullionGrower NZ,

      Heidegger, Ellul, Spengler, and Kaczynski all warned us of the dangers that our technological era was presenting us with. The nightmarish scenario that is playing itself out before us most people are clueless about. Maybe Kafka was right! In the end man will die like a dog!

      Thanks for the link!

      • Your Kafka reference may need a different context, more like

        In Kacynski’s case, he saw the direction of the “Modern Scientific Revolution” Ever wonder why it took until Newton to discover the “LAW” of Gravity? just 400 years back??

        They used to refer to these types of things as “Tendencies ” you know…

        • The ending to Kafka’s ‘The Trial:’

          “But the hands of one of the gentleman were laid on K’s throat, while the other pushed the knife deep into his heart and twisted it there, twice. As his eyelids failed, K saw the two gentlemen cheek by cheek, close in front of his face, watching the result. “Like a dog!” he said. It was as if the shame of it would outlive him.'”

          Kafka struggled with multiple ways of how to end his masterpiece ‘The Trial,’ and eventually we are left with the sudden execution of K from out of nowhere. We are all Joseph K now with our 21st centuries alienated subjectivity and its struggle with the impenetrable and intractable bureaucratic System and its totalitarian technocratic aims.

          • Thanks for the story and the link. I think Kafka describes today’s so called legal system to a T. As for the ending, or how things will eventually end up, I have to refer to a bit of wisdom from my dear old grandpa; “Time will tell, shit will smell, and water will seek its own level”.

            • Johnny Walker Read,

              You’re welcome!

              Yes, there are multiple layers to Kafka, especially ‘The Trial’ and ‘The Castle.’ If you haven’t had a chance to watch Orson Welles’ version of ‘The Trial,’ check it out. Welles called it, “the best film I ever made.” Welles made a few minor adjustments in the screenplay, but he basically maintains the spirit of the novel. Anthony Perkins does a pretty good job as Joseph K as well.

              Here is a good documentary on the Welles film:


              Also, I do enjoy Patrick Wood’s work as well. Unfortunately, most people are not too familiar with his work.

              Take care!

              • Apologies, That was my post Re Metamorphosis. I’m more inclined to believe we are facing a challenge to the ‘Nature” of Man . Patrick Wood does some good work on Trans-humanism, but I am of the opinion that these nerds will F it all up, even if they have some type of Machine Learning program gaming this all out.
                This is a rejection of the soul..

              • Came across this by accident while viewing this Charles Giuliani video. If you check in at the 139:50 minute mark Charles discusses The Inquisition. All I could think of was “The Trial”. Made me wonder if Kafka wasn’t alluding to it in some way. Ignore the rest of the video if you prefer.

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