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Appalling Performance of Public Schools Exposed By Project Baltimore: Solution is Garveyism

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“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” -Marcus Garvey

The city of Baltimore’s public schools have been overwhelmed by a scourge of ill behavior and lipid politically correct responses to it. In the schools, 81% are black, 9 percent Hispanic/Latino and 8 percent white.

Project Baltimore reports that currently and on any given day, nearly 25% of high-school desks are empty – a 13-year high. Instead of being in school, police say, many of the kids are walking the streets and committing crimes. In Baltimore City, 39% of high school students are considered chronically absent, or truant, by missing more than 20 days. That’s 8,400 teenagers who regularly are not going to school and are out getting in trouble and further destabilizing the community.

The project also found that among 3,804 students in Baltimore’s worst 19 high schools, only 14 of them, or less than 1%, were proficient in math.

Winter Watch at least credits Project Baltimore for highlighting the problem and conducting real journalism. Local Fox affiliate Fox 45 is doing the investigation. We suspect the hammer will come down on them soon enough. And when it does, take careful note of who is behind the attack or smear.

Few in the black community — other than perhaps Bill Cosby, before his reputation was tarnished by false rape accusations — have spoken to this issue as being social and cultural on a racial basis. After Cosby was taken down, some in the black community suggested that influential black men speaking to truth are targeted. This is absolutely correct.

For black people, we are disturbed by the Project Baltimore outcomes.  We need to ask these black communities an important question: What are you going to do about it? How has Saul Alinsky Leftism been working for you? Is it really only about the harried educators in the Baltimore school system? Is tearing down monuments and shutting down universities when whites don’t leave [see “Evergreen State Crybullies Try to Kick Whites Off Campus” and “Berkeley Protesters Demand ‘Spaces of Color,’ Harass White Students Trying to Pass”] really the most productive use of your time and energy or focusing on the real problem? It would be a rare white indeed who wishes this Project Baltimore condition on you.

Applying Nationalism to the Issue

Perhaps what is required is shock treatment in the form of black nationalism and positive (not faux) black pride. Winter Watch is not simply casting stones in a glass house either. This also applies to the white community, which is suffering from a drug and opioid epidemic and is also being dragged into untermensch status. Neither race has any constructive racial pride or leaders that speak to true pride, as this is also targeted by the usual-suspect narrative writers. The right leaders can show their people a way out of the impenetrable mist.

Blacks (and whites) should harken back to the great black nationalist Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) for inspiration and guidance. The Nation of Islam movement, in so far as it focuses on black cultural and social improvement and self-determination, is also a good model.

Garvey attempted to join modern urban goals and mass organization by creating black economic institutions. He called his organization the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). It looked to self-proficiency and at the community in a racial context.

Are Blacks Being Poisoned into Mental Illness and Dinduism? An Op-Ed Plan for Recovery

Garvey was very grounded in racial reality and believed “in the principle of Europe for the Europeans, and Asia for the Asiatics” and “Africa for the Africans at home and abroad.” Therefore, he was anti-colonial and naturally spent effort during that era liberating that continent. Winter Watch cites the example of the Irish genocide of 1845-50 as to what happens when ownership (called dispossession) within a nation or community passes largely into alien or foreign hands.

On race relations Garvey said:

“I regard the Klan, the Anglo-Saxon clubs and White American societies, as far as the Negro is concerned, as better friends of the race than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together. I like honesty and fair play.

“The enemies are not so much from without as from within.”

Although Garvey did speak against white discrimination and in support of black rights, he would have never deflected the issue to Confederate memorial statues. Nor would have been involved in running disingenuous struggle sessions against weak whites. He would be warning of a natural white backlash to the skulduggery we are witnessing today.

The True History of the Confederate Memorials: It Was a Women’s Movement

#StruggleSessions and the Mythical Inverted Cult of St. Floyd

If alive today, he would likely be looking to lift black nations and communities internally and not by overwhelming white regions. [See “A Dystopic Threat to European Civilization: Sub-Saharan Africa Demographics”.]

Every community where the Negro lives should be developed by him in his own section, so that he may control that section or part of the community. He should segregate himself residentially in that community so as to have political power, economic power, and social power in that community.

To restore character and constructively rebuild racial pride was Garvey’s starting place. He said:

It must be the mission of all Negroes to have pride in their race. To think of the race in the highest terms of human living. To think that God made the race perfect, that there is no one better than you, that you have the elements of human perfection and as such you must love yourselves. Love yourselves better than anyone else. All beauty is in you and not outside of you, for God made you beautiful. Confine your affection, therefore, to your own race and God will bless you and men will honour you.

Today, all the negative black self-pride manifestations that Garvey spoke to are running amok. Case in point is music, which can only be called the worst form of low culture. Is anybody with a voice in the black — or for that matter white — community attacking this? Winter Watch covered the hanging of a white child as “retribution” music video in the post “Background on the Criminal XXXTentacion, the Black Rapper Who Performed Mock Hanging of White Child.”

In the following video, gangsta rapper Chief Keef gets off reminiscing about Chiraq shoot outs. Don’t miss the part starting at 2:30 about the “fans.”

Nature of the Threat to Whites: Black Gangsta Hip Hop and Rap

These are available and consumed in abundance in black low-culture. It is not, however, produced by blacks. This must be eradicated and the purveyors and profiteers identified by the black community. The white community should then reinforce the Garveyites and not stand by disinterested.



26 Comments on Appalling Performance of Public Schools Exposed By Project Baltimore: Solution is Garveyism

  1. For years the media has been complaining about “bad schools” — it should be clear by now that a “bad school” is one with a large fraction of NAM students, i.e. Blacks (especially) and Hispanics.

    Black children from the wealthiest families have mean SAT scores lower than white children from families below the poverty line — Black children of parents with graduate degrees have lower SAT scores than white children of parents with a high-school diploma or less

    Most people have heard of “white flight”, and know what it means — but there is also black flight, i.e. decent, more intelligent and ambitious Blacks leaving crime-ridden, economically downtrodden areas — so after generations of this, what’s left in places like Baltimore is concentrated genetic detritus, i.e. (mostly) Blacks who are, for all practical purposes, ineducable, at least to a first world standard — continuing to attempt it is just a waste of money.

    Remember: considering all Blacks, 90% of Blacks have an IQ lower than the average White — in places like Baltimore today, a majority of the black residents should probably be considered borderline retarded, per their IQ scores.

    This problem cannot be fixed.

    • Disagree, but it would take two generations to really fix, and they would need to put Garveyites in charge.

      Other reforms are:
      An estimated 18 million Americans are still at risk of lead leaching from old pipes in their homes and city water systems.

      In all, nearly 3,000 cities have recently reported lead poisoning. Blood tests revealed that the residents of more than 1,100 affected communities show lead levels at least four times higher than those affected in the Flint, Michigan, emergency.

      The cities most affected have large and concentrated black populations, and these cities produce the worst of the dindus and mentally ill types of behavior that we are witnessing.

      Case in point: Murder City, Chicago (aka Chiraq), an effectively bankrupt municipality. Most of the service lines are made of lead. Unlike most American cities, Chicago actually mandated the use of lead service lines until 1986, when the federal government finally banned further installation.

      • Disagree, but it would take two generations to really fix, and they would need to put Garveyites in charge.

        I see, so instead of “magic dirt”, it’s ‘magic Garvey-ism’ — with all respect, you have not looked into the subject.

        Just out of curiosity, how do you explain the facts gleaned from SAT data that I repeated above: that black children of the wealthiest, best educated parents underperform, on average, white kids of poor and uneducated parents on the SAT? — how are these black kids “disadvantaged”?

        This illustrates a dirty little secret of many cases of affirmative action in university admissions in America: the kids of white plumbers are passed over in favor of the kids of black doctors and academics.

        Liberia has been an independent nation since around the time California joined the union — also, Whites are not allowed to be citizens of Liberia (look it up, it’s in their constitution, but you’ve probably never heard about that) — here is what the CIA World Factbook says about the economy of Liberia (there is no reason to believe this assessment is biased):

        Liberia is a low-income country that relies heavily on foreign assistance and remittances from the diaspora. It is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture.

        In other words, there is good economic potential in Liberia, but the people who live there, black people, have not been able to do anything with it.

        Etc etc — I could go on and on (e.g. a graph of declining PISA scores in Sweden).

        Guys like you are hard to figure out — you seem observant and insightful about many things, yet incredibly (and respectably) naive about such a basic and vitally important question (for white countries) as the socioeconomic consequences of the genetic basis of race and IQ.

        Yet you probably watch 100m final after 100m final, seeing that all the men are of west African descent, and probably suspect they must have some kind of genetic advantage when it comes to sprinting (compared to Whites/Europeans).

        But you apparently never consider, and/or would never concede, the same about the development of the human brain and attendant cognitive ability/functionality.


        • You have constructed a series of straw man arguments to refute Garveyism and his path to black potential. One is Liberia, or for that matter any African nation. Those aren’t Garveyite systems, but reflect yet more corrupt and enabled poor leadership as seen in Baltimore. It’s not a like comparison. Under Garveyism those countries would be far less dependent. Garvey wouldn’t care for the enabling and living on aid either.

          Second straw man is no where did I or Garvey defend or promote extreme forms of affirmative action as a real solution. Garvey as do I would insist on human and civil rights, but realistically it would take several generations to close the performance gap too, wouldn’t happen over night.

          Third, some black genetic mental disadvantage is only marginally of significance. There are also other factors in play like lead poisoning, diet and pre-natal culture. Using drugs or alcohol at 10, can also screw you up in brain chemistry.

          Garvey would make up for it by building stronger organizational, cultural, familial and social strengths. Asian have an edge on IQ with whites, and it hasn’t been the end of the world for whites. But whites too are now suffering from cultural and social deficiencies. Garvey would therefore caution whites to refocus on their society and culture.

          • I am not a believer in “SAT” or “IQ” in truly measuring intelligence. I do think that it would be incredibly naive to state that blacks have the same thought patterns and the exact same abilities as whites. Vice versa also holds true.

            The real question here is if Black communities can reach their full potential when they are integrated with whites, especially under ZOG.

            To me the answer is clearly “no”. Ditto for the whites.

            Middle class blacks certainly fair much better in the presence of a prosperous white civilisation. If you deny this, then name one large prosperous and well functioning black run city on the planet.

            We can clearly see that middle class and upper class blacks vote with their feet. The first thing they try to do is escape from black dysfunction. It has always been so. The first slave trader in the US was a negro.

            Eah make a valid point here. But it gets even worse. Middle class blacks try to play it both ways once they have escaped the black dysfunction they helped to create through their abandonment of their own people. They want to play the “white privilege” card against whites to gain advantage through things like equal opportunity and race quotas. On the other hand, they want to make sure that they can hide among the whites from all the troubles created by their own people.

            To me the only solution is 1) ending ZOG, then 2) Reinstitution of segregation. Whites have every right to the freedom of association, and whites who do not choose to be among blacks and mulattos should not be forced to do so. Ditto for blacks. That mulattos have the misfortune of mixed parentage should not be reason for force their acceptance into communities who do not want them. Neighborhood covenants used to serve this purpose.

        • Wow. Just wow. Saying that eah used a “straw man” argument is ITSELF
          a ‘straw man’ argument of a sort. IMO. You did your best eah, and it was
          admirable. But some people (don’t ask me why) are just inexplicably blind
          when it comes to holding on to the notion of “potential” regarding blacks.
          Why ? Wait a minute > I just said not to ask that. No sooner would my
          30 pound poodle mix become a German Shepard than ordinary blacks
          compete with ordinary Whites academically and otherwise. Period. And
          no increase in per pupil spending, special programs, teaching methods
          and like will help and they never have. It would be akin to saying that
          through increased “practice” and specialized training programs and
          equipment ordinary or ‘average’ athletes could compete with world
          class athletes who are innately gifted. Just do enough push-ups,
          get up early, and maybe hire a great coach and YOU CAN TOO.
          Would you make such an argument Mr. Winter ?! If you did, I
          would immediately counter with: “You’ve obviously never done
          (serious) competitive sports.” If you say you did, I’d ask, “Did
          you turn off your brain while (or after) this was occurring ?! 🙂
          Just a fun question – no hard feelings. Black infants are not
          like White infants. Black children and adolescents are not
          like White counterparts. Black brains are nowhere near as
          developed as White brains AT ANY AGE. Faces and skulls
          are quite different. Hormones are different. Actual forensic
          anthropological and scientific study -REAL academic stuff-
          has revealed essentially two different species within one
          species CATEGORY or title if you will. A heading only.
          Using a zoological analog, we both would be “birds”.
          That should be clear enough. So stop please. Both
          of us respect you and your work. But the detailed
          and many differences between blacks and Whites
          are well known and they are profound. Only in the
          ‘clown world’ you so often refer to is it possible to
          pretend otherwise. ‘Programs’ full steam ahead.

          • Once again the post was about another subject, the philosophy of Marcus Garvey and what might be done to improve the black condition.

            Instead you guys were triggered (after a dismissive ‘magic Garvey-ism’) to go off carte blanche on the hopeless genetic inferiority of the blacks in America. That ignores that there is considerable variation within each race, and that they are not cookie cutter. Even if the potential of the best 25% could be better harnessed that would be a good step in the right direction.

            It is acknowledged that the black in America is in very poor shape. The causa proxima are a number of serious negative influences that the “leadership” fails to address (with rare exceptions like Bill Cosby), but primarily it is cultural, spiritual and social much more so than a “they are predestined” deficit gene pool.

            • “Even if the potential of the best 25% could be better harnessed that would be a good step in the right direction.”

              Yes, this is true, but the first thing that 25% does is try to escape black dysfunction. The paradox here is that as much as blacks hate whites, they secretly wish that they were white so that they could escape their blackness. This is exacerbated by whites pandering to these pseudo-capable blacks (only a small minority of that 25% could contribute to an advanced society in the absence of whites) by the existence of mulatto’s and the manipulation of the jewish supremacists.

              Take Czechia for example. Who is the biggest threat to its racial cohesion? Blacks or virtue signalling whites who are willing to lie and cheat in order to bring these blacks in, and who also are ready to bread with blacks to create a layer of mulatto’s who will then advocate for affirmative action, more immigration and more special privileges? In reality, they both pose a major threat, and both should ostracized by the rest of civilized society.

              In short, the only long term solution that could maintain Czechia’s, and all of Europe’s, culture and racial cohesion is a form of ghetto-ization where mulattos, black loving whites, and blacks can be forced to live together and keep the dysfunctional black’s at bay. Handouts from civilized white society would be strictly voluntary, and virtue signalling whites who wanted to promote blacks could simply move into the ghetto.

      • Fluoride: The other toxic poison forced on us by our overlords.
        “Lead is a powerful neurotoxin, one that causes irreversible damage to the developing brain. The damage manifests in reduced IQs, behavioral problems, and violent behavior. But lead is not the only neurotoxin that Flint children are now ingesting in their tap water.

        Like most other urban areas in the United States, Flint adds a corrosive fluoride chemical to its water in the name of preventing tooth decay (aka “water fluoridation“). This fluoride chemical is not only a neurotoxin, its repeatedly been found to leach lead from water pipes and increase the levels of lead in children’s blood.

        In short, fluoridation programs are adding fuel to the fire of America’s lead crisis, in Flint and beyond.”

          • What about Africa? What about the Carribean? The examples are endless. I won’t deny that lead, flouride and chem trails are a large negative on both white and black communities. It is all a part of the ZOG plan. Vaccines are too. But this is not the cause of black dysfunction.

            I have a good French friend who was drafted and fought in Algeria in the ’60s. He had a vacation house in Martinique and travels often to Senegal. He is much less “racist” than me, and he says that blacks require a strong authoritarian hand and then their countries can be as livable as white ones. I disagree on the “livable”, but I do agree that blacks require a harsh and cruel government to keep their worst elements at bay.

  2. Jews use blacks as bullets against whites. This is the crux of the issue. As long as the exploitative yid controls culture, money, media and government there will be no solution to this issue, if for no other reason than that the yid wants to race mix blacks and white into one easily dominated low IQ cess pool.

    Assuming whites could regain control of all these critical levers of power there might be some chance of turning black culture around. Otherwise the US is facing a hybrid Weimar-South African future.

    One thing is certain, it won’t be blacks who throw off the yoke of the oppressive hebrews. They are still busy blaming European Christians for their centuries of suffering under the Jewish slave traders and plantation owners.

    • The lynching of the rapist Leo Frank provides a perfect metaphor for what has been going on in America for the last 100 years.

      A rich, entitled and powerful jew name Leo Frank rapes and murders a 13 year old white girl named Mary Phagan, who was not his first victim. He gets his Black Janitor to cover up his crime. When Frank is unable to keep his crime from coming home to roost, he fingers the black guy janitor. In the end the Jewish community gets their freemason hit squad, known as the KKK, to eliminate Frank before he becomes an even bigger embarrassment, and the Negro community ignores how Frank tried to finger the negro and obediently returns to their hebrew plantation. From the ashes of all this rape, murder and betrayal the ADL is born.

      Of course it is this very same ADL who is now training the masonic US police how to treat white Americans like Palestinians using knee choke holds and other judaic oppression techniques. And it is their straw man KKK, also created by their Freemason puppets, who are the boogey men of the “white supremacism”.

  3. Black people have never moved beyond the mud hut in Africa. If they have done so, it has been with the assistance of the white man, i.e, preferential treatment, affirmative action, etc. Growing up on the North Side of Pittsburgh, where class room size was 50/50 in it’s division, I have seen the black man at his best potential; and it is far below that of the beast of the field. Eating in the classroom, attacking teachers in the classrooms, gang stalking and attacking the white students. Incomplete homework assignments, the ability to speak properly non existent and when they did, it was above the normal decible range of sound; very noisy people. This time I am referring to is not just recently; but from 1962 to 1968; elementary school. My parents finally had enough and moved into the suburbs where I attended my final 6 years. So please spare us the typical white goodie two shoes sappy approach about how we can cure the black man. There may be a few who have wondered off the tribal plantation, but the majority are both pyhsically and mentally imcompetent and unable to do so. You want to improve the lives of these people, start calling out their tribal master names; the yid, the khazar, the jew or whatever name you want to apply to that scum of insects. Oh, by the way, the so-called trumped up charges against Bill Crosby were legit. He was Mason and a good friend to good old yid pervert, skin peddler Hugh Hefner. Pictures abound of those two together in conversation. You are who associate with.

  4. Several years ago I became sick with an upper respiratory infection (caught on the flight) while on holiday in Ireland. I ended up in an emergency room. The ER doctor was a black man from Sudan! After several uncomfortable observations, and his refusal to provide an antibiotic, my wife called our son who is a doctor. He knew my history and suggested a protocol to follow. The Sudan doctor didn’t agree and chose his method which was first administering a shot. He jammed it in so fast we knew I was in for trouble. I instantly became nauseous and stood over the sink with my wife holding me up. My chart and x-rays were reviewed the following day by the resident professor and his students on rounds and they immediately put me on numerous antibiotics (what my son had suggested). The Sudanese doctor showed up later that day and continued to say he didn’t understand why I was placed on antibiotics because I didn’t have the ‘markers.’ When I was discharged I was given 7 prescriptions and lucky to be alive.

    I have seen youtubes in which black’s tell admitting hospital staff they do NOT WANT TO BE SEEN BY BLACK DOCKERS!

  5. I think this is a great article.

    I am from Puerto Rico (born and raised) and we have been in the need of a leader like Garvey that would inject pride and desire for wanting to become responsible of our own destiny.

    Our last leader as such was “Don” Pedro Albizu Campos and the Nationalist Party in the 1930s, which did not have much success because of the huge colonial (military and absent capitalism) interests in our country, adding the bunch of local bureaucrats that played their game for their own benefit. We even approved a gag law, a copy-paste of the US Smith law, to destroy nationalism and all pro-independence sentiment.
    I think that is why people from other places think that we have an “obsession” with our flag, and I think is our subconscious display of suppressed, un-emancipated nationalism.
    Our history has never been properly told (a good book though is “War Against Puerto Ricans – Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony”).

    The worst part is that nowadays Democrats and liberals (including many stupid locals) have been successfully pushing the narrative that we are fellow Americans ignored by the mainland. This has many similarities with the negro struggle.

    There is a lot more to say, but this is not about writing an articule here.

    Great article Russ.

  6. Most of you guys using “race” arguments are missing a key element in this discussion: colonialism.

    Most countries in the world outside of Europe, particularly in America (now Hispanics) and Africa, were European colonies. Although the US was a successful case of emancipation because it already had an economy, institutions in place and a political class properly in place and practically totally independent of the colonial power at the time of independence, in most cases the colonial powers ruled ruthlessly, without providing education or any sort of empowerment to the subjects, and with a large portion of the population enslaved (and this does apply to the US I the treatment of Blacks and Native Americans). The attitude in these colonies, now countries, became more of let’s say “how we could get something out of that one in power”; it could be stealing, not paying, in summary trying to gain something out of the situation because it’s justified. This became part of the culture in colonies and persisted after independence, especially when the social order prevailed and the colonial powers were replaced by new ruling elites (mostly a local class that continued boot licking the former colonial power and other interests).

    My point is that this is more about colonialism than an issue of races, and you could make the argument that blacks were colonial subjects in the US. The problem is that many (e.g. leftists) keep trying to perpetuate this mentality using doublespeak and false narratives.

  7. Many people who have no problem discussing race and racial differences do have a problem delving into whether there are fundamental, inherent and innate inequalities within those races that have nothing to do with environmental factors or the absence of opportunities. I am what one would call by definition a ‘white supremacist!’ I do believe that the Nordic, Aryan, or ‘light-skinned’ races have been- like Hitler stated in Mein Kampf- the Promethean peoples who have done more to elevate man’s existence above that of an animalistic farce. Does that mean that other races have contributed nothing? No!,… twice no! Without European man, we would have never had some of the greatest literature, music, painting, philosophy, sculpture, in one word- ART!

    For the sake of brevity, I will just say that the definition of ‘ethnos,’ ‘race,’ or ‘people’ is not well-demarcated and is NOT, as many fall victim to, based on just skin color. Race is not to be defined by materialistic means, but is to be defined spiritually! To be Hegelian about it, as a general observation, the European man is the vehicle of Spirit through history, whereas the negro, before his encounter with European man, was “…natural man in his completely wild and untamed state.” The encounter of the negro with European man helped elevate the existence of the negro through many generations.

    When one thinks of the greatest inventions throughout history, one will find the ‘white man;’ Here are just a few that come to mind: 1-Computer, 2- Concrete, 3- Telephone, 4- Automobile/Internal combustion engine, 5- Harnessing electricity, 6- Printing press, 7- Clock, 8- Airplane/jet propulsion, 9- Steam engine, 10- Photography. There are countless others, but for the most part, our greatest discoveries have been born from the mind of the white man. Blacks are nowhere to be found on the list of great inventions.

    Now, what the black man lacks in intelligence and forethought, he makes up for in natural physical ability and potential. As a general rule, blacks are superior athletes and dominate when it comes to sports such as track and field, basketball, boxing, and football.

    When it comes to beauty, a black woman or a young black child have nothing over, against a white woman or white child. Beauty is radiance, shining, giving off light! That which is dark, lacks radiance and light, hence beauty. Many of the black women who model today have a large dose of ‘white blood’ in them. If you want to see jealousy at its most intense green state, watch a black woman react to a beautiful white woman. Black woman know they can never achieve the level of beauty that a white woman can- ever!

    Now the history of blacks in the U.S. would take thousands of pages; we know how the Jew has utilized the blacks as a battering-ram against whites through the NAACP, affirmative action, pro sports, and the Civil Rights movement. The story of Marcus Garvey is instructive in this as well. Had Garvey been wildly successful and many blacks gravitated toward what he was trying to accomplish, we would have a much better situation.

    I will leave a link to a painting titled ‘Mutiny on the Amistad’ I’ve always found fascinating. The control of the ship is hanging in the balance! Here as well is a pdf link to an essay on Hegel’s view of blacks in history.


      • “It is in the Caucasian race that spirit reaches absolute unity with itself. It is here that it first enters into complete opposition to naturality, apprehends itself in its absolute independence, disengages from the dispersive vacillation between one extreme and the other, achieves self-determination, self-development, and so brings forth world history. It is, the concrete universal, self-determining thought, which constitutes the principle and character of Europeans” – Hegel


      Ed, I disagree. I consider your argument simplistic.

      After many centuries fighting within themselves in a relatively small continent, Europeans (whites) had much better weapons and armies than, at least, those living in the vast continents of America(s) and Africa, which have learned to (and some made it a priority, like Native Americans in the US) to live in harmony with the environment.

      The European cultures were perhaps as advanced as the Mayas, the Aztecs, Incas, and many others that their archeological sites and history have been destroyed, and that we don’t and will never know of, especially in Africa after centuries of brutal colonialism.

      It’s actually colonialism in Africa and the Americas that provide Europe with the riches to enter the Renaissance period (at the expense of the colonies), which resulted in great advances in architecture, engineering, etc, and some paintings and sculptures. However, Mesoamerican, Asian, Native American and African art has nothing to envy.

      It is also important to remark that Europe “discovered” America because the Ottoman Empire blocked the Silk Road, and Europe was not “superior” enough at that time to beat them.

      As a result of colonization and slavery, the European (white) “civilization” put itself in advantage over the rest. This was not the case many centuries before, when other “non-white” civilizations like the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egypt, Mesoamerica and others were more “advanced” than their European counterparts during the same time.

      The Chinese know all this since centuries ago and being them a strong culture with a unitary political system, have been able to remain careful and control the influence of Europeans / whites / now “the West”.

      I think that my argument above plus others brought up by Russ here and others throughout history make the case that the white race is just not superior, just not more intelligent and just not more beautiful.

      And if a black woman considers a white woman more beautiful, it’s because her mind is colonized. In fact, most of us need to be careful of having a colonial mind (no matter our skin color or social condition).

      And Hegel is just another racist with a simplistic view of the world. 😉

      • Your all over the place dude!

        Beethoven, Shakespeare, Homer, Melville, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Nietzsche, Wagner, Van Gough, Holderlin, Dostoyevsky, just to name a few!!!

  8. I’m pretty sure that the american black was better off before the civil rights movement, which increasingly seems to me to be the end “solution” of a dialectic process. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the blacks own more businesses in their segregated areas, and had much less fatherless children and overall cultural degeneracy before the civil rights movement? It seems the proof that it was a psyop is in the results. Perhaps some black communities were exercising more self determination, and this was (((their))) “cure” to this problem. They also piggybacked this psyop on top of the larger 1960’s drug cultural degeneracy psyop expertly, when they knew that the populace, being sufficiently traumatized and/or drugged up, would be suggestible to the implementation of more controls. Just like covid was piggybacked with floyd, for max effect… Textbook crime syndicate behavior

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