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Sweden’s Senior Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is ‘Very Dangerous’

‘Having face masks and then think[ing] you can crowd your buses or your shopping malls — that’s definitely a mistake.’

By Steve Watson | 20 August 2020

SUMMIT NEWS — Sweden’s top expert on the coronavirus has warned that encouraging people to wear face masks is “very dangerous” because it gives a false sense of security but does not effectively stem the spread of the virus.

“It is very dangerous to believe face masks would change the game when it comes to COVID-19,” said Anders Tengell, who has overseen Sweden’s response to the pandemic while resisting any form of lockdown or mask mandate.

“Face masks can be a complement to other things when other things are safely in place,” Tengell added. […]

3 Comments on Sweden’s Senior Epidemiologist: Wearing Face Masks Is ‘Very Dangerous’

  1. Dentists say that wearing a mask dries the decay preventing saliva on our teeth which leads to decay and possible stroke. Mask wearing also lowers our immunity.

    This Swede is still pushing the nonsensical idea that Covid 19 is especially dangerous. It ain’t. This plan-demic is the biggest case of mass-hysteria in history. It is a (((media))) driven hoax – a medically mismanaged, politically manipulated version of the Cloward Piven Plan.

    We either take our world back or we lose it.

  2. What puzzles me is, if we know “the game” (society) is rigged, why are we still playing by the rules ? There is no reason (other than some type of supernatural spiritual protection) that the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros, Gates, et all, scum are still in positions of influence and power.

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