ESPN Subscriber Losses Accelerate as Network Returns to Woke Programming

PHOTO: Oliver Darcy/Business Insider

By Warner Todd Huston | 5 August 2020

BREITBART — The subscriptions and revenues for ESPN are plummeting at an increasingly fast rate, as the network has replaced its sports coverage with leftist propaganda.

Analyst Rich Greenfield recently looked at Disney and ESPN’s reports and found very troubling numbers for the sport network and its parent company.

ESPN’s loss in subscribers is also shocking for its size. The loss of subscribers continues and is down another six percent year-over-year.

So far, this year’s subscriber loss has accelerated over past years. The sports network was down 4.5 percent in the first quarter, off 5.5 percent in the second quarter, and down a whopping 6 percent in the third quarter. […]

3 Comments on ESPN Subscriber Losses Accelerate as Network Returns to Woke Programming

  1. I junked my TV and radio 15 years ago and I’ve never been better informed or happier. I had been an avid baseball fan since the 1950s but I don’t miss it at all. I use my computer for selective viewing and listening. Highly recommended.

    Stop buying (((media))) subscriptions! Stop funding your own genocide!

  2. I cannot think of ONE sports oriented news site that is NOT “woke”! (Even FOX sports is now adopting this nonsense!), but ESPN and NBC Sports are the worst. Try getting actual news off ProFootballTalk and uber-leftist Mike Florio (the guy who literally destroyed the early success of the Miami Dolphins in 2014 over that “bullygate” crapola which was started by “woke” player (black, of wealthy California parents) Jonathan Martin, one of those affluenza entitled assholes and lousy OLer). (Note: I used to be a Dolphins fan). But ESPN and their pandering to the kneelers and all is just sickening–loving Kaepernick, who while playing in Miami insulted Cuban-American Dolphins fans by wearing a Castro t-shirt!–when he took the field I had never heard such boo-ing in my life!– and I cannot stand visiting ESPN anymore. In truth, I no longer follow any sport whatsoever….but I’ll still root for the TA&M Aggies (I’m an Aggie Mom).

  3. To be as fair as possible: while things like giving Bruce Jenner a ‘courage’ award, as well as the extremely ‘woke’ political commentary/editorial content on ESPN are pretty disgusting, it could be that a large fraction of ESPN’s subscriber decline is due to the more general trend of people canceling their entire cable TV service:

    Nov 14, 2019 — Cord-Cutting Has Reached an Epic New Level — The end of cable television as we know it may be closer than you think

    Obviously, people aren’t letting the loss of sports coverage on ESPN deter them from ‘cutting the cord’.

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